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by Che

Your body quivering beneath my hands
I can almost feel your pulse quickening
Soft whimpers escaping parted lips
Audible nourishment for my soul.

Tender kisses upon leather boots
Total and complete surrender
A canvas, alive, under my ministrations
A work of art in the making.

The darkness in your eyes, beckoning me
Begging for mercy, begging for more.
Your salty tears, a river of pain
Love so pure, it almost overwhelms me

Cries of bitter-sweet agony
The precious gift of your suffering
Flesh so hot it is almost combustible
A crimson tribute to my whip's caress.

Velvety moans against my sex
Your anguish feeding my pleasures
Passion growing with each waking moment
I swear I could just eat you alive.


by Lady Erin's flyboy

joining You in this journey
a shadow of an ivy branch, wrapped around Your trunk of strength
climbing only as far as You dare to permit
flexing, reaching towards the edge
bending, never breaking
Your gentle caress stretching my limits
holding me in Your palm
molding, guiding my dreams
never permitting me to fall
the edge moves farther, safe in Your hand

Your soft words of praise
encouraging, lifting my soul
relinquishing control
Your will becoming my desire
Your smile, my pleasure
desiring, respecting Your domination
i am Your precious one
trembling in anticipation
submitting to my Love
seeking my Protector
yearning for my Teacher
You are ........ my Mistress

Tenebrax My Long Distance Love

by Melodia

The sight of your name
The knowledge of your presence
The soft sound of your voice
Is all that I need
To bring the first flush to my skin
And that certain shine to my eyes
My smile grows wide
And my arms clasp around you
These arms are empty
But this heart is full
Something rich, sweet and heavy, addictive, intoxicating
Like mead, like melted chocolate
Rolls through me, washes over me
And suddenly every song has secret meaning
And every smile has a ghost of you standing in the shadows behind it
These empty arms are full of you, your breath
You, wiggling, stretching, purring, cuddling, crying out
Yet empty of everything except the hope of someday being full
My sleep is full of you too
Because you put yourself inside me
You aren't afraid to give it away
You close your eyes and trust and it never ceases to amaze me
That you give this enormous gift with no caveat
I kiss you and you kiss back
Then once more with feeling
I slap and you kiss me harder
I test you and you pass every single time
I say no, and you bow your head and say please
How am I to refuse you anything?
Spellbinder and Spellbound
And when I hold you in these empty arms
In this soul where previously there grew a few rare orchids
A satin field of roses bursts into bloom
Blood red and skin soft.

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