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Meat Tenderizer Enema

1 GloriaBrame   2021-02-01 17:40

I thought that header would grab your attention :-)

This is a friendly reminder from your moderator that responsible SM play means you *GET INFORMED* before you try something new. I have no reason to doubt Nightheron's recommendation, or his assurance that his doctor had no problem with adding a few drops of tenderizer to spice up an enema. At the same time, I would never personally try something edgy described somewhere until I had ALL the facts about its potential risks.

One must always remember that an SM scene and a medical office are NOT the same. There are some things that doctors may chance in their office, when they know how much to give, what symptoms to look for, how to handle emergencies, and have the tools and medical expertise to fix it then and there.

So please: before you marinate your slave's ass, and screw with her colon's chemistry, think twice and ask around as much as possible--ask doctor/nurse friends if they've heard of this, ask around for advice on what amount would be safe in what solution. Otherwise, you could make a mistake that could cause you a whole lot of embarrassment and your submissive a whole lot of medical problems.


2 Winston   2021-02-04 13:23

Hi Glory and board-
  Agree with Glory, and add one more point to ponder....
Even if a physician etc. tells you something is OK, if it is not rigorously tested and approved by the FDA etc., it can STILL be dangerous or stupid. I could fill 20 pages with practices considered medically wonderful by "experts" at the time that turned out to be hideously dangerous-caveat emptor people!
  With so many other safer things out there, why take a chance?
  Dr. Koop could tell me its wonderful, but I would still be very skeptical about putting proteolytic enzymes into one's colon for fun- if that is what you are into, there are so many safer and older alternatives- A1 steak sauce for example- only KIDDING!!!!
  No slight intended for the folk who posted this-
I am just very skeptical and a bit cautious about things .... Play well-W

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