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Exciting New Adventures in Kink

1 GloriaBrame   2020-12-14 21:54

By popular request....here is the first subject thread for our new "Topic of the Week" section.

Thanks to Winston for suggesting the topic: "what exciting new kinky things have you tried recently"...

and thanks to Kate for volunteering to spill her guts :-)

Okay, fellow pervs: what have you been up to lately?

3 nastykate   2020-12-14 22:18

Oh my where do I start?

I suppose those who are into humiliation will love this one, or public viewing of subs…

One of my first experiences with my M - he planned a wonderful weekend into LA – and out to the vineyards, needless to say his plans didn’t have anything to do with being a vanilla weekend.

His thing is planning, organizing and being creative and full of suprises – the prep to this day was a long bath, a toy and being instructed to cum only once before I shaved each leg, while he watched of course, then these fancy balls that are kind of like ben wa’s but larger made of pink rubber with spikes on them, inserted – the little black summer dress, no undies – and of course those damn heels in broad daylight no less.

During our drive to LA (1 ½ hr drive) he had all kinds of devices, butt plug, nipple clamps that are torture devices no less and a mirror in his glove box – he had the top down on the car so I had to give shows to a bus load of seniors and a 18 wheel truck driver – on a Sunday! I am sure the bus load was a church group heading to vegas or something.

The mirror was for my viewing delight, and he just kept his cool and kept driving, well this little drive was for a shopping trip – another pair of clamps, a leather whip with short handle and a paddle (not my fav) but he allowed me to pick out a outfit and a dildo of my choice to pleasure myself when he said it would be ok.

He allowed me to rest my head in his lap (he isn’t shy) on the way home – no more bus loads of seniors, but a few pick up trucks later we were home – we skipped the vineyard – I do remember him laughing telling me that one of the viewers had 2 thumbs up -

I hadn’t noticed earlier in the morning that there was a new device in the extra bedroom/dungeon/playroom/office (smaller homes in california kind of like new york) – so up he hoisted me and stuffed me full, whipped me into submission since I acted like a spoiled embarrassed brat in the car in the beginning of the day – and as my ass was stinging beyond anything since and my nipples blue from the clamps he LEFT ME THERE while he went downstairs for an hour.

An hour later, a very close bi lady friend of mine joined us and he had me be teased until I was crying and begging and screaming – she left as fast as she entered and then the nylon breast binding ropes came out - I finally left the swing close to midnight and the toy I bought wasn’ t even used for quite some time – I just tend to get greedy sometimes…..I have to admit he did hold a cigarette for me and brought me a baby bottle to suck on – I don’t like being the baby/daddy thing, but he wanted to show me it is possible to do anything if he asks me to.

I have left some of the details out, because in between some of this he pleasured me in vanilla ways and that’s just sex….the rest was a nice experience of some real BDSM enactment’s that helped me with control and visuals – and to not be afraid of them or the things he has me do, removing the fear from your sub is part of the journey.

ok - NEXT!

6 morri{IM}   2020-12-17 18:07

Well, I can't say that lately I've done anything "out of the norm" with my Master, but life sure has been interesting. He was over to play last night, and decided that it was time to introduce me to the wonders of caning. (Which I must add, was my Christmas present to Him). He had taken his time warming my bottom up, and getting me into that special place where nearly anything he asked was answered with a "Yes Master, I like it very much Master". He let me float for a while, and gently inserted my favorite vibrating egg. He pulled me onto his lap, and tangled his hand in my hair. I remember feeling the hard thin line of the cane running over my very welted rump, and heard him chuckle as I tensed, before he pulled back and hit me with it. I know I must have swore, because He hit me again, and then ran it over me...letting the pain roll through like fire. Whenever he introduces a new toy, it's always five....the first time. So, he made me count three more..a strike, then some rubbing....a strike then more caressing..by five, I was begging him for permission to 'fly'....I must have been a very good girl....Because Master sure liked his present :)

7 tourmaline 2020-12-20 16:11

Just about everything's new to me right now. Posting on this board is new for me (Hi Gloria!) and kind of exciting and kinky. But the best new kinky adventure for me is represented by this collar I'll put around my neck before going to visit my master W tomorrow. At least I think it's kinky. I mean, most women would think that it's kinky to feel submissive to a guy to the extent that you'd beg to be owned by him, right? Maybe the situation itself isn't entirely new to me either, as I was a slave to someone else before him. But this is vastly different. My much-adored new master W doesn't play with words or roles... he plays with me. We dated for months (well, er, more than 1 anyway) and he encouraged me to be myself, not to fall into any stereotyped submissive behaviors (protocol, etc) that I'd learned before. He engages my whole self; my mind and heart and body, and if I should respond submissively to him and strive to please him, it's a natural response to his generous and loving dominance and all-around great guy status. And wicked sadism! Can't forget that.

Ok, I feel that so far I've written nothing that's really kinky to anyone on this board except me, probably. But the whole relationship is kinky. For instance, last week he had me strip, and tied my arms to the bedposts of the bed that he and his wife share. She is cool with it. That's pretty kinky right there, I think, but please read on. Next he fastened my ankles to a spreader bar, then he tied my ankles to the same bedposts as my wrists. My fanny felt like it was several feet in the air and I was totally, helplessly exposed. I felt very undignified of course! I'll skip the details of the deliciously cruel torments he subjected me to, except to mention that I couldn't sit down comfortably for days. He also gave me pleasure, inserting fingers in me and rubbing my clit but left me frustrated. He wanted to hurt me more... and he did. He worked me into a frenzy, alternating pain and pleasure until I came, screaming and straining fruitlessly against my bonds, and then while I was still in the throes of orgasm, whipped my pussy hard. I don't even know what he used! I had never been whipped while cumming before... but damn it was good.

9 Winston   2020-12-22 16:46

Hi All!
  You know, I feel like that old Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown and Linus are looking at clouds. Charlie Brown asks Linus what he sees, and he answers with descriptions of famous classical art and historical scenes. Then Charlie Brown says, " I was going to say they look like a Duckie and a Horsie, but never mind now......" :)
 While my more adventuresome (risky) exploits are in the past (alas), I did have a very erotic night with my lady about three weeks ago (before some :( real life stuff bad news re some friends of ours got us :( and unplayful).
  Anyway, she was very brazen that night and just walked up to me and told me to hold out my hands.She tied them together, and then she told me to kneel at her feet. She was in some suede pants, calf high boots with heels, and a tight blouse. She blind folded me, and then began to flog my back and butt with what felt like a middle weight stringy-half thudy- half stingy flogger we have. She remarked that I was too complacent, and then she quickly switched to a braided cat with 18 tails and turks head knots- very stingy- by this time I was already flying. She mentioned that I would have to beg her to stop tonight and laughed as I did- never got to that point.I was enjoying it and heavy into subspace and starting to zone. She put some clover nipple clamps on me, then led me to the bed and had me bend over. She flogged me with a heavily knotted oily leather whip for awhile- it feels like 1000 hornets- and then a rubber one-I was so zoned- she laughed and vowed her determination to get me to cry uncle (auntie?).
  Anyway, first a rattan, and then a delrin cane came out- she has a way of kissing my sweet spot with it, getting me to jump, and then running the tip all over my body in between. She started giving me a few together at a time, that started to overload me. She chuckled a little, but I was so zoned I was still green.She touched me a bit, and then I heard some rustling. Out came this polypropylene imitation of a birch bundle- sold as the middle severity one amazingly-and started whipping me with it like a flogger- usually, she uses it more like a cane since it is so intense and stingy- on my lats and shoulders and my back side- I was being stubborn- but after going at me full steam with it for ? time ?eternity I actually had to beg out with a safeword. Her last words were "be careful what you wish for !" Then she took off the blind fold, and she was in her very sexy black underwear which quicky came off. She laid on top of me for awhile while I came back to earth a bit- a traditional aftercare of her choosing that I realy love. She had me kneels and service her for awhile- she really was fireing away-and then she climbed on- we screwed as she pulled on the clover clamps and we finished.
  I was smiling for a week I think.
  Again, not up to the standards of Kate and others :), but :) for us...
   Enjoy the holidays folks, and play well......

PS- This did feel like truth or dear a bit, as someone mentioned-guess we are all young and wild at heart! :)

10 nightheron2   2021-01-23 08:48

I haven't had a chance to try this out on anyone, yet, but here goes... I was talking to my doctor, and she mentioned that when they (the doctors) want to cause a really strong evacuation with an enema, they recomend mixing a teaspoon of Adolf's Meat Tenderizer with a couple of cups of water. She was quick to point out that one should use the REGULAR meat tenderizer, and not the SPICY, since the spicy contain pepper. Probably not something someone should use on a regular basis, but worth a try once in a while.


17 nastykate   2021-01-23 22:18

speaking of milk, I am curious if anybody out there ever was fascinated with breast milk ? seriously, my ex was - he would get so excited when I nursed and would purposely get in shower with me so I could spray him, that was the limit of his kink - my current M has mentioned it before but has no children and hasn't ever experienced it, but works on my nipples so much they do leak but not milk, just clear fluid, he gets a rush from it. I find it not amusing, but interesting concept just the same

18 lace   2021-01-24 15:17


I've never had kids but am working on the "concept"---just a theory/kink but for some reason it turns me on....and my research says that lactation is not solely a function of motherhood ie..the glands can be stimulated outside of a childbirth period.

19 nastykate   2021-01-24 22:39

yes, a woman who hasn't had children nor been pregnant can produce milk if she works at it hard enough, using pumps etc - it takes a total mind control/fuck though, and you would have to "think" nourish not kink I would think/feel to get your body to behave in that manner.
I nursed all 3 kids for a year each and it is a erotic moment in a paternal way.

20 nightheron2   2021-01-27 15:33


I've experimented with hypnosis. I'd be willing to bet that with a little bit of hypnotherapy, you could lactate with the best of them.

Also, I talked to my doctor about the Adolf's meat tenderizer mixed in with the enema. She swears by it. She said they use it in the pediatrics department. I'd imagine it's not meant to be held in for a long period of time, though.


21 alfafemm   2021-01-28 11:39

I haven't yet tried this (either on myself or my sub) but an online chatbuddy recommended rubbing toothpaste on tender zones like the anus, vagina lips and clitoris, the glans of the penis - it's supposed to safely produce a warm, glowing sensation which becomes increasingly intense, increasingly uncomfortable. Has anyone had experience with this?

22 Thorn4MyRose   2021-01-28 15:29

From: Thorn4MyRose
To: alfafemm

It's the mint that causes the tingling (and it's perfectly safe), but there are two seldom considered, positive side effects when oral activities are performed in conjunction: You get that minty fresh taste AND it helps fight cavities. I'll even bet that four out of five dentists would recommend it. <grin>

Be safe,

23 nastykate   2021-01-28 18:12

yes, toothpaste on my niples, labia and clitoris - I HATED IT - burn burn burn - I like real heat such as in candles - the heat that radidates from toothpaste or icy hot or stuff of that nature isn't a hot heat, its a cold heat -

24 GloriaBrame   2021-01-28 19:05

<<it helps fight cavities

Considering that you're advocating schmearing it on pussies and rectums....er...... will it really be a fair fight?


25 tourmaline 2021-01-28 21:46

I picked up a tube of stuff called 'Biofreeze' from a chiropracter friend of mine. It's not sold to the general public.. too strong apparently! My friend uses it for back massages, rubs it in to produce a burning sensation, then blows lightly on it and the person feels like they're freezing. She cautioned me that after giving one patient a massage and sending him home, she'd gone into private, washed her hands, and then played with herself, but a tiny amount of residual Biofreeze got on her private parts and burned so badly, she was in mind-blowing pain for the next hour! Naturally I ordered a tube and gave it to my Master.
 It's a very cold heat, indeed. And when my dearly belowed and sadistic Master blew on it (or set up a fan!) it was simply very cold :)

   jen (tourmaline{WB})

26 drksidepet   2021-01-28 23:27

i have to laugh at the toothpaste thread here... when my Master and i were starting out, each play scene was a new adventure for me because he was the first and only person i have played in this fashion with.. well... he got me good and tied up one night and had this wicked smile on his face... he approached me and as he got closer i realized he was holding a tube of toothpaste... me being none the wiser grinned and wiggled appropriately... he told me he was going to use it on me and not for my teeth... well again, not having a clue i giggled and said... "is that going to make me taste all minty fresh??" oh he loved that... well... he spread it on me... and it felt cool at first and i was still smiling like a goon... he stepped back and watched... it became pretty obvious that i was going to feel much more than minty fresh as the cruel paste soaked into my pores... and oh the wiggling got pretty active at this point, but that smile and giggle kinda turned into more of a cringe and wimper... not a terribly pleasant experience, but... i hate to admit it... sure makes me laugh when i think of it... <and from the chuckle that Master just uttered as he walked away from reading over my shoulder, i would say he enjoyed the experience as well>

thanks for the reminder <s>


27 nightheron2   2021-01-29 00:55

The one I heard that works a little better is to just orally stimulate someone while you have a mint in your mouth, that way you can control how much mint you apply to someone through your saliva.


30 GloriaBrame   2021-02-01 17:31


re fascinatin' lactatin'

Yep, there are people who have a fetish for lactacting breasts and breast milk. It's not that uncommon, especially since it's often seen as a "clean" substance (unlike vaginal secretions). Plus a lot of men--without the fetish--have a certain curiosity about the taste. This fetish, though, is seldom discussed in a BDSM context...perhaps because we tend to see a fascinating with breasts as a more vanilla kind of thing.


31 Thorn4MyRose   2021-02-02 06:08

From: Thorn4MyRose

Why is it I always picture Mel Brooks singing and dancing when I hear the words 'Spanish Inquisition'? <grin>

(It's a rhetorical question, folks. Smooth those halos) ;-)

Be safe,

32 GloriaBrame   2021-02-02 13:38



Could it be because you're perverse?? ;-)

33 nightheron2   2021-02-02 20:03

I always think of Mel Brooks in times of trouble. Although I've never met him, he once (literally) saved my life. Whenever things get hairy, I always stop and think: "What would Mel Brooks do in this situation?"


34 GloriaBrame   2021-02-03 01:04

What a tease! Won't you to tell us the story of how Mel Brooks (without meeting you) saved your life??

35 Thorn4MyRose   2021-02-03 08:02

See what you did NOW, Mel??? (Sorry I even brought it up now. lol)

36 nightheron2   2021-02-03 09:37

When I was in college, I lived on the top-floor apartment of a duplex with a girl. The bottom floor apartment had a burglar alarm that was always going off on its own.

The relationship with the girl hadn't worked out, and I was packing my stuff in boxes when the alarm went off. I thought nothing of it because it happened all the time. However, a few minutes later I heard a helicopter flying low. Then I heard the static from radios. Then, the downstairs door the apartment opened and I heard men's voices. (I had left the door unlocked.)

I poked my head out into the hallway, and was met by three cops. One of whom was pointing a gun at my head. There I was, a scruffy kid in an apartment where an alarm had gone off. The door was open, and I was loading boxes everywhere. It didn't look good.

Strange things go through your mind at a time like this. I had recently seen Mel Brook's "High Anxiety", and for some reason my brain flashed to the scene where Mel is about to be arrested for a murder commited by a Mel Brooks impersonator. I suddenly thought: "What would Mel Brooks say in this situation?" With my hands held in the air, I started making jokes. Which made the cops relax to the point where I could explain who I was and what I was doing.

Later, the girl I was living with told me that she KNEW these cops, and they had made up their mind BEFORE they came in that if anything had happened to her, the perpetrater was going to be "shot while resisting arrest". The reason I wasn't shot was because broke the tension. I covertly took control of the situation by making jokes. I've since heard that one way you can keep a terrorist or other potentially violent person from killing you is by making them see you as a person and not just as a target. From my viewpoint, it worked.

Ever since then, I've always regarded Mel Brooks as being the man who saved my life. I'm going to have to write him a letter about this, one of these days.


39 GloriaBrame   2021-02-03 17:24


Thanks for (albeit temporarily) satisfying my insatiable curiosity. ;-)

That you could extrapolate such a valuable lesson from that madman is pretty good! When you mentioned "High Anxiety," I thought you were going to talk about the hilarious SM scenes! (Which, by the by, makes me wonder if folks would enjoy a section on SM in pop movies...to go along with a new section on BDSM music--thanks, Anastassja, for that idea!)


p.s. My all-time favorite comedy is "The Producers"

41 nightheron2   2021-02-03 20:20

Glory, same here. Can hardly wait for the Broadway musical they're doing based on the "The Producers". I often find myself humming "Prisoners of Love".


42 GloriaBrame   2021-02-04 01:15

Wow, I didn't know they were doing a musical. How cool. What will be real interesting in seeing how they stage the play within the play! Do you know any details--like who may play Messrs. Bialystock & Blum? How will they ever find anyone to replace Dick Shawn??

(Gosh, I hope they sell blue blankets as souvenirs! <g>)


43 GloriaBrame   2021-02-04 01:17


I love head-trips. I mean I *LOVE* headtrips. For me, SM without a good mindfuck is like meatballs without tomato sauce.


44 alfafemm   2021-02-04 08:42

If you never saw it or have forgotten, the film "Flash Gordon" is full of playful, ongoing references to bdsm :-)


45 nightheron2   2021-02-04 09:42


Yes, the mindfuck is the best part. There's smethng
magical about being able to crawl into the head of a sub, ferret out their deepest, darkest desires and secrets, and then use that information to push them beyond where they ever thought they'd go. Physical sex is like a good game of tennis, but the mindfuck is like a good game of chess.

Also, last I heard, Nathan Lane was up for the part of Max Bialystock.


47 Winston   2021-02-04 13:32

  N, have to say humor has been my friend on more than one occasion- I sometimes have to deal with some unstable and dangerous folks as a part of my work, and on more than one occasion humor has taken the wind out of a potentially dangerous situation- never analyzed it (wonderous in itself for those who know me : ) but I think your right- it makes somebody see you as a person, rather than an objecy to lash out at ( in the bad way I mean :)

48 nastykate   2021-02-04 19:17

good mindfucks make me realize exactly who is in control - take all my responses and answers to the normal day to day conversations, delve into it a little deeper, include a little intimacy and BDSM and D/s connotation to it, and before you know it his mind is ticking away and later that night or week, or whenever it comes up - hes brings it all to me again, what a wonderful way to remind me I want exactly what I am getting !

49 curiousk   2021-02-04 22:29

Anyone want to delve into the inner workings of the mindfuck? Being a sub, the whole idea of this absolutely thrills me. The fact that nothing gets me going like feeling fear and being controlled really makes me want to learn more about this. I'm sure my husband could master ; ) this fairly easily. He's got such an attitude and (when he wants to project it) intimidating presence, and he's really eager to get home and try this too. Unfortunately, I've read only the vaguest definitions of the mindfuck. Screw the Roses barely touched on it, and made it sound like it would really only work in an interrogation type scene (talked about the drill instructor type thing of asking questions and twisting the answers), but it has to be a lot more involved than simply that. Is it *just twisting someone's words around? Doesn't it have any physical aspect to it to? I'd think a simple instruction to do something that the sub would rather not do would add to the effect. Am I just talking out my ass now? ; ) Grasping at straws? While I'm certainly not asking for a dialogue, any additional info would help. As a willing victim (only in this world does that phrase make sense), I'd like to get a little info, but it's like asking about a movie I haven't seen....tell me what it's about without saying too much so it's not ruined. OR better yet, if you can point me toward the right website or book to give my husband to help him with it, that would be great too. Oh and Gloria, if any of your books have a chapter dealing extensively with this, I'm putting my foot in my mouth ; ) I'm still waiting on an order for your books from 1bookstreet.com (15 days and counting).


50 nightheron2   2021-02-04 22:41


I forgot: I think Mathew Broderick is supposed to play Leo Blume. No idea who will play LSD. Now, if they can just get Kenneth Mars to play Franz Liebkin, again...

O.K., so this has nothing to do with the thread. But it's about "the Producers", which is more important.


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