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Called the "Bible of D&S;" and a "breakthrough in sexological literature,"

DIFFERENT LOVING is an Internet bestseller. You can buy it from AMAZON BOOKS at 20% off cover price.


Bookstores in the U.S. and Canada Whether you shop at independent booksellers or big bookstore chains, U.S. and Canadian residents can get a copy of Different Loving through any local shop.
Tips on Ordering From a Bookshop

1. If you don't see Different Loving on the shelf, ask the clerk if they carry it.
Sometimes they file us in unexpected categories. Often, they run out of stock
and forget to re-order.

2. If they don't have it, the clerk will probably ask you if you'd like them to order
it for you. If not, just request it. Different Loving is published by Random House,
the biggest publisher in the U.S. Any bookstore can easily obtain a copy for you.

3. Give the clerk the lead author's name (Gloria Brame), the title ("Different Loving"), and the ISBN number: 0-679-76956-0

They should have the book for you within two weeks at most.

If for any reason your local shop won't order it for you, please drop us a line and we'll look into it.



Phone, FAX, and Mail Orders

You can order the book directly from Random House (Visa, MC, AE accepted). To speed up the process, give the operator the book's ISBN number: 0-679-76956-0.

U.S. Consumers: 1-800-793-BOOK

U.S. Booksellers and Merchants: 1-800-733-3000

Outside the U.S.: 1-410-848-1900

Or FAX Random House for ordering information:

FAX: 1-212-572-6045

International orders may also be placed by landmail.


Random House, Inc.
International Department
201 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10022


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