1997 Begins

I snapped this in early April. Winter was unusually mild in
in the South, so some summer-bloomers were already peeping out,
like the white shasta daisies. Since then, the shastas have gone
mad, as have a first wave of red daylilies. The pansies you see in
the foreground are still in full bloom but will be lifted
soon to make way for summer annuals that will last until
fall. The flagstones were just laid when this picture was taken
and the black metal arbor had just been installed. A honeysuckle
vine goes in the ground today (May 6th) to grow up the arbor.
The plant is already scenting the yard with heavy sweetness.

Thanks for visting my garden! I'll keep
adding new pix as the season progresses.

copyright © 1997 gloria brame