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DOMINA by Gloria Brame
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"Armed and dangerous, Gloria Brame proves that
her pen is mightier than a whip!"--
Veronica Vera

" I started this book expecting to take several days at least to
read it. Boy, was I ever wrong! I read the whole book in one
sitting, totally glued to the story and forgetting all about the
time. If it works that well on a straight Master, then male slaves
and potential slaves will never put it down!--
Mikezb for Fetish Net - UK

"One of the best S/M erotic novels ever written....
this book has an emotional reality and a level of
authenticity that is largely unmatched in this genre."
P. Sandor Gardos, PhD., Sexuality Guide, The Mining Company

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Book Title: DOMINA
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ISBN: 1-58112-878-9

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Pure smut, and part social commentary, DOMINA crams hundreds of kinky scenarios into a page-turning, spine-melting orgy of sadomasochistic delights.

The novel is set in Domina's lavish residence on the outskirts of Atlanta. Behind her lush gardens and under her polished wood floors, is The Lower Level, a sexual utopia in which Domina has imprisoned twelve slaves.

To the novel's main character, Arden McLane, Jr., Domina's "sextopia" is as terrifying as it is irresistible. The shy, naive son of a backwoods preacher, Arden stumbles from divinity school straight into a society of sinners whose very existence drives him mad with lust.

Forced to live in a cage on public display for three weeks, denied all human privacy or dignity, Arden learns to accept the animal freedom of life in the cage. Soon, he craves the very beatings and humiliations that so frightened him at first.

When Domina at last releases him from the cage, the young man begins the next stage of his training as communal property. The helpless prey of all who wish to use him, Arden is ritually used and degraded by The Sextopians, who are hell-bent on driving him into abject sexual slavery.

In DOMINA's castle you will witness whippings, canings, watersports, bondage, shaving, suspension, kidnap, torture, captivity, forced penetration, enemas, cock and ball torture, teasing, body modifications, transgenderism, verbal abuse, mind-control, humiliation, degradation, and a wide spectrum of fetishes (feet, shoes, heels, (men's) boots, gloves, catsuits, amputeeism, leather, animal play, hair, fingernails, Amazons, smoke, wrestling, muscles).

Through letters, conversations, and diaries, you will explore the inner lives of Domina's slaves and understand them as complete, fully-fleshed individuals. You'll get to know Ruby, a sexy Latina with a penchant for the crop; Opal, a lewd Venus whose greatest thrill is to tease and torment the helpless new initiate; Amethyst and Sapphire, an inter-racial lesbian couple with a fascination for extreme body art; Emerald, whose wheelchair has not stopped her from pursuing sexual bliss; Hercules, a gay top who accepted harbor with Domina after the tragic death of his boy; Prism, Domina's oldest and most loyal slave and confidante; Samson, a blond Adonis whose cruelty to Arden disguises his embarrassing secret; and Manuel, the beautiful bisexual houseboy whose sexual favors Arden cannot resist.

Unbearably aroused by the tortures, Arden struggles to reconcile the sexual repression of his youth with the sexual perversion of his adulthood. His inner conflicts send him on a whirlwind course of terror and exhilaration, leading to an ending that you never expected.

Pansexual, polymorphously perverse and most definitely uncensored, DOMINA will give you the nightmares you've always wanted.


March 22, 2021


If you've already read the book or are reading it now, these questions and answers may be interesting to you.

Are the characters in DOMINA based on real people?

Yes and no. Yes in that they are based on real people but no in that they are all composite characters. So no actual person is represented here.

Arden, the main character, is a loose composite of three different men who have traveled through my life as a dominant. The character of Prism was inspired by my own slave, but is by no means intended to be an accurate portrayal of him. Prism's character reflects some of my slave's best qualities, most importantly his devotion and tenderness. The strange and comical aspects of Prism's personality were things I added--to humiliate my slave. :-)

Prism and Arden are set up as counterparts: Prism is older, wiser, and completely at peace with his decision to live in utter obedience to his Mistress. Arden is young, callow, easily aroused and very eager to embrace his new life--but not mature enough fully to understand the seriousness of his commitments. There are numerous interplays: at the beginning, Arden mistrusts Prism; in the end, it is Prism who mistrusts Arden.

(In the sequel to this book--yes, there will eventually be a sequel which answers the burning question at the end of this book!--readers will learn much more about Prism, and about the history of his passionate servitude to Domina.)

I don't claim to be Domina. For one, she's taller than me. For another, as the sequel will show, her background is totally different from my own. Still, her SM/fetish paradise is based on some of my own fantasies. Her sadistic style of play, her fetishistic aesthetics, and her evil sense of humor are also things we share. I wanted to bring to the page some of the emotional intensity that I experience, as a femdom, during SM. So, when writing the erotic passages, I simply let my mind race over memories and fantasies, while my fingers typed.

The 10 other minor characters are also composites of Scene people I've known, intimately or from afar.

What makes Domina different from other Cruel-Mistress-with-a-dungeon novels?

The chief difference is that while Domina remains something of a mysterious character, the reader does get very vivid and intimate insights into the mind of a female dominant. Her malicious playfulness, her authoritarian mindset, her fetish for organization and power-roles, the sexual arousal she derives from her power, and her emotional vulnerability are important elements here.

Another crucial difference is that while I certainly wrote this book to get people's body fluids flowing, readers who enjoy having their brains aroused as much as their groins get a chance to think about the SM issues that are raised by the plot development and the characters.

Against a background of sheer perversion, I've tried to explore some of the social and religious issues involved in this type of sex. For example, which is the real heaven and which is the real hell: Domina's world or the world of Arden's parents? Is there a price to be paid for embracing your true nature?

There are other key themes throughout the book. Most important is the concept of sexual bondage as a form of social freedom. While the book isn't directly political, the fact that 12 people would choose to live in a highly regimented society as captive slaves--and that they would consider this to be the ultimate freedom--is a subversive political idea. Arden's emotional revolution, during the weeks when he is locked into the cage, is perhaps the strongest statement on this theme.

There are also constant plays on Judeo-Christian themes, and particularly the effect of shame and guilt on those who are trapped by a rigidly religious upbringing.

Why isn't Arden more of a positive role-model for male-subs?

This question has been asked more than once.

First, I wanted real characters in this book. I did not set out to create perfect people living in a perfect world. I wanted real people with all the demons, conflicts, and questions that real people have. That meant that my main character, Arden, could not simply be someone's fantasy of what a malesub should be, but instead as accurate a portrait as I could manage, based on my own experiences in the Scene, of what many malesubs actually ARE: complex people with complex emotions, and not all of them "ideal."

In my personal opinion, while glorifying and objectifying subs and doms as icons in fiction is very sexy and satisfying for a fantasy, it has not served us well, as a community, in terms of providing lucid--albeit at moments unpleasant--glimpses into the reality of SM sex. While some of my characters are, indeed, valiant souls, not all of them are. It was particularly important to me that the protagonist, Arden, be an anti-hero. There are many things about him which are wonderful and some things which are not, and this is how life usually goes.

I recently spoke with a femdom who had read the book and asked her what she thought of Arden. Was she disappointed in his character development? She said, "I saw Arden as someone who was between a rock and a hard place. He made the best choices he could under the circumstances."

That is exactly what I hoped readers would get from the book.

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