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Updated October 6th

The last few weeks have brought some more great comments! You can read Two SM magazine reviews, reprinted here with permission. Or check out some of the mail from friends and fans.


DOMINA was simply the best piece of smut i've read in ages
(and i read/absorb a lot of smut -- it is a passion of mine).

this book is for sub-males what Story of O is for sub-females.
i believe you'd better get a "1st" edition while they're hot!
this one's gonna be ballistic.

high quality, worth-my-time, horny reading is good to find. and
ms. brame, as i know you read the lists too -- THANK YOU !!
my boytoy and i have already shared many happy "exchanges" in
discussing your work. we're predicting sequel(s)??? looking
forward to congratulating you in person in a few days.

kc, who has worn Shalimar for years -- and was DRIPPING wet after
1st reading. i finished my SECOND read-thru last night!

My first official on-line review:

"One of the best S/M erotic novels ever written....
this book has an emotional reality and a level of
authenticity that is largely unmatched in this genre.
Sexuality Guide, The Mining Company

From MY EMAIL....

"DOMINA excites, arouses, and titillates the
senses, yet it is more than is a tale
of characters that each enter your heart, bringing
with them the pain and pleasure of bondage and
discipline!"-- Revolape


This is an outrageous, subversive, magical-mystery-tour
of a book, utterly compelling and wonderfully unpredictable.
From the first sentence author Gloria Brame draws the reader
deep within her world--and in my own case, kept me there until
the sky brightened with dawn and I had to stumble weary and
unshaven to work. I literally could not put it down.

It is impossible to describe this book in terms of
comparable works. There are none. If pressed, I might say
that this is what de Sade might have written if he had a sense
of humor, or call it Anne Rice with edge. This is not fair
to either of those authors, nor to Gloria Brame. Hers is a
unique voice, at once clean and uncluttered while possessed
of a poet's depth. The story itself is so gripping that on a
first reading one speeds by much that he will later return to
savor. I have been back twice now; I still haven't struck bottom.

And another thing: this book is flat-out sexy. Most erotic
novels are, frankly, pretty boring, text that one skims in
search of that elusive sentence or two that might afford a
brief titillation. Domina is the mother-lode. Not only is
there something here for everyone, it seems to me that there's
everything here for anyone.

I pray for a sequel.--


I just finished reading this book. As a long-time fan
of Different Loving , I wondered whether Ms.Brame's fiction
would be as good as her non-fiction. I was very pleasantly
surprised. It's beautifully written and the characters are so
real that I felt I knew them personally. The story starts when
Arden, an innocent subbie, comes to work for Domina. The
reader watches him go through unbelievably intense sexual
encounters. I could identify with his emotional conflicts
about who he is and why he's there. You see him change little
by little, but you never know for sure what's coming next. It
was a real page-turner! The book has some of the most intense
erotic scenes I've ever read. Some were so powerful I can't
get them out of my mind (the main character (Arden) spends
three weeks in a cage, that was simply unforgettable).
She really gets inside the heads of her characters. In my
mind, this is an instant cult classic! I know I will read it
again and again and recommend it to a number of special friends.
Another GREAT book by Gloria Brame!!!!


Ms. Brame;

After finishing Domina (no devouring would be more accurate)
I have several comments:

1) More, more, more
2) Only 219 pages? (see #1)
3) When you do a film version of Domina, can I play horseboy?
4) Yes, (S&M; is) a prison you (can) never escape.

Many thanks.


This was the very first fan letter to reach my mailbox.


i have just completed reading Your wonderful
DOMINA to my Mistress (while kneeling at Her
feet, of course). Both Mistress and i were
thrilled! Your scenes were vivid and often
strikingly similar to Mistress' practices.

Mistress made me reread the fifteen Domina
quotes which were selected by arden as well
as the conversations between Domina and arden
immediately following -- it is so very close
to many aspects of our relationship!

Thank You for writing such a touching and
inspirational work of art!


The following review just appeared on with a five star rating!

A shivering portrayal of the world of Domina.

Chilling and arousing are but two of the words
which describe Gloria Brame's latest book. I found
myself inside the mind of Arden McLane. I also imagined
being in his cage... naked and exposed. Somehow the
author portrays a painstakingly real portrait of a
diversely bizarre group of people living in luxurious
slavery. One grasps the images of nakedness, helplessness,
suffering, pain, and bondage.... and yet feels strangely
envious of the people making up this collage of perversion.
For they are living large. They have all found their place.
They have created their own reality and are living life with
no apologies. In support of these themes the author uses
shocking images and events to invite her readers into a
strange household headed by the beautiful and intelligent
Domina. Her group of willing and happy slaves submit to
treatment which probably offend the sensibilities of middle
america. But then middle America probably wouldn't understand
the pleasu!res of being bound to a flying cross.... or the
freedom of belonging to HER. As for me, reading this book
made me wish I could serve the woman who could come up with
such intense fantasies! My heart never stopped pounding the
whole way through.

A Smattering of Praise for Gloria's Erotica

Here's a small sampling of letters that people have sent after reading my SM stories on the Web. To protect their anonymity, I'm listing first names or handles only. Since literally hundreds of you have written, I've selected just a handful of my favorites for now.

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Dear MsBrame:

Your stories are the scariest, sexiest most
exciting FemDom fiction I have ever read. It's
incredible how you as a Dom, are able to get so
accurately into the mind and feelings of a sub.
That is what makes your work so thrilling.

Any Dom who understands subs so completely can
obviously exercise incredible control. I can
actually feel the power come across through the
words on my screen. I am looking forward eagerly
to the publication of Domina.


Dear Gloria;

I just finished reading your stories.....
My God, you have seen into my mind. I won't forget.
Thank you for writing them and allowing me to share
them. I wish I could have them come true.


Incredible. I couldn't stop reading. But then I
would, and started over, seeing the familiar words
until I got to a new section, filled with anticipation.
I wondered whether a man had written it, because
they were so insightful.

Great work!

the Raker

Your stories are really well written and incredibly hot.
I just finished reading "You Will Be Punished". It is the
hottest story I have ever read. It was totally awesome.
I truly wish you would write more stories. I check almost
daily to see if there are new stories.


Gloria, That was a very nice and intense story
.....beads of sweat are rolling off my face!


How do you know me so intimately, every
thought exposed to you? Please, oh please let me
serve you.... you see I am even unable to use a name
for you.... I long to think of you as my Mistress, but I
can't see that I will ever be worth two cents to you.
Just please, please know that I have to try and get to
serve you, in all ways, intimate, mundane, alongside you,
away from you.... in all ways.

This state of mind arises from reading 'Come to Me' and
'I'm Waiting'. Like a great many submissives I have a lot
of difficulty in coming to terms with how I feel, and
understanding what I really am, except that I think I am
searching for the immense relief that might come from
absolutely 'Letting Go' once and for all.

I suppose you get a lot of reaction, since you
graciously leave your email address at the foot of the
page. Anyway, it affected me all right.


Just want to say that I admire your imagination
and appreciate the work that went into such a story.
You dazzled me...THANKS!


The story 'Come to Me' grabbed me. It is like you reached
straight into my mind for that one. You really do know
what I need. I'd love to read more erotica from you
in the future. I could go on and on, but you get the
point. Thanks again and please, I'm begging you,
keep up the good work.


Dear Gloria:

Your story of dominance is one of the most
compelling and erotic pieces of fiction I have ever read.
You obviously understand the psychology of sexual
interaction between two people. Can you tell me where
I might find some other of your erotic writings?
Thanks for the great reading.


I am in total awe.

I just wanted to write and let you know that
I thoroughly enjoyed your writing. You had me
extremely hard and anxious.


Ms. Gloria,

I loved your sensual stories. Absolutely Fantastic!


i recently stumbled upon your website and read
"You're Invited". It was incredible.

i could not stop reading and found myself wishing
i was the slave in the story. To give up all control
to a Goddess such as yourself is truely a gift. Thank you
for the exploration into fantasy. i only wish it were i
serving you.


Ms. Gloria,

Every time I find one of your stories I have to
write and thank you because I am always impressed and
grateful for the quality I always find. And, when I
find one of your stories by accident, as I just did,
my delight is doubled.

So, again, thank you. I love your stories,
though I still find them to be fairly scary. You
are indeed one of the more intense Dommes on the Internet
...which I greatly appreciate. (I also like your themes...
in fact, I think I'm attracted to your themes more and more.)



I would love to read more of your thrilling,
throbbing prose. Please let me know where I can
find some more, I'm begging.


Beg no more.
Your wishes have come true!

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