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Domina: The Sextopians
Fiction, Gloria Brame
ISBN: 1-58112-878-9

Domina is a work of fantasy fiction by the co-writer of BDSM smash hit "Different Loving". My major complaint with the book is a plethora of "urgent needs" inspired by the book, forcing this reviewer to tear herself away from the story far too often.

Arden McLane is as psychologically well-developed and complex a main character as I'd seen in any book, helping the reader to identify more readily with his experiences. A number of exciting story turns and twists keep this a compelling page-turner, while its imagery of fresh and fabulous kink keeps the reader stimulated.

Domina's cast of realistic characters inhabiting a fantastical environment explore all the emotional and psychological aspects of BDSM culture. One can relate to so many different characters in so many different ways, and the world Domina takes you to is hard to leave. I can't speak for every reader, but I for one was able to learn something about myself that I could take with me - like a souvenir from Domina's world.

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a review by Mikezb

Title: Domina: The Sextopians
Author: Gloria Brame
ISBN: 1-58112-878-9
Publisher: Universal Publishers
Price: $25.95

This review has been written solely from my own personal viewpoint as a British Master of some years standing. I cannot submit sexually and find the idea very difficult. So why did I enjoy this book so much?

Domina is about a young man who has recently attended seminary school and comes from a religious family. He does not know what to do with himself and is also confused about his own sexuality. He discovers Domina's advert in a newspaper, having primarily been looking at Help Wanted adverts to seek employment.

What follows in the plot is his voyage of self discovery within a warm consensual environment which he could never have possibly imagined.

Gloria's writing is very clear, concise and has a certain musical style which any reader will find compelling. I would admit to being surprised to find any reader of whatever sexual preference not enjoying the storyline.

Given what I had been told in advance about the storyline, I was relieved the book took so long to reach me. However, due to my preconceived attitiude, I started this book expecting to take several days at least to read it. Boy, was I ever wrong! I read the whole book in one sitting, totally glued to the story and forgetting all about the time. If it works that well on a straight Master, then male slaves and potential slaves will never put it down!

I found myself relating to Domina, insofar as I, as a Master, have had an extremely good submissive woman and she, like Arden, let those not of her sexuality affect her judgement. I can't say more without ruining the plot!!!

I received a good buzz reading this book. The same as I would from any good work of fiction.

I think there will be many in the USA who would enjoy this book immensely but, because of the publishing problems in that country, may well miss out on an excellent book.

I hope Gloria has listened to me when I say that such a difficulty does not exist here in the UK where BDSM books are readily found in most bookstores and of a far more graphic nature.

Domina The Sextopians is very well written, the story flows well and grips the reader totally. A book I will enjoy keeping to hand and reading again.


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