Social Thinking

The way we interpret people and the way they interpret us, is what is known as social thinking. Social thinking is like an interpreter. It is our meaning maker and it has to do a lot with our imagination.

We are born having a social mind allowing us to understand other’s motives and intentions. Since social thinking is interpreting, we tend to predict what will happen next. Our social mind is not just for producing social skills, having fun, hanging out, etc. We even try to figure out what other people are telling us even when they are not telling us in words exactly what they are saying.

Everything we do in the presence of another person is being interpreted. And what is most remembered is how we make people feel. We interpret things as we see them. We interpret people as we converse with them. We interpret people that we are watching.

Teachers do not teach us to think like this. The brains naturally become available to learning in synergistically and the social brain keeps learning all the way across our lives like how to interpret more and more abstract information. Social thinking and social skill are different but they are clearly interrelated. What people think and how they are thinking about somebody else or how they are thinking about themselves is portrayed in their social skills.

Social thinking is developed when we engage ourselves socially rather than just to teach someone identify a social behavior and memorize that social skill. To work on, we consider our own and others thinking. Then we realize how our social behaviors are being interpreted by others.