Differences Between Man and Woman

It is not unusual to say that men and women are different. Men are hunters and women are gatherers. But despite those differences, they come to love each other and live their lives till the end giving in for marriage. Among many differences, let us take some time to talk about some of their biological differences. Did you know that men suffer from stuttering ten times and four times from autism? Also, men’s veins are bigger and women are better in distinguishing shades of different colors.

Both men and women gain excess fat but location is different. Men usually gain weight on the upper body while women gain extra fat in the thighs, waists and buttocks. This makes it easier for women to have liposuction. Majority of men have sloping forehead while most women have smooth forehead. Moreover, women’s forefinger is longer than their ring finger while for men is the other way around. When it comes to gaining breathing energy, women gain energy from aerobic breathing while men gain it from anaerobically.

At birth, men are more likely to be worn with birth defects. If women have, then it would be congenital defect having X chromosome. When it comes to defect in hearing acuity, women cannot determine lower sounds while men cease distinguishing high frequency sounds. Women with long lashes are more adorable but in fact, more men have long lashes than most women do. And, the blood stream is more evenly distributed in men’s body while for women, it is more concentrated around the main organs and the pelvis area.