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As regular readers of Siren's Song may recall (to my sincere regret), I recently announced that, as part of my doctoral project, I was going to do a home-made videotape tour of my dungeon.

My reasoning was good: no matter how amateurish it looked, it would still spare me from shlepping a ton of equipment from Atlanta to San Francisco. For those of you who have never packed handcuffs, chains, tit-clamps, leg-irons and sundry other alarm-triggering metal paraphernalia in your suitcases, well, first, may I assure you that you simply have never lived?

Actually, I've never been stopped. But damn, SM toys are heavy. In more ways than one.

And though, at this stage of my bizarre life, it would have been only entertaining if airport security stopped me to peruse the many unique, er, articles of my desire ("But, officer, I swear, these are my research tools! Really!"), I also had visions of irritating delays purely on account of my depravity.

So, with my obliging husband acting as director, cinematographer, and prop-man, we commenced with great enthusiasm to make this videotape. We borrowed both digital and video cameras; we pushed all the lights we could find into the room; we cleaned up the space and rehung all the equipment (with new hooks yet), according to category. For the first time in my life all my whips were in one place. It was most stimulating!.

We worked with the feverishness of the damned. We made a videotape and critiqued it over late-night pizza. The tape was amateurish, we needed more light, and I had to look into the camera more...still it had real possibilities. So, refueled by mozzarella, we embarked on another video escapade, filled with high hopes. We began making grandiose plans on how we would sell this quaint, handmade gem. Ah, those were heady dreams.

At this juncture, it behooves me to say that despite everything we have taught him, and no matter how much we have encouraged him to read Different Loving, Bobo Brame (our dog) remains SM-unfriendly. He whimpers in despair when Mommy picks up one of her tools, and hides when she uses it on someone. Last time my submissive was tied to the cross, Bobo sank to the floor at his feet, refusing to budge, as if his slutty Uncle's safety depended on this canine vigil.

So perhaps this explains his behaviors during the tapings. It was truly hilarious when Bobo suddenly wandered into the frame and vigorously sniffed my feet. It was still a riot when he jumped off the bed and onto our baroque arrangement of electrical wires and extension cords, disconnecting them all in the process. But when he surrendered to his oral fixation with his ass, slurping so loudly I could barely hear myself speak, I began to suspect that this was all his passive-aggressive way of protesting his Mother's passion for perversion.

Yes, I think I'll blame it all on the dog.

For the sad fact is that we produced a tape that was adequate to its purposes. In other words, it really sucks.

The fact that, for some reason, I couldn't help speaking into the camera as if I'd only recently been raised from the dead may also have something to do with it. Now I remember why I never pursued my original life's ambition of being an actress. The tragedy would begin before I even spoke my first line.

I cannot, in good conscience, sell this tape. And I cannot, in capitalistic conscience, give it away. This tape, dear readers, shall remain in limbo, doomed to languish on the dim shelves of a graduate school library, living on only in the broken hearts of its creators.

Now, I was perfectly contented to put this excursion in public humiliation behind me, in hopes that none of you had read my announcement. Indeed, I rather assumed that no one had. So it was quite the little surprise when several sadists among you have politely inquired when I plan to make the video available to the perverted viewing public.

Not if. WHEN.

I shall answer briefly:


I may be depraved but I am not deranged.

Instead, I am offering the next best thing. During the first embarrassingly bad taping, Will took a number of stills. I've selected a bunch of them to give you a good sense of the videotape, as well as that peek into my dungeon so many of you have requested.

Here then is an illustrated guide to my SM toys.


On June 24, 1999, I presented a three-hour lecture in support of my doctoral work at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. The chief purpose of the videotape was to be able to show graduate students in sexology the range and diversity of SM equipment. It was neither a "demo" nor porn, but a playfully informative and unrelentingly frank exploration of the types of stimulation SMers enjoy.

Naturally, I began with the whips, the ubiquitous SM tool. I held them up, one by one, explaining how each was used, and the kinds of sensations each delivers. In the following image, you can see most of the whips in my collection here, as well as a few leather paddles and slappers.

Going from left to right on the lower hooks, are five whips arranged in order of intensity. The first whip, extreme left, is a deer-skin flogger. The soft lashes are wondrously sensual and caressing. Next is the first of a matched set of whips by Metz: one is horsehair, the other is a soft, heavy flogger (shown below). The horsehair stings flesh nicely; the flogger continues the journey, warming the skin with deep leather kisses. The fourth one is a beautifully crafted whip by Janette Hartwood.

The fifth implement is a huge, thick-handled, heavy flogger, once made for a master but since adopted by this Mistress. I bought it on a search some years ago for a whip which can deliver a truly profound beating. I chose well.

Although I don't find rubber whips to be as versatile as leather, they can do things leather cannot because of their unique feel and intensity. In the upper right corner of the picture above, can you find the whip handle decorated by three large red carved wood beads? If you squint, you can make out two of my rubber whips: the one with the read beads has medium-length thin rubber lashes, good for sharp, stinging sensations. You can identify the intense thudder by its white, rope handle. This is a home-made whip, which Will pulled together after finding some solid rubber at a thrift shop someplace.

What you can't see is a small whip, sometimes called a "cock whip." The handle is small enough to fit into the palm of my (small) hand, and the lashes are short, thin, and sting-y: perfect for close-up work on genitals, nipples, thighs and other small sensitive areas.

Here is a close-up of the flogger by Metz. It combines elegance with impact. It is good for intense whippings yet still capable of offering a purely sensual experience. See how its lashes gleam softly? The handle is woven of leather dyed red and black. This whip delivers love with cruelty. It is terrifically versatile.

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