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Message Boards: Rules and Policies

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What The Boards Are About

If you are looking for a place to freely discuss BDSM without flames, spams, ads, political spats, personal attacks, and the other trash that wastes your time elsewhere, you've come to the right place.

The gloria-brame Interactive Message Boards are a series of moderated forums for civilized, adult conversation about BDSM, fetishism, and master/slave relationships. In order to participate, you must join with a valid email address. To further ensure a safe, friendly atmosphere, all messages are subject to review before they appear on the Board. (See below for the kinds of messages which will be deleted.)

The moderator (that's me, Gloria Brame) regularly answers questions and leaves comments to help keep the board a friendly, informative, and safe harbor for frank talk about consensual kink.

Feel free to reply to messages that others have posted or start your own topics: someone is sure to answer. Personal questions about BDSM issues are always welcome! The discussion board is reserved for conversations about consenting, adult kinky sex. Please refrain from leaving off-topic messages or idle greetings: write something when you have something to say.

Who's welcome?

EVERYONE, including those who are not involved in BDSM but wish to learn about it. The board is pansexual: this means that heterosexuals, bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and transgendered people are equally welcome. Similarly, all fetishes are welcome, including infantilism, cross-dressing, corsetting, wrestling, Amazons, watersports, tickling, smoking, and anything else BDSM-related.

Types of posts that will be deleted

Zero Tolerance for Intolerance

The board is an anti-hate/anti-intolerance venue: any messages which promote hatred, instigate feuds, or otherwise violate our standards of mutual acceptance and peaceful diversity will be deleted. No warnings will be issued.

Unapologetic Censorship Alert

As moderator, I reserve the right to delete any messages I deem offensive. Ads, threats, sleaze, and personal attacks are subject to immediate deletion. You may discuss literally any SM/kink-related subject but please do so with a little class. I don't censor language but the Board is NOT a UseNet free-for-all; it is a feature of, and as such subject to my editorial judgments. If you are unhappy with this, please do not participate.

How to Participate

To leave messages, you will need to subscribe to the Board, using a valid email address. You will automatically receive a verification code by email: once you have verified your address, you will have full privileges on the site.

Please be aware that because I must okay all messages before they show up in public, there may sometimes be time lapses of a few hours or even a day before they show up.

The Board software is very user-friendly. When you get in, you'll see the current topics and the number of messages in each thread. Click the topic you wish to read or respond to, and you're on your way.

You'll see that there are a number of different forums, including BDSM literature, general BDSM conversation, topics of the week, special needs, and even a lounge for casual banter. Feel free to explore them all. I will continue to add new forums over time. If you'd like to suggest topics you believe deserve their own forum, drop me a line

Copyrights and Privacy

We ask that all visitors to the chat board treat this as a private venue reserved for visitors to In other words, you may not freely distribute ANY of the materials contained on the Board without first receiving written permission for their use. Please show some consideration. Some of the Board's members may not want their email addresses--much less their dialogues--distributed randomly to your friends. The copyright for messages on the Board belongs to them and to

Do not copy and paste messages from the board to mailing lists, other websites, UseNet boards, or anyplace else, on-line or in print media. If you would like permission to use something from the board to stimulate discussion elsewhere, email the moderator, and to each person in the thread for their WRITTEN CONSENT.

Violators will be permanently banned from the Board and whichever public venue you used to broadcast our copyrighted materials will be advised of your illegal activity.

Stay Safe on the Net

Before you leave messages containing extensive personal information--or any information you prefer to keep private-- please sign up with an anonymous email service. This is for your protection: we will not be responsible if someone unscrupulous reads the board and then contacts you. Make sure you do not encourage stalkers or other unsavory characters by revealing both personal information AND contact information (on this or any other board on the Net). Further, if you are in a sensitive job or have other reasons to fear exposure, do NOT post under your real name. Again, this is for your safety, and something to keep in mind no matter where you go on the Net. Government agencies are increasingly monitoring on-line activity, so better be safe than sorry. If you can't afford to be out, GET AN ANONYMOUS EMAIL ACCOUNT.


The discussion board is FREE. You may read it at your leisure, bookmark it and contribute as much as you like. You may also invite your friends to participate. However, as mentioned earlier, this board is reserved for meaningful conversation. It is NOT a contact board or a public ad space. My goal is to make it a warm and welcoming place for all sincere adults who want to exchange reliable information on kinky sex.

I look forward to meeting you on the Board!


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