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The kinky-chic world of body modification embraces traditions as old as humanity. This section both documents the anthropology of body modification and explores the styles and personal statements of contemporary body modifiers, from Modern Primitives and tattoo fetishists to Victorian corset-wearers. The tattooing chapter provides a history of the ancient art of decorating the body with ink. The piercing chapter contains a primer on over 20 types of piercings, including terms and histories of each, ranging back to the Kama Sutra. The corsetting chapter includes a fashion history of the corset, descriptions of the three idealized body shapes, and discussion of the romance of tight-lacing.

Chapters described below.

Chapter 14 ~ Chapter 15 ~ Chapter 16 ~ Chapter 17
14. Body Modification
"What do the popular entertainer who flaunts colorful tattoos, the woman who gets breast implants, and the man who has several rings pierced through his penis have in common? They are all practicing body modification."
  • When Did It Begin?
  • What is It?
  • Why Do People Do It?
  • Health Risks
  • Quick cuts from our interviews:

    Fakir Musafar...
    ...is perhaps the most audacious body-modification advocate today. A shaman and master piercer, Fakir was born Roland Loomis in 1930 in South Dakota. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree in creative writing; he has spent much of his life as an advertising executive. He has developed his expertise through research and over 40 years of personal practice of primitivistic body ritual. Fakir publishes Body Play magazine. He is married.

    "Tattooing, piercing, branding, sculpting the body by putting ligatures on arms and legs, corsets and belts around the midsection, [all] cause a change of body state. This is a deliberate and usually ritualized change."



    15. Corsetting
    "Who can forget the image of Scarlett O'Hara being tightly laced into her corset, nearly fainting, and yet gladly suffering for the sake of reducing her waist another inch?"
  • The Long and Short Of Corsets
  • How It's Done
  • Who Does It?
  • Why They Like It
  • Corsetting Styles and Their Effects
  • Quick cuts from our interviews:

    Jenny Lane...
    ...is 54 years old. She is married and has three children.

    "I consider myself a normal woman with normal drives. I don't think that I'm involved in anything unusually kinky... My corsetted waist is between 18 and 19 1/2 [inches]."

    Alexis DeVille...
    ...is 39 years old and is a preoperative male-to-female transgenderist. Ms. DeVille is a gender-transformation consultant, has lectured on corsetting and fetish dressing, and works as a professional dominant.

    "I think [the eroticism of wearing a corset] has to do with the mystery of woman.... I have been able to get down, so far, to a 22-inch waist. I enjoy the way it feels, and I just love the way it looks. It's a very good feeling to have control of your own shape. Plus, it's sensual: I find my male and female slaves both go crazy over my corset and my small waist."



    16. Tattooing
    "Almost everyone has seen tattoos--if only the heart pierced with an arrow, whose banner declares an immutable love for Mother--but few realize that tattoos have served dignified symbolic purposes over the millennia in virtually all non-Western cultures."
  • The History of Tattooing
  • How is It Done?
  • Why They Like It
  • Quick cuts from our interviews:

    The Doctor...
    ...is an anesthesiologist and an internist at a major hospital.

    "What I see when I look at [my wife's] tattoos is the image of the mythological Amazonian warrior. She carries all these images of life and of nature. For me, it gives her almost mystical power."

    The Doctor's Wife...
    ...is a registered nurse who currently works at home and cares for the couple's children.

    "What do I get out of all this? A number of things. It's an expression of the fact that I am not necessarily what I seem. I am not the typical doctor's wife, not the typical mother. There's more to me than most people know.... The tattoos speak of a kind of an intensity and a passion and a lack of [the] fear that most people have."


    17. Piercing and Scarification
    "The body modification most likely to cause alarm in the mainstream observer--a piercing to genitalia or nipples--is also the most deliberately sensual form of body modification. These singular invasions of erogenous zones enhance the sensual pleasure both of the adorned and his or her beloved."
  • Modern History
  • How is It Done?
  • Why Do They Like It?
  • Types of Piercing:
  • Ear,Nose, Eyebrows and Cheeks, Tongue and Lips, Nipple
  • Navel, Genitalia (Male Genitalia, Female Genitalia)
  • Scarification, Cutting, and Branding
  • Extremely Extreme Modifications
  • Quick cuts from our interviews:

    Logger V....
    ...is 40 years old and a professional piercer. He is a handicapped-employment specialist and a sign-language interpreter for the deaf. Logger V. is in a permanent, live-in relationship with his lover.

    "Piercing is something that has to come from the heart, not from the brain, not because someone told you [to do it], or just because everyone else has it."

    ...is a software engineer and aerobics instructor whose interests include martial arts, skydiving, and ballet.

    "I have two nipple piercings and six outer-labia piercings. I'm still not sure which was braver: getting the first one when I didn't know what I was in for or getting the subsequent ones where I did!"

    Mr. Happy...
    ...lives with Adida and works as a software engineering consultant. His interests include skydiving and motorcycles. Both Adida and Mr. Happy are in their 30s.

    "I've got five piercings: nipples, frenum, Prince Albert, and a guiche....I'm planning one more piercing, an ampallang. The ampallang runs laterally through the head of the penis."
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