The following is a transcript of one of the chats from my on-line booktour. I talked at length
about DOMINA, and fielded a few questions here and there on other BDSM topics, including
some thoughts on publishing SM erotica.

The transcript of my very first stop in the on-line cybertour is now also available.
Read the AOL Booksigning for DOMINA.

Gloria Brame Talks About Her New Novel "DOMINA"
Where: #submission on EFNET
Speaker: Gloria Brame
September 13, 2020

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GloriaB: Bonsoir, all.

Reiver: hiya Glory :)

adrianz2: Hi Glory

Reiver: LTNS..........

pleasure{: good evening GloriaB :)))

GloriaB: Hey! Familiar smiley faces! :-)

fireNdark: Good evening Gloria :)

Elronnd: Hello Gloria... a Pleasure to finally meet you :)

GloriaB: Thanks so much for coming, y'all. This should be fun!

pleasure{ wishes her Master was here

KttN: we will start soon:) just taking care of a few technical things

psyche watches the technical stuff,,,pop,,,fizz,,,crackle

fireNdark: Ok.....ladies, gents and assorted others. We are about to begin.


TheMaSTeR: =)

fireNdark: Ladies and Gentlemen......the fastest fingers in the BDSM community, author and typist extraordinaire. Ms Gloria Brame

GloriaB: LOL

LdyMoon: ahh there's Gloria

GloriaB: Now, now, fire! Flattery will get you everywhere.

GloriaB: So is that my entire introduction???

LdyMoon applauds

GloriaB: No, "robodominatrix with the mostest?"

Mysti applauds also

MistressT claps ...welcome :)

Reiver: LOL

LdyMoon holds up a sign: APPLAUSE

fireNdark: that and we have her bound and gagged in the other room

GloriaB: No "Polymorphous pervert of my dreams?"

adrianz2 applauds

fireNdark: ;)

LdyMoon: hahaha fire

calliope` cheers and applauds loudly

balletsub stands in ovation

`sheryl: lol

GloriaB: Clear, someone needs to TAKE CHARGE around here.

Reiver: *perk*..........perversion always gets me going :)

GloriaB: What this room needs is....DISCIPLINE!!!!!

LdyMoon grins to Reiver

LdyMoon: I agree Gloria...

LdyMoon: lol

fireNdark bows out for now......"the floor ma'am is yours"

GloriaB: Well, maybe not, lady. Just a thought. :-)

calliope` loves discipline

Minitman: Gloria, I have a question...which you may be able to answer, and maybe not.

fireNdark: Minitman, you had a fast question

Minitman: Do you have an opinion on relationships that involve a child? if so, how is it best handled between the Dom and sub when dealing with the child.

GloriaB: Minit--before we begin, I'd just like to let folks know...

GloriaB: that I'd first like to talk about my new book, which is the scheduled topic.

GloriaB: If there's time at the end, I'll be happy to address other issues in SM.

GloriaB: Everyone okay with that?

LdyMoon: yep

adrianz2: yes Ma`am

Reiver: works for me :)

Lucret|a: sounds like a plan

Kree: Go for it Glory

GloriaB: Perhaps I could come back another time to talk about some of the... major issues that BDSMers deal with. Though, if you have access to AOL.... I run a chat specifically for that purpose every week.

GloriaB: No problem, Minit. Tonight just might not be the night for it... since I'm here to talk about RAMPANT my new novel. :-)

GloriaB: (We'll save my personal life for another time too. <g>)

pleasure{ hmmmm

leathrliz: rampant perversion? <perk>

LdyMoon: heh

^kira: yea! rampant perversion!

Elronnd: DRATS

SheDragon: rampage away

LdyMoon: secrets tonight, eh Gloria

Elronnd sighs and listens again ..

Kree: Elronnd I will tell you about her personal stuff LOL

GloriaB: My new book is DOMINA: The Sextopians. "Sextopia" is what I call... the SM paradise that Domina (a wealthy southern woman) has created... in her large, luxurious home, deep in the vanilla suburbs of Atlanta, GA.

GloriaB: She lives there with 12 full-time slaves, who serve her every need.

GloriaB: She has designed an entire level of the house (the lower level)... to house keep them entertained...and to torment them.

Mysti: who pays the bills?

GloriaB: Mysti--it's a self-supporting commune. She pays all the bills...

Mysti: aahhh...ok

GloriaB: but everyone who lives there is part of a cooperative business that they run.

GloriaB: She runs a small publishing company out of the house--on an upstairs level.

GloriaB: Only senior slaves in the household are given office jobs. The rest work as domestic servants.

GloriaB: Domina oversees the whole works. :-)

GloriaB: It's (as you might expect of a control freak)...

GloriaB: a highly organized little society of perverts. :-)

GloriaB: Would anyone like to ask me any questions about the new book?

pleasure{: i would please

GloriaB: (Or Different Loving? I'm happy to talk about other SM projects too.)

GloriaB: Please go ahead, pleasure.

Gauntlet: what was the inspiration to write it?

Mysti: this is just fun, fiction, SM, writing...correct?

Gauntlet: oh sorry

Gauntlet listens

pleasure{: how true is this your real life

KttN: please type a ! or ? and we will take them in order

LdyMoon smiles to KttN

GloriaB: pleasure, well, I don't live that way....yet. :-) And I like to think of Domina... as taller than I am. :-) Much of the SM is stuff I've done.... and all the fantasies come straight from my heart and imagination.

pleasure{: !thank you

GloriaB: I basically created the kind of utopian commune I'd love to live in myself.

GloriaB: Of course--even a paradise has its problems. :-)

pleasure{ thinks of Genesis

GloriaB: Gauntlet--to return to your question.... the original inspiration were some short stories I wrote and posted on my website. They are still there, available to read...

GloriaB: You can find them at domideas/domina.htm

GloriaB: I've written short SM erotica for YEARS. Always got a very positive response...

GloriaB: and once they were on the Web, started getting lots of email asking for more and more.

GloriaB: Finally, I decided to see if I could write an entire book.

Gauntlet: thank you, your website has proved very useful in my journey into BDSM...

GloriaB: Those three stories--recut, revised, reshaped--are still in the book.

Gauntlet: I wish you well in you endeavors...

GloriaB: For example, one story on my site, "Come to Me," a letter from a domme to a male sub (and one which was based on an actual letter.. I wrote to a sub friend of mine some years ago).... that story now takes up a chapter in my book.

GloriaB: So a letter I wrote to a friend became a story on my site and now... in my novel it's a chapter where Domina writes to her oldest slave, Prism. :-)

GloriaB:'s real dif from EtE in this respect... it continues real SM scenarios, from a real SMer's perspective.

GloriaB: It has a lot about the psychology of submission in it.

GloriaB: Hey, Voxana. Nice to see you!

voxana: Face to face (grin) finally, Glory! My question is this...I haven't read the book just yet but it sounds as though you are describing a typical S/M sort of fantasy...the "harem, stable, etc." of slaves. Why did you choose to go this very popular route? What makes it different?

GloriaB: Great question, Voxana. Yes, it does sound on the surface like... the typical SM story, and I think will have some popular appeal for that reason. But the characters are what makes this book different, I think.

GloriaB: I spent a lot of time with those characters. Most of them are based on people... I've known (and dominated <g>). The story itself is not... typical. The lead character is a malesub who just graduated... with a degree in Theology. He is a Christian, and extremely conflicted...because he has overwhelmingly powerful SM needs and profound...moral ambivalence about what he's doing.

voxana: ooo that's a conundrum

GloriaB: He is almost constantly split in two about whether what he's doing is right.

GloriaB: He spends the first 3 weeks of his initiation into the in a cage, on public view, as all the commune members... participate in his training and degradation. He has NO privacy of any kind.

GloriaB: Everything he does is also recorded on video.

GloriaB: Those 3 weeks, needless to say, blow his mind apart.

GloriaB: So the book goes in deeply to his well into the minds... of a cast of extremely "different" and unique people... there is a lesbian couple...there is a gay man, recuperating from the... death of his partner from AIDS...there is Domina's oldest and most... devoted slave, an older man who turns out to be... much more complicated than one expects. And so on.

GloriaB: This is a book about the relationships SMers form and the chances they take.

GloriaB: And of course there's a whole lotta perversion going on. :-)

voxana: Thanks.

GloriaB: :-) Thanks, V!

adrianz2: in regards to Different Loving...I feel that the book kind of came from a sub slant..any plans for a specific book for Doms..and how long did you research for that particular book?

GloriaB: From a sub's slant??!! Hm! Well, it was written by three lifestyle dominants.

LdyMoon: heh

GloriaB: May I ask why you thought it had a sub slant?

GloriaB: I did go for as objective a tone as possible.

GloriaB: But to answer the rest of your question, adrian....

GloriaB: I've got a new non-fiction book coming out next year from Simon & Schuster.

GloriaB: It's called "Consenting Adults: A Commonsense Guide to Kinky Sex".

GloriaB: It is written in a personal voice, and I share experiences from my life...

adrianz2: my husband read it and feels as though there was alot of the material dealt with the "subs" view of the Power Exchange

GloriaB: so I guess that will sound a bit more Dommy. :-)

adrianz2: I am just starting it

Reiver: perhaps you should say a bit more DOM-estic?

Reiver: ;)

GloriaB: Finally...I began doing research for DifLove in 1989 and handed the book in 1992.

GloriaB: So 3 years.

GloriaB: (groaning at Reiver!) :-)

Reiver: *grin*

Elronnd: smiles.. ive found the most important question i think..or i missed the answer

GloriaB: Reiver--I've been called a lot of things...but *never* Domestic. :-)

Reiver chuckles..........

Reiver: I'm certain of that Glory :)

LdyMoon: lol

Elronnd: "When is the book coming out.. and whose retailing it?"

GloriaB: Elron, DOMINA is already out. I had to self-publish it (long story!)

Elronnd: ahhh

GloriaB: For the moment, it's available exclusively on the Internet.

Elronnd: ok.. was thinking B&N or something

Elronnd: thnx

GloriaB: You can buy it through Amazon and other shops. B&N on-line has it.

SheDragon In Domina you seem to be writing about sub males who are willing to be lead personally and professionally. Do you think most submales are this way or are more stronger personalities who just like subbing as a release from their daily grind?

GloriaB: SheDragon, I don't know about "most." I wrote about the kind of submale that turns me on, personally.

SheDragon: ok Thanks Gloria

GloriaB: In all the relationships I've had, I've always been attracted to subs.... who really want to go all the way in a power relationship.

GloriaB: That's what's erotic to me. So I'd have to say that all my personal experience... has been with that kind of a submale. I'm sure there are just as many out there... who see BDSM as a sexual or psychosexual outlet, and who then... want to return to the rest of their lives.

GloriaB: Does that answer it for you? :-) GA

SheDragon: Yes thank you :)

pammigrl: I've always been confused over the idea of switches. Do you believe a person can be truly Dominate and submissive?

GloriaB: I believe that most SMers are capable of having both S and M (or D and S) feelings... so switching doesn't surprise or confuse me.

GloriaB: I've dominated a fair number of dom men...for them... (as they expressed it), the issue was that they'd never met a woman... who they felt was more dominant than they were, so they never... desired to submit to anyone.

GloriaB: Technically, I'd call myself a switch because I've had sub fantasies.

GloriaB: In reality, however, I've always preferred the Dom role and on

GloriaB: those few occasions I tried subbing was LOUSY at it. :-)

pammigrl grins

GloriaB: (I couldn't stop thinking, "Now if *I* was doing that...") :-)

Kree: Glory, is Domina a precognitive glance at what you would like for the future to bring to you in your real life?

GloriaB: Kree, you know, that's a difficult question for a writer to answer.

Kree: LOL and YOU would avoid the difficult ones? no way LOL

GloriaB: because, frankly, when I started writing it, I had more practical goals... like "can I make a novel out of some hot SM smut?" :-)

Elronnd: chuckles

GloriaB: But I think that the more I got involved with my characters... the more vivid this whole world was, the more I depended on my... own needs, fantasies, desires, and sexual and political instincts.

GloriaB: In some ways...well, I should really let you read it for yourself and see if you would agree... but I think in some ways the book expresses not just my sexual identity... but also my political beliefs and my attitudes towards some heavier issues... like how religions repress us and mess us up, for example.

GloriaB: So, Kree...ultimately...yes, I think I created the paradise I would like to inhabit!

GloriaB: But, as I said earlier...even paradise has problems. :-)

Kree: LOL we thought so LOL

GloriaB: The book's ending is a real cliffhanger. :-)

psyche: GloriaB,,,you mention your exploration of your desires with a submale and the total power exchange experience,,,,,do you in your book,,,explore a Dominate male and the complete power exchange between He and a female submissive,,,,,,,,,and if not,,,,,where can we girls find reading on that????

psyche breathes

GloriaB: psyche--ever hear the expression "Write what you know" ? :-)

psyche: yes Ma'am! :)

GloriaB: I would like to think a dominant man would one day write...

psyche would too

GloriaB: a really moving novel from a maledom point of view. I don't know of any novel which does that. I think that if I tried to write a book about femsub & male dom... I would still write from a female point of view.

psyche: you could explore you submissive fantansies!!!

GloriaB: I've been trying to convince my husband Will to write a maledom/femsub book, actually. :-)

psyche giggles

GloriaB: Yes, psyche. I could. :-) But I might scare someone. ;-) GA

psyche whispers,,,,thank you Ma'am

LdyMoon: Not sure I seen an answer to this, so will ask out of curiosity. Have you ever followed out your submissive fantasies and if so, How did it make you feel? re: pammi's question on switches.

GloriaB: Ldy, yes, I did, early on. My very first SM relationship (12 yrs. ago)... was as a submissive. I'm afraid that subbing never really felt natural to me.

GloriaB: I was always "editing" the dom, if you know what I mean.

LdyMoon: yes.. thanks :)

GloriaB: I was sort of clueless about what a sub should do.

GloriaB: Whereas from the minute I started ALL made sense. :-) GA

GloriaB: I know this will sound odd...but at this point...I feel rather that I understand a malesub better than a femsub. GA

LdyMoon: nods

fiffi: Ms Gloria , do you think that a good dom , one who knows how to tap into what a sub wants and needs of him , has to have that skill within him or do you think it can be acquired ? I guess my question is , is a good Dom born or is it achieved through experience ? And if you believe that a sub has to communicate her needs , how is it done without breaking the sub/dom role in which doms take control of scnearios and of duties , etc ? :)

GloriaB: Well, fiffi, as long as you're asking such easy questions...:-)

GloriaB: what came first: the chicken or the egg? :-)

fiffi: lol

LdyMoon: haha

GloriaB: Okay, seriously...I think that a dominant....

adrianz2 wonders about that too

Artful-: the rooster I believe

GloriaB: is both born AND made. I would say I was always a pretty aggressive, controlling personality. (ARTFUL! LOL!!!)

GloriaB: But I think the experiences I had in childhood & in my teens..

LdyMoon: lol Artful

GloriaB: pretty much sealed my fate as a domme.

GloriaB: For example...even when I was 5-6, kids would pick me to play "Mommy" or "Teacher". I still remember spanking a roomful of little kids once at a Passover Seder at my aunt's house. :-)

fiffi: :))))

GloriaB: (We were playing "naughty schoolchildren" or something in a bedroom.)

GloriaB: And men always responded to me in a very submissive/masochistic kind of way.

fiffi: what about how a dom taps into a subs needs , how do you u usually do it or go about discussing a subs needs without giving away part of ur control ?

GloriaB: Was it the deranged glint in my eyes? I don't know. :-)

LdyMoon smiles

GloriaB: Fiffi, when it comes to communication, I firmly believe... that honesty's the best policy, and that straightforward conversations... are much better than hints, clues, and (on the part of the sub)... a religious belief that dominants are mind-readers. :-)

GloriaB: I don't find that talking honestly and seriously with my sub... changes our power dynamic. I am still his Mistress.

GloriaB: But he is still a human being. GA

fiffi: :))

LdyMoon: agreed

fiffi: very eloquently said , thank you :)

GloriaB: You betcha. :-)

fiffi: aha

GloriaB: As for tapping into the sub's psyche... I believe that the best dominants are highly empathic people... I think, for the most part, they have to be caring and caretaking types... people who like taking responsibility for others and who understand.. that taking power=taking responsibility.

GloriaB: While I don't consider myself a mind-reader, I do make it my business... to get as deep inside my slaves' minds as possible... I ask a lot of questions...I probe...I am constantly listening and watching... for clues that may tell me more about things they aren't saying.

fiffi nods

GloriaB: So, ultimately, my slaves sort of feel I *am* a mind-reader. :-)

fiffi: :))))))

GloriaB: But the truth is...I just pay very careful attention and am a very good student. :-) GA

adrianz2: If you have a solid marriage..and you wish to add D/ frosting <smiles> do you initiate the Power Exchange?

GloriaB: adrian, I'd love to come back some time and talk about those kinds of issues... because you can't answer such major questions with 1-2 quick sentences.

adrianz2: understood..where is your room on AOL?

GloriaB: Just look for me at keyword: GloryB

ProvokeMe: I am sure we would love to have you Gloria :)

GloriaB: that'll get you there. :-)

adrianz2: thank you

GloriaB: You'd love to have me, Provoke? ;-)

LdyMoon: heh

ProvokeMe: LOL.... :X

Kree: LOL LOL We knew THAT was coming

psyche smiles

Shi`n`vi: haha

fiffi: lol

ren{LdyH}: Ms Brame? what is the primary subject of your new book?

GloriaB: By the way, in case I haven't said so...thank you ALL for coming tonight!

fireNdark: Gloria, are you exhausted yet?

ren{LdyH}: nods

GloriaB: The new book, DOMINA, is a novel...

GloriaB: it's the story of a malesub's voyage into deep captivity.

ProvokeMe: lol pkaye

GloriaB: By the way, there *are* femsubs in the book!

GloriaB: :-) But they all serve DOMINA.

adrianz2: =)

GloriaB: Me, exhausted? Never.

ren{LdyH}: thank you, Ms Brame :)

GloriaB: I usually whip for longer than this. :-)

Shi`n`vi: how does one go about publishing novel length erotic SM fiction Gloria?

Shi`n`vi: <----is working onone

Shi`n`vi gets out a pen

GloriaB: Shi, there are only two choices.... either you try to get a small SM press to print your work... or you publish it yourself. There are a number of publishers..which specialize in SM titles (though usually the emphasis is on non-fiction)...

Shi`n`vi: the big houses won't touch it?

GloriaB: Masquerade Books will do it. They are probably the biggest... publisher of SM erotica, and they are part of a big house in NYC, I believe.

Shi`n`vi: Masquerade will be listed in my Writer's Market book?

GloriaB: Unfortunately, the terms they offer are so bad many authors leave them.

GloriaB: They should be!

Kree: yes Shi, tey are on the CD version of the Writer's Mkt

Shi`n`vi: thanks

GloriaB: They've published other types of erotica too.

Shi`n`vi: btw it is violet that is the writer ;)

GloriaB: :-)

GloriaB: Shi, Daedalus Publishing, which is in California, also specializes.. in SM titles. I think their terms are slightly better... they were going to publish DOMINA but unfortunately... had to delay their publishing list by a year because of... some problems at the press. So I decided to self-publish my book.

GloriaB: By the way, most of the big books out there ARE self-publisher... i.e., SM 101, Screw the Roses, The Loving Dominant, et al were all self-published.

ren{LdyH}: is going to carry it, Ms Brame?

GloriaB: already has it, ren.

ren{LdyH}: :)

GloriaB: But it's a lot faster to buy direct from the publisher.

ren{LdyH}: noted :)

GloriaB: You can get info on ordering from the mini-site I set up for Domina...

GloriaB: omidea/domina.htm

Shi`n`vi: btw thanks to you and Jon Jacobs and Polly we were able to fully come out and become part of the "scene"

adrianz2: any specific days you`re on aol?

GloriaB: Congrats, Shi! :-)

GloriaB: adrian, I host a 1 hour chat every Friday night at midnight est.

Shi`n`vi: you and Jon still friends?

adrianz2: gotcha!! thanks ..Ma`am

GloriaB: Shi, yes we are. Will, Jon, Polly and I have known each other for 10+ years.

GloriaB: adrian, that's a GREAT place to ask me questions about SM relationships.

LethrnLce wonders where the weekly chat is held?

GloriaB: You can check out transcripts of those chats on the Web...

adrianz2: Ill be there

GloriaB:< /P>

adrianz2: where?

adrianz2: =)

ren{LdyH}: are you involved with the "Submissive Women Speak" book, Ms Brame?

GloriaB: That will bring you to a page with links to the transcripts

GloriaB: Folks, I just want to let you know (if you don't already)... that hosts hundreds of free pages of content for the sm/fetish communities.

GloriaB: A huge links catalogue, free art galleries, photos, editorials...advice columns, cartoons. You name it.

Shi`n`vi: it's the best site on the web

ProvokeMe thinks it is a very impressive site :))

GloriaB: Everyone welcome. :-) GA

MstrC: even crossword puzzles? :)

GloriaB: Ah! The one thing I don't have! :-) GA

ren{LdyH}: favorite article is's the one by Polly about the 'Qualities of a Successful Dominant'

MstrC: LOL

GloriaB: But I do have a monthly "kinky cartoon caption contest" :-)

MstrC: I am very familiar with your sites...My compliments

GloriaB: ren, I have no involvement whatever in Jon & Polly's site or their book project.

sinamin: and i am waiting to be notified that i won it

LethrnLce: LOL sinamin

GloriaB: I just give them space in my domain.

fireNdark: nite Kree

ren{LdyH}: ahhhh...nods :))

MstrC wonders if GloriaB thinks Clinton is Dom after the report

GloriaB: Will, Jon, and I all work on completely separate projects now.

GloriaB: DifLove was the only big project we collaborated on.

GloriaB: MstrC--for one brief moment, I thought so...but then realized...that if he was REALLY dom, he would've made HER taste the cigar. :-)

LethrnLce laffs

MstrC: LOL

adrianz2: LOL

Shi`n`vi: lol

pkaye{CE} is rotflmao

ProvokeMe: LMAO

ren{LdyH} giggles

MstrC: touche Gloria

Shi`n`vi: i think he did

Shi`n`vi: she just didn't cop to it

MstrC: He never inahles

sinamin: lol

GloriaB: I mean, jeez! What kinda dom tastes the slut's cigar. Yuckie.

MstrC: inhales

GloriaB: Much nicer to make them do it...and then blush so prettily. :-)

ProvokeMe: <weg>

MstrC: :)

LdyMoon: hahaha

GloriaB: I notice the maledoms agree with me. :-)

ProvokeMe: or bat your eyelashes at em.... LOL

GloriaB: Frankly, what I can't understand is why the man would go ruin... a good cigar like that. And wait a minute...I just realized something else... Ken Starr wasn't thorough enough!!!!!

MstrC: LOL

Shi`n`vi: no?

GloriaB: He should've found it out if it was a CUBAN cigar!

adrianz2: LOL

Shi`n`vi: of course it was

GloriaB: AHA!

LdyMoon: lol

pkaye{CE}: hahahaha

MstrC: <--dying laughing

fireNdark: Gloria, if I may...........what book are you currently reading yourself?

GloriaB: His report is incomplete! I'm going to complain to der Newtster!

Artful-: Im waiting for Doc Johnson to come out with the "El Presidente" dildo

LdyMoon laughs

LethrnLce: lmao Artful-

MstrC: Artful..LOL

GloriaB: fire...this will be a shameful confession...but I seldom have time to read books for pleasure anymore.

fireNdark: !!!!!

GloriaB: I tend to read books for research only.

*** fireNdark is now known as cigRnDark

cigRnDark: she made me do it y'all!!!!

GloriaB: Personally, Artful, I keep hoping that Bill used a "Gloria Cubana"...

GloriaB: so I know he was thinking of me.... <siiiiiiigh> ;-)

Artful-: laffing..

LethrnLce wonders how long you do research before gettin the book published?

ren{LdyH}: lol, fireNDark

GloriaB: Lether--depends on the book! For Domina, I think it's safe to say...

cigRnDark falls off chair laughing

GloriaB: that I've been doing INTENSIVE research for over a decade. ;-)

ProvokeMe feels like *smoking* now... hehehe

LdyMoon laughs at fire

LethrnLce grins

Shi`n`vi: lololol

GloriaB: Boy, wouldn't that be a have a President kneeling at your feet?

GloriaB: I must say...and I KNOW I shouldn't say this in public, but what the hell...

GloriaB: An editor once developed a mad crush on me... I still remember the day I was in his apartment...gazing out at a lovely view, while he knelt behind me...worshipping my ass. All I could think was "THIS IS EVERY WRITER'S WET DREAM!!!"

MstrC: Was he nilla?

LdyMoon: hahaha

Shi`n`vi: lolol

GloriaB: :-) GA

MstrC: LOL

ProvokeMe: :))

LethrnLce: indeed!!

LdyMoon: LOL

^elusive^: i guess not, MstrC LOL

MstrC: :)

LethrnLce: the stuff books are written about!! LOL

GloriaB: I can only hope he never finds this transcript on-line or I may...have to resort to self-publishing more than I ever planned. :-)

MstrC: lol

fireNdark is rolling

ren{LdyH} tapes her mouth shut

GloriaB: Fortunately, MOST of my editors are women. They don't want to worship my ass.

GloriaB: They usually like to ask my advice on shoes. :-)

ren{LdyH}: are you sure, Ms Gloria? *s*

Shi`n`vi: lol

LdyMoon: heh

fireNdark: LOL

GloriaB: Well, never does know, does one? :-)

ProvokeMe: and you tell them all 6" stillettos... right?

LethrnLce: I know I got here late and perhaps am asking stuff you have already covered ad infinitum..but...does it appear that self publishing is the main way to get SM erotica done?

ren{LdyH}: nod nod, Ms Gloria!

sinamin: hhehehe

GloriaB:'s the way most SM writers have done it, with only a few...exceptions. Laura Antonio, Pat Califia, John Preston...they've all been published by small presses.

LethrnLce nods

GloriaB: But I should add that small presses tend to pay poopie, and you can often forget about ever seeing royalties. With self-publishing...though you do take a financial risk, you at least stand a chance... of earning something from your book.

GloriaB: If your book is good it will sell. That's my theory, anyway. :-)

Shi`n`vi: how much should we plan on investing to publish?

Shi`n`vi: and how do you market it?

^elusive^: do you subsist on your writing now, Gloria?

GloriaB: Shi, so far, I've only marketed it on-line, via my website.

MstrC: I understand Gloria..seems more loose here which i like

GloriaB: I am hoping, though, to get reviewed in a bunch of places..also I'm working on getting the book into regular bookstores.

Shi`n`vi: how much should we plan on investing to publish?

GloriaB: Shi, prices vary enormously, depending on what you want.

Shi`n`vi: minimum

GloriaB: elusive, I earn a living from writing, yes. I have lived on writing income since moving to Atlanta in 1991.

GloriaB: I do a lot of mainstream journalism. That's what pays my bills.

^elusive^: ahhhhh <s>

GloriaB: Like...embarrassing to admit...but I've got a short piece coming out... in Redbook on (GAH!) "how to have a hot quickie" Totally vanilla.

MstrC: LOL

^elusive^: LOL

GloriaB: And I've got something in the current issue of "Maxim" (a men's mag)...

bettypage giggles

MstrC *gasps*

fireNdark: that short eh? LOLOL

GloriaB: on tantric sex(!). Hey. What can I say. It's a living. :-)

^elusive^: i do the same... i call it "word whoring" ;/

GloriaB: Also...I hope it vanishes from bookstores soon...but last year...

fireNdark: ;) I can't wait

LethrnLce: LOL elusive...

ProvokeMe: What does a magazine article usually pay?

Shi`n`vi: hey we scene people do both quickies and incorporate tantric technique if we're smart lol

GloriaB: I wrote a vanilla dating guide for single women...under "Cosmo" magazine's imprint.

GloriaB: That was a low moment. :-)

LethrnLce: now did themags approach you for the articles, or do you propose them?

GloriaB: But it paid the bills.

GloriaB: Lethr, at this stage, editors all approach me.

fireNdark bows to her HG Brown shrine

MstrC thinks Gloria has a high overhead.. :)

LethrnLce grinz..yeah..I guess they would..

GloriaB: Fire, I actually *MET* Ms. Brown. Once.

GloriaB: I did a whole bunch of articles for them a while back.

fireNdark: did you realy?

GloriaB: Yep. I did a series of on-line surveys for them.

KttN: wow is she still the same? didn't Cosmo try and change its image?

GloriaB: You know: "Cosmo goes on-line to find out WHAT MEN REALLY WANT!"

GloriaB: :-)

LethrnLce: do you have a book in the wings after Domina now?

fireNdark: something tells me you didn't discuss the appropriate length of crop...

Shi`n`vi: they want head

^elusive^: oh lord help us

GloriaB: Now, I always thought what they really want is a good I was quite surprised to find out they were interested in fucking too. :-)

Shi`n`vi: lol

MstrC: LOL

LethrnLce: rotlmao

GloriaB: Those wacky vanillas!

sinamin: }:o

Artful-: we are? oh

KttN: hehe duh

fireNdark just fell on the floor

GloriaB: fire, I couldn't even use the word "clit" in Cosmo!

LethrnLce: I seem to meet more and more men who *say* they want you to spank them, lately..

ren{LdyH} helps fireNdark up

ProvokeMe writes that one down

^elusive^: maybe it's the company you keep, LnL <wink>

GloriaB: Ohhhhh????? (raisingly dommely and easily aroused eyebrows)

fireNdark: I'm astounded Gloria

pkaye{CE} warns fNd of how she broke her foot.. and velcros her ass to the chair

Artful-: (hopefully you didnt use "little man in a boat")

Shi`n`vi: lol

LethrnLce: LOL ^elusive^ ...

GloriaB: "Nun in the hood," Art. ;-)

ren{LdyH}: lol, Artful

Shi`n`vi: the canoe driver

ren{LdyH}: ooooo

fireNdark: LOL

ProvokeMe: LOL

GloriaB: So anyone want to hear more details of my distressing other life...

Shi`n`vi: sure

Artful-: i think i'll step around the available puns on that one

LethrnLce: Nun in the hood!! Ohhhh sister!! lmaorotf

pkaye{CE}: haha and the circumcised male is the little man that guards the light house in his little rain slicker?

MstrC clears the tears of laughter from his eyes

GloriaB: as a vanilla sex expert or is everyone adequately disgusted yet? :-)

ProvokeMe: with his turtleneck on

fireNdark is never disgusted enough.

GloriaB: You mean the one-eyed trouse mouse?

sinamin: it beats selling hamburgers GloriaB

ProvokeMe will keep that in mind


^elusive^: Gloria, for those of us who missed the plug earlier on... when is your book available and what's the distribution plan? mainstream bookstores?

ProvokeMe: scud meat missle

GloriaB: Well...something akin to beating meat anyway, sin.

sinamin fans herself

GloriaB: Okay, let me shoot the whole load right here and now...

ren{LdyH}: bed time for me, Ms Gloria...very nice to have met you...!

ProvokeMe: the WHOLE load?

GloriaB: DOMINA: The Sextopians! Available now! On-line!

GloriaB: Right now, DOMINA is *only* available on the Net, but within the next few weeks... you will also be able to order it from ANY bookstore in the US.

GloriaB: I don't know how many stores will actually carry it on their shelves... since it's so far out. It has lots of hardcore SM in it.

MstrC: excellent

ProvokeMe: all of them if they are smart

GloriaB: I'm hoping all the bdsm booksellers & a fair number of g/l bookshops...will stock it. Meanwhile, the fastest way to get a to order (credit card or check) from my publisher...

LethrnLce: can't wait to read it :)

MstrC: Barnes and Noble carries it all

^elusive^: <nodding> ok! thanks

Shi`n`vi: do you use obsceneties or clinical terms (ie cock or penis) in your writing

fireNdark: B&N will, maybe not in the stores...but orderable

GloriaB: B&N on-line already has it, as does Amazon and Borders on-line.

MstrC *whips* out His credit card and runs to da phone

MstrC: :)

GloriaB: But for a few more weeks it'll take those shops 2-4 weeks to send you a copy.

GloriaB: My publisher will get it to you in 2 days. He ships everything priority.

fireNdark: and they all deliver within a few days. Complete with a smirking mailman. ;)

^elusive^: congratulations, Gloria... you're living what many of us aspire to!

GloriaB: I should warn's a bit pricey for a novel.

pkaye{CE} has enjoyed this completely.. but has to go finish her work now

GloriaB: $25.95.

^elusive^: LOL fNd

GloriaB: That's the downside of self-publishing. :-(

Shi`n`vi: hard cover?

GloriaB: No, Shi. It's a trade paper.

GloriaB: And to answer your question from before....

GloriaB: Universal Publishers (the company I used to publish this)...

fireNdark: autographed???? (I'm the one that finaly untied ya earlier)

GloriaB: is by far the most reasonable for authors to use.

GloriaB: I looked around a LOT. They charge authors a $250 flat fee... to produce two versions of your book: a print version... plus a digital version, which readers may buy from their site only.

GloriaB: But the digital version is WAY cheaper than the print copy.

^elusive^: what's the print run for $250?

GloriaB: The e-version is $6/download.

^elusive^: wow

GloriaB: elusive, they are a "print on demand" service.

GloriaB: That means they only print copies out as orders come in.

^elusive^: ahhhhh ok...

GloriaB: That saves the author money but adds to the price of the books.

^elusive^: sure

GloriaB: (Which is why this book is $26 instead of $17 or $18)

GloriaB: I should also add...I tried 1-2 other self-publishers...

GloriaB: and even THEY found this book too hot to handle!

GloriaB: (Mainstream publishers just COMPLETELY refused to look at it!)

ProvokeMe: w00w00

`sheryl: woo hoo

GloriaB: This guy never had any problem whatever with the hardcore SM.

LethrnLce sees that she will *have* to order the book immediately now

sinamin: oooooooooo

GloriaB: I've never met a more open-minded publisher in my life. He's cool.

adrianz2: I have been on your site..reading aol transcripts and all I have seen as advise for new D/s ers is to "meet " others in the community..please tell me there is more to it than that..

GloriaB: He is totally pro-author. I really like him.

GloriaB: More to it in terms of what, adrian? I've got a big piece up there..about "playing safe" that I wrote for people

Shi`n`vi: his name is?

Shi`n`vi: the guy at universal?

GloriaB: His name is Jeff Young, Shi. The company itself is:

GloriaB: Universal Publishers,

GloriaB: You can get straight to the DOMINA page to see how he's promoting going to

adrianz2: initiating the Power Exchange in a marriage..that has been without it

Shi`n`vi: thank you

GloriaB: adrian, I guess no one's asked me that question yet on AOL... why don't you drop by and we'll discuss it.

adrianz2: You can count on it

GloriaB: I also have tons about that in my next book, but that won't be out...

adrianz2: =)

GloriaB: until next year.

fireNdark: Folks, I'm outta here.

GloriaB: I have a whole chapter devoted to couples trying to get their partners involvedi nBDSM

fireNdark: Gloria, thank you again. You made my Sunday night.

`sheryl: night fireNdark hugs

GloriaB: So, is everyone tired of me yet? :-)

adrianz2: no way

GloriaB: fNd, thanks so much for your help.

ProvokeMe: good night fireNdark :))****

KttN: no:)

`sheryl: no

ProvokeMe: not in the least Gloria

LethrnLce isn't tired of ya :)

KttN: night fNd *hugs* and thank you so much:)

LethrnLce: I am so happy to have you so accessible!!

Shi`n`vi: <---not tired

psyche: could we have Gloria's website,,,,,,,,once more?

GloriaB: Well, I'm happy to stay a little longer if there are any more


fireNdark: My pleasure G, I'll drop you a line soon. Not like you'll need the fan mail or anything. ;)

GloriaB: questions about writing--mine or yours. :-)

anima would like to know what fiction (besides your own :-) ) you enjoy reading most.

GloriaB: psyche, just go to

fireNdark: you kids Behave without me!

GloriaB: My home page features an extensive index of all the kinky mini-sites... in my domina. There's Jon & Polly's "Submissive Women Speak"...(I don't run that)...there's the Different Loving site...the new Dominant Ideas site...and a new site for Domina that I've just started to build.

Shi`n`vi: how does one get from self publishing and marketing to being on the lists at the bookstores?

GloriaB: And if that's still not can come to my AOL chats on Fridays at midnight (est)

GloriaB: keyword: GloryB

Artful-: your sites are awsome...

Artful-: and web sites I know

GloriaB: Art, thank you.

anima has to agree with Artful-. It is a very fine site.

LethrnLce: are the aol chats exclusive to aol members tho?

GloriaB: Shi, you have to get a wholesale distributor to carry your book.

adrianz2 enjoys Artful and natashas site too!

GloriaB: The two biggest distributors are Ingram and Baker & Taylor... I went to their websites and filled out their authors forms... Ingram has said yes, so within the next week or so, they will start letting all the stores around the US know it's now in their warehouse.

GloriaB: It's very very tedious and time-consuming to do your own marketing.

GloriaB: I am lucky in that people already know my name.

GloriaB: And Ingram has sold a lot of copies of DifLove. So they were quite friendly.

Shi`n`vi: violet has written a scene oriented screenplay, if that flies that'll be her shoe in

AceRes: you see that changing in the near future....with the explosion of the Web??

GloriaB: There are also smaller distributors which specialize in offbeat books.

Shi`n`vi: "by the author of....."

GloriaB: See what changing, Aces?

AceRes: [22:08] <GloriaB> It's very very tedious and time-consuming to do your own marketing.

GloriaB: Oh! No, I don't think that will ever change for self-publishers.

GloriaB: See, when you sell a book to a regular publisher, whether big or small... they already have a distribution mechanism in place.

GloriaB: Like, the minute Daedalus publishes a book a network of stores... that have bought other titles from them are ready to pick up your title.

GloriaB: With a big house (like Random House, which did DifLove)... it's even better. First, they have the muscle basically to MAKE a lot of stores carry all their titles. They can cut all kinds of deal with them.

GloriaB: Also, they do all your PR and marketing for you. They send out releases... they send out comps of your book. A self-publisher has to pay for every copy she sends to a potential reviewer. That can be very expensive.

GloriaB: No, Shi, terms are much better than that.

Shi`n`vi: lol,good

GloriaB: For example: a typical small press nowadays pays anywhere from

GloriaB: zero up front to maybe $3000 up front... and you generally get a 10% royalty on the cover price.

GloriaB: You always have to "earn back" an advance, though (through sales)...

GloriaB: so you don't collect your royalties until they've recuperated...whatever they spent on you in the first place.

AceRes: but won't the web/Internet, be a very big distribution network (or could be) in the future??....or will that just created new "distribution partnerships?"

GloriaB: Aces, I believe it will be a big distribution net, but so far... most books are sold off-line. There are still ots of people...who are uncomfortable about giving their credit card #'s out over the Net.

GloriaB: You also pay for shipping when you order on-line. I think most people... still prefer the convenience of going to their local bookstore...browsing and then paying an anonymous clerk and leaving.

AceRes: actually I was surprised .... during the big hoopla with the Starr report....I heard Internet access was only about 15-18% of US

GloriaB: Yeah. Now...will it always be this way? I don't know. I *think*

ProvokeMe: I much prefer shopping on the web

AceRes: I tend to agree with the get out and have a real browse...etc....but I also believe it could be a paradigm shift

AceRes: an explosion waiting to happen.....building as it were

LethrnLce: I do like to browse...there is something about being able to look thru the pages..

GloriaB: that 10 yrs. from now we'll see lots more commercial transactions on the web.

GloriaB: Aces, I certainly hope so. :-)

AceRes agrees!

psyche had access when it was released online

GloriaB: I've made a pretty big investment (on a lot of levels) in the idea...

Artful-: 75% of my company's income is through online transactions

Shi`n`vi: are you here to talk only about writing, publishing and your book or are you open to a D/s discussion as well?

GloriaB: that all media (tv, radio, phone, internet) will merge one day.

Artful-: i love it

GloriaB: Shi, sorry, but tonight's chat is about writing.

Shi`n`vi: what do you do Artful? we like yours and natasha's site as well

GloriaB: Art, you offer a unique product, perfect for the Net.

GloriaB: People are still used to the old way of shopping for (and reading) books.

grdniaMV loves the diary

GloriaB: For example, I'd rather buy a book then read a downloadable file.

Artful-: im kinna Netisized.. I buy nearly all my books online

Shi`n`vi still make a date of going to the bookstore

GloriaB: Art, you are ahead of your time. :-) I think most of us who are on-line now... are ahead of our time, in the sense that we're still the minority.

GloriaB: 10-20 yrs. from now, I think it'll be the minority who are NOT on-line.

Shi`n`vi: what is the unique product Artful offers?

Artful-: smiles.. i hope so

GloriaB: I've got a few helpful links there, including one to a site... which lists publishers which print erotica.

Shi`n`vi: and thank you for coming to EF net tonight

LethrnLce: excellent, thank you...for all your helpful info and insites :)

GloriaB: Leth--you might want to let your family know. :-) It could take many days to get through my site.

Shi`n`vi: do come back

LethrnLce: rotflmao Gloria

GloriaB: It was an honor to talk to you all. Thanks for coming.

LethrnLce: perhaps I will wait tillthe weekend then..LOL and say I am on hiatus!!

`sheryl: Thank You, Gloria :)

ProvokeMe: Thank you very much Glory .... it was a true pleasure... :))

GloriaB: Thanks, folks. I apprecaite it.

KttN: thank you very much Glory:)

GloriaB: Hope to see you again sometime.

Artful-: Thanks so much Gloria

KttN: you promised:)

`sheryl: you know where to find us :)

GloriaB: I'll leave all those addresses one more time....

grdniaMV: ciao Gloria happy new year

GloriaB: my homepage is

Shi`n`vi consider trying AOL again

GloriaB: From there you can find everything else.

LethrnLce slips out, waving to everyone as she goes

psyche: thanks so much for being here

GloriaB: Goodnight, all! smoooooch!

Artful-: nite Gloria

*** Signoff: GloriaB (Leaving)

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