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The Five Fallacies About SM
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To See or Not To See (A Prodom)
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COME HITHER: A Commonsense Guide to Kinky Sex
a note from Gloria

For years, people kept asking when I'd do a follow-up to Different Loving. Well, I've finally written another straightforward, unapolegetic book on BDSM/fetish sex. This one takes you beyond Different Loving and escorts you right into your dungeon--with a sense of humor, and in a personal tone. Think of it as one massive email to the thousands of folks who have written me since this site was launched in 1996.

To write this book, I compiled a huge list of the questions that regularly pop up in email, and answered them in depth, sharing my own experiences and discussing techniques I use to keep SM fun and loving. I have on tips on how to torment your tied-up partner, frank advice on the art of dominance, ideas on introducing pain and increasing limits, and detailed explanations of all the toys you can use to enhance your pleasures. I also let it all hang out when it comes to advice for subs and doms on how to avoid clueless fools. I did my best to COVER IT ALL and pack it into one reader-friendly little tome.

Whether you're a newbie who wants ideas on how to meet people who share your kinks, a married person who needs advice and communication tools to get your spouse to explore BDSM with you in bed, a Scene player who wants to brush up on the lingo or decide on an outfit to wear to the next leather event, or a lifestyler facing issues like whether or not to tell your children or how to punish a masochist, Come Hither tackles all the questions, big and small, about kinky sex.

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SKIN TWO MAGAZINE (Summer 2000, p. 24)
"Gloria Brame is to heterosexual kinky sex what Pat Califia has been to the lesbian equivalent. She has an admirable talent for explaining the hows and whys of kink and promoting it as a perfectly acceptable alternative to vanilla, demystifying it without destroying its thrill.
"Although aimed at the 'mainstream reader', this excellent book will provide a thought-provoking, informative and entertaining read for the experienced player. It covers the basic kinks - bondage, transgenderism, fetishism, SM, DS etc - plus some you might not have heard of. There's advice on things like play party etiquette and how to attract a femdom, along with discussion of thorny problems like dealing with hostile partners and how to punish a masochist.
"Brame's authoritative writing is backed by sound knowledge of the science and psychology behind the things kinky people get up to (she has a PhD in Human Sexuality) and enlivened by her wicked sense of humour.
"Buy this book as a gift for someone, but make sure you read it yourself first!"
(reprinted with the permission of Lisa Sherman, Editor)

Dr. Robert T. McIlvenna, President, The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
"Dr. Brame is simply the best tour guide I know for your travel in the world of kinky sex."

Annie Sprinkle--Kinky porn star turned Sex Educator
and internationally acclaimed artist
"I think of Dr. Gloria Brame as the Dr. Albert Einstein of kink. She explores and researches the world of S/M and B/D with great intellect, heart, and sensitivity. Just as E=MC2, Gloria=erotically gifted + excellent writing skills=the not so square book, Come Hither. Not 2 be missed! It all adds up to...'Brame makes the world a sexier and delightfully kinkier place!'"

Lou Paget, author of How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure
"Finally, a step by step commonsense reference guide for those who want to explore in this arena. Brame's book offers information that covers ALL the compass points of the world of kinky sex."

Graham Masterson, author of The Seven Secrets of Really Great Sex
"Dr. Brame gives us a sorely needed Baedeker to the secret land of SM."

Bob Berkowitz, author of His Secret Life
"Come Hither is accessible, fun to read, informative, and sexy all at the same time. I highly recommend it."

Darklady, Adult Video News
"Dr. Gloria Brame, who gave us Different Loving to add to our Must Read kinky library book list now presents us with Come Hither and it belongs on the same list, especially for those introducing kinkiness into a relationship or coming to grips with their own desires. Brame gives readers serious and amusing self evaluation quizzes, suggestions on play with strangers and friends, advice on how to meet others, info on what's "normal," some kinky facts and trivia, and a glossary of slang terms. Good, solid, commonsense advice and info on a subject too easily misunderstood and sensationalized.


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