1. What is imagination?

Imagination takes place when you are developing a mental picture of something or someone. You are indeed taking some sensory impressions and putting them together.

  1. How does social anxiety feel like?

A person in social anxiety has fear in talking to other people. He may seem to be rude when not talking to others. To initiate a conversation takes so much courage for people having this concern. Just getting ready to go out is like getting ready to a battle.

  1. How to improve social skills.

There is a lot of ways to improve social skills. But actually, despite its simplicity (for others), people who have social anxiety find it hard to improve their social skills. To improve social skill, you need to learn how to confidently meet people. Start talking to people. Do not fear rejections and practice to go out and mingle with others.

  1. What is perception?

The way we perceive things may vary from each other. Perception is the process of selecting and organizing information from senses.

  1. Is perceiving believing?

In fact, perceiving leads to believing since the reality we believe is the reality we perceive too.

  1. What is the difference between social intelligence and emotional intelligence?

When we say social intelligence, it is the ability to get along and interact with others. People who are socially intelligent have great authenticity, awareness, presence, clarify and connection.

On the other hand, when we say emotional intelligence, this is the ability of self-management when it comes to emotion, social awareness, self-awareness and capability of managing relationships.