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by flutterbi33

The air was heavy,
The lighting dim.
The music played softly
Mesmerizing me
The soft moans heard
from across the room
As her submission is explored
Her master grins with delight
as her body aches for the next
kiss of his tools
Her back arching to meet
His whip
Her voice quivering
as he speaks to her
I found myself lost in them
Found my body swaying
to the music
My mind answering his
My body aching for questions
The touch
The pain
The love

She approaches me
her kind smile
Calling me
She rests her hand
on my shoulder
Whispering softly
Honey, it's your turn
I look at her biting my lip
My body shaking
My turn? I whisper She nods
I walk slowly as she motions to me
She gently takes my wrists
and places soft leather
restraints on them
My mind is racing
she attaches them to chains
The sound of the metal
sending shockwaves through my body
She attaches my wrists and ankles
to the rack
With people around me
Totally unaware
She whispers softly
This is your first time dear
It will be soft
I will not hurt you
will not leave marks
As she begins,
the first hit shocks me
That's what it feels like?
I finally know
Then the next
My body begins to respond
Soft moans escape my lips

My body begs for more
I want to feel more pain
I want to beg
but am too embarrassed
My mind pleading to be hurt
My soul soaring
I want to be strong
My eyes closed
Feeling each paddle
Each whip
Each flog
with anticipation of the next
My body dripping with
wetness as the pain
Controls me
I am swept away
to a place i have never been
I have given up my control
This is my submission
My mind and body are free...


July 14, 2020

by Glory Anew

Those peaches were almost
wicked in their voluptuousness.
Teeth closed on pliant tender supple flesh.
Tounged into one sensuous sweet yielding rip.

Luscious syrup oozing down
through my fingers
over my wrists
down my breasts.
Is this not the ultimate in submission:

to be reduced
to juice
to stickiness
to aroma
to memory?



Black rose
Chain and knife
Hit and beat me
Take my life
Red tears
Whip and rope
Cut me up
Caress and grope
Grey sky
Teeth and body bare
Bite me
And pull my hair
White skin
Handcuffs and heat
Love me, hate me
Treat me like meat
Ice blue eyes
Blood and wax
Fulfill your urge
Our lust is at max
Pale beauty
Ice and tools
Burn me, hurt me
We have no rules
Crimson lips
Make me sore
You give it all to me
But I always want more

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