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How did SMers vote in the US Presidential elections?

What are our favorite toys and scenarios?

How honest are we about our relationships?

The Kinky Vote

Total number of responses: 219
Number of unique respondents: 219

Did you vote in the U.S. Presidential election?

No 12.3%
Yes 87.7%
Left unanswered by 0% of respondents

Who did you vote for?

Al Gore 50.7%
George Bush 30.1%
Harry Browne 1.8%
Pat Buchanan 0.9%
Ralph Nader 5.5%
Left unanswered by 11% of respondents

Did your candidate's platform on sexual freedom, anti-hate legislation, or abortion influence your vote?

No 40.2%
Yes 51.1%
Left unanswered by 8.7% of respondents

How do you feel about the current stand-off in Florida?

I find the whole thing confusing. 6.4%
I want my guy to win, no matter what it takes. 28.8%
I want to see a speedy resolution. 29.2%
I'm so bored I've quit following the news closely. 13.2%
The hell with them: I think both Bush and Gore are losers. 18.3%
Left unanswered by 4.1% of respondents

What do you think should happen next?

Bush should be declared the winner. 34.7%
Gore should fight for every vote. 27.4%
The courts should decide the election. 5.9%
The questionable counties in Florida should hold a run-off between Bush and Gore. 11.4%
The whole country should hold a run-off
between Bush and Gore. 17.8%
Left unanswered by 2.7% of respondents

Favorite Kinky Things

If I could only bring one BDSM toy with me to a desert island, I'd take

574 votes, as follows:
Bondage restraints 343
Other 87
Whip 69
Paddle 49
Cane 26

If I could only bring one BDSM partner with me, I'd bring

596 votes, as follows:
A Mistress or Master 280
A switchable partner 202
A submissive or slave 114

When dressing for SM, I usually prefer (select one)

579 votes, as follows:
Leather 181
Comfortable clothes (jeans, t-shirts, street clothes) 174
Corsets and lots of lace 129
Latex or rubber 57
PVC, vinyl or plastic 38

My favorite BDSM activity is (select all which apply)

1,645 votes, as follows:
Bondage 433
Spanking 339
Extreme Pain (CBT, tit torture, heavy whippings) 169
Verbal abuse 138
Gender play and crossdressing 136
Golden showers 97
Foot Fetishism 95
Enemas 90
Edgeplay 83
Ageplay and infantilism 65

I have a fetish for (select all which apply)

1,248 votes, as follows:
Leather 255
Lingerie and Lace 254
Feet and/or Shoes and Boots 190
Other 123
Uniforms 106
I don't have any fetishes 87
Amazons, BBWs and/or big men 76
Fabrics (including knits) 56
Hair 54
Fur 47

SM Sex Secrets

Total number of responses: 457
Number of unique respondents: 457

Have you ever cheated on your BDSM partner?

No 75.9%
Yes 23.6%
Left unanswered by 0.4% of respondents

Do you frequently fantasize about being with someone else when you're doing BDSM with your regular partner?

No 64.1%
Yes 35%
Left unanswered by 0.9% of respondents

Are there any BIG secrets (health, past relationships, finances) that you're keeping from your partner?

No 72.2%
Yes 26.7%
Left unanswered by 1.1% of respondents

If someone who seemed better came along tomorrow would you leave the one you're with today?

No 75.9%
Yes 22.3%
Left unanswered by 1.8% of respondents

If you thought you could do it without causing a big fuss, would you leave your partner right now?

No 79.9%
Yes 19%
Left unanswered by 1.1% of respondents

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