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A bit of website history... was developed in 1995 and went live on February 14, 2021 to coincide with a new edition of Different Loving. Since then, it has grown as strangely complex as my brain - and as whimsically twisted. Originally named "Castle in the Sky," I originally conceived of a castle of many rooms, each decorated with a style and energy of its own. As you rove the Website, you will feel as if you are traveling across dozens of different websites. Content ranges within from a fine contemporary poetry zine and Gloria's poetry, to phototours through SM dungeons and explicit erotica. You will find articles by guest writers, voluminous archives of conference transcripts, surveys, advice columns, links, poetry, and hundreds of pages of writing and commentary by the woman who the BBC has labeled "controversial," who Annie Sprinkle called "the Albert Einstein of kinky sex," and who was once banned from reading at Borders during "Banned Books Week."

The website is seldom updated anymore. Indeed, you may find some pages which have not changed much or at all since 1995. One of these years we may actually manage to re-design everything. But if you want something fresh and new to read every day, visit my two frequently updated venues, the Message Boards and the Blog

The Message Boards opened in 1999 then closed after a troll invasion. Another more secure site was located, and in 2000, the message boards settled into their permanent home. Since then, tens of thousands of messages have been exchanged on the Boards about all aspects of SM sex and relationships. In addition to the unparalleled peer support, and intelligent, candid conversation you will find there, the Boards also feature a practicing attorney (KinkyLawyer) and a licensed physician (HotDoc) who offer expert, non-judgmental advice to kinky people on legal and medical issues. Board members are asked to abide by our Policies in this moderated environment. Membership is free but you must register to post.

Inside the Mind of Gloria Brame Have you ever asked yourself, "What would Gloria Brame do?" I hope not. But for those who wonder about me, the blog will suck you into my own busy little brain-pan. Sometimes I rant about current events or report on sex research, other times I ponder intolerance to SMers or strange sex stories in the news, and once in a while I retreat from humanity to coo over cute dogs and cats. Puppies!

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