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Is it a form of Age Play? Sub-Space?

1 SteelSkys   2020-05-08 03:47

When there is a submissive...
And of course the "right" Dominant. And I say the "right" Dominant, due to the fact that I feel or at least in MY case.. Not just ANY Dominant can take me to that "space."

"That space" being where you feel totally safe, completely relaxed... and just floating in that space.

And simply by her words alone.

The reason I ask, if it's a form of age play is;
Words such as "good girl" "baby girl" "my good girl" - Maybe a different way of saying your name.. even your screen name or tons of other things.

(I know in MY case something as simple as my "Steel" name.. there are some ways that can really irritate me if someone uses those names... it's almost like, getting IN my space.. but then "some" can do it and I love it)

Being told how "proud" something you did made her. Cuddled. The feeling that she wouldn't ever let anyone, hurt you both emotionally or physically.

Then you go into that space... The space where you float, feel safe, reassured, protected, cared about.

Once in that space... you don't ever want to leave it.

The submissive may become afraid because that "space" is where the submissive is ... is, I dunno...
But it is.

Is it being "babied"?
Is it a form of age play?
Sub-space? Or the mind fuck?
Or a little of all?

I'm beat.. I hope I haven't said all of this totally wrong.

2 SteelSkys   2020-05-08 09:30


It's almost like the little "security blankets"

Some may sleep with a stuffed animal or whatever that, she's received from this person... and because it IS from that person... she can still feel that "safe
space" simply by being near it.

3 xtwilightsaurax   2020-05-09 06:52

I like this question...

As you know my Master and I have not been into this lifestyle for a long time but to me with all the ups and downs we experienced I am glad we are so slow with things. However this is a subject I can answer with my own experiences. First of all,I believe you have something very solid here with the fact that it takes someone really special to take you to that special place you like being in and the truth is I have touched it.

It is something one has trouble putting into words and personally I don't think there is any words to explain what one feels being there.

Personally I do not believe it takes someone with great experience to bring you there. It only takes someone who needs to be stronger then yourself or someone who knows what he or she needs to do and how to handle things as they arise. I also strongly believe you have to want to go there.It takes complete trust, one can wonder...what's wrong I can not go there but I strongly believe if one trust completely and gives all they have inside they can truly fly.Once more what is definitely very important, is the Trust and Love you feel...so I found it easy to go there. Yes, it feels safe and it is this sence of being you experience, it is almost like you go back to what I think is a child like state.

When you are a child you are nieve, giving of yourself, trusting and you have no walls becasue you have not been hurt by anything so bad it ruins your life. There is a sence of innocence one feels yet, with a twist. As an adult I believe I am constantly trying to go back to that person I once knew, the child in my heart but only one person can take me there. There is something about that person I once knew, that I wish to give...she is everything I use to be until the age of 16. Untouched, innocent,loving,giving,trusting but the beautiful part of it all this time is, not everyone will get this gift of me... it is him only who sees me. It is only him who who deserves this person I am deep inside.

Once out of my protective surroundings I go back to the person who has to live everyday life outside the door.

Master calls me my girl and good girl and yes I feel good when he says these things to me in fact, My coller says my girl right on the front. Is it a form of age play? Humm ....I would say in a small way it is because those words make me tear down all the walls around me and want to give everything I have to him in the drop of a hat. When things are too much, he will take me to the bedroom and relax me by holding me and touching my hair, and now that I think about it, I am in the fetal position. Anyway, I become like a little girl, I need that reasurrance and cuddling sometimes.Do I feel like nothing can hurt me? yes I do. I also like to hear how proud he is of me or for something I have accomplished.

Everyone likes to feel good and feel protected in some way, they just need to recgnoize it and let it in and allow it to feel good and allow themselves to trust someone else to take care of them.

As for the submissive being afraid, I found within that space I never want to come back. Who wants to come back to reality, when the reality is, you want to stay within that feeling of being.

I hope this makes sence.


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