Family Love: Unconditional Love

They said that there is no place like home. Why is it that people are comfortable when staying at home? it is because the family is there. There is something bond between and among family members that cannot be expressed. In a family, there is what we call the love of our brothers and sisters and the love of parents. Siblings often fight with each other when they have misunderstanding.

However, when children gets angry with their parents, they tolerate it with love. They endure being yelled at by their children. But when other people disrespect them, they also burst to anger. They can only bar the pain when the pain is caused by their children.

Even if they are only sacrificing everything for their children, they do not fight back with their children fearing that their children will get mad and leave home. Even if their children are so prodigal, they still love them.

This is what we call true and unconditional love. Children do not care much about the sacrifices and the great love of their parents towards them unless they become a parent. On this earth, the source of unconditional love is parents. No one can love us deeper than our parents.

The fact that only parents can die for their children is a proof of the greatest love on earth. When their children leaves the home, they worry always about them. There is nothing that contains their brain except their children. About the love between siblings, it is also deep. However, seeing what is happening between and among siblings, we can say that love is not that deep as their parents’. They often fight as siblings, but when a non-member of the family hurts a sister or a brother, they immediately get angry and want to protect their sibling. This is how a family works.

This is why family is the most valuable treasures on earth because family will truly love you.  It is just very sad that there are countless of parents when they get old after everything that their parents have done for them. If all mankind will take care of their parents, how beautiful it is!