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Two Poems by A RedCrow


this morning over coffee
I made you submit
to my close inspection I

traced the map of
last night's journey and
with my fingers found

these welted ridges here
where we began our descent
into the hot red swirling pool
and this purple water rippled
here rimmed with yellow gold
where you gasped
and writhed
and these pink blushed
nippled hills
dappled in dark blue lace
where the well planted crop
plowed straight bright furrows
still warm to my touch

you trembled again at
my curious exploration I could
smell the wet heat of you rise

I knew then we are
contiguous states of desire
north and south
the glorious landscape
of your body
our common boundary
our mysterious journey charted
in delicate rainbow bruises


my secret woman
comes home to drink
my deep messy
vermilion kisses
i will devour
her in our blood sacred
pie time
i will let my lip dance dazzle
i will tongue open her psychedelic
electric crimson embrace
she will blaze in moist bellyjoy
we will growl soft bellows
in caramel apple sexfever harmony
i will capture, bind and melt
my fiery delicious woman
i will eat
her blue wild air
mount her in mad music
flameglaze and heal her heart
with the ferocious taste
of angel breathbone flowers
with firelight whipmagic
with trust, balance,
grace and endless hot
night candy

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