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DOMINA: The Sextopians


Parkland, FL, July 24---Universal Publishers is pleased to announce the publication of DOMINA: The Sextopians (226 pages, US $25.95), an extraordinary new SM novel by Gloria Brame.

The novel follows Arden Mclane, Jr., a naive graduate student, on his journey through the subterranean sexual paradise of DOMINA, a wealthy woman of mystery and inflexible will. There he meets "The Sextopians," a group of richly drawn SM characters who live in luxurious servitude to their Mistress.

Shocked yet hopelessly seduced by the perversity he finds in of Domina's world, Arden struggles to reconcile his submissive lusts with his moral identity. Forcing him to confront his innate need for strict control are a cast of real and powerful characters.

There is Ruby, a sexy Latina with a penchant for the crop; Opal, a lewd Venus whose greatest thrill is to tease and torment the novice; Amethyst and Sapphire, an inter-racial lesbian couple with a fascination for extreme body art; Emerald, whose wheelchair has not stopped her from pursuing sexual bliss; Hercules, a gay top who accepted harbor with Domina after the tragic death of his boy; Prism, Domina's oldest slave and most trusted confidante; Samson, a blond Adonis whose cruelty to Arden disguises a shameful secret; and Manuel, the beautiful bisexual houseboy whose sexual charms Arden cannot resist.

Pansexual, uninhibited, and uncensored, DOMINA combines social commentary with explicit SM in a steamy volume of spine-tingling, radically sexy erotica. With vivid descriptions of corporal punishment, bondage, watersports, and scores of exotic fetishes, DOMINA will keep readers turning the pages, from the low-key beginning straight through to the high-intensity, surprise ending.

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GLORIA BRAME is the lead author (with Will Brame and Jon Jacobs) of DIFFERENT LOVING: The World of Sexual Dominance & Submission, considered a major work on the history and practice of sadomasochism and fetishism. She is also the founder/webmistress of The On-Line Companion to DIFFERENT LOVING, a comprehensive free source of information, entertainment, and advice for sexual non-conformists. Gloria has been an SM activist since 1987, when she founded the first on-line SM support and education group, Variations II (on Compuserve).

A poet, journalist, editor, and writer by profession, Gloria's work has been widely published in all media, from mainstream glossies (Cosmo, Redbook, Working Woman, Maxim, etc.), to arts journals, CD-ROM, and literary anthologies in the US and abroad. As the resident "kinky sexpert" for Thrive magazine on AOL (keyword: GloryB), Gloria created the content for "BDSM AND BEYOND," and hosts a weekly chat on Sundays at 11 pm (est). Her gig at Thrive marks the first time a mainstream magazine has dedicated unique space to BDSM issues.

Gloria is a PhD candidate in Clinical Sexology at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (San Francisco). Her next book, CONSENTING ADULTS: A Common Sense Guide to Kinky Sex (Simon & Schuster, December 1999), is a guide to all aspects of safe, sane, consensual SM, offering frank, friendly advice to newcomers as well as advanced discussion for experienced players.

DOMINA: The Sextopians
By Gloria G. Brame
Publishers: UNIVERSAL/UPublish.Com
Release Date: July 24, 2020
Price: $25.95
ISBN: 1-58112-878-9

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