Autobiographical ramblings

by Gloria G. Brame

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Vanity, thy name is autobiography

"The true history of a life never resides in its factual
details but in the individual's inner reality, which no
document can fully reveal"

Chapter One:
The Big Shebang

Where I was born and who I was born to

Chapter Two:
There's A Whole Lot of Hokey-Pokey Going On

Sundry Schools and Related Traumas:
a history of the institutions which deformed me

Chapter Three:
Poet Teachers

Anecdotes about Owen Dodson and Joseph Brodsky
and a list of the poets I've studied with.

Chapter Four:
Glory Gets A Job

Not to be confused with getting a life

Chapter Five:
My Professional Life Now

A short list of current and future publications

SOLD!--or Predict the Unpredictable
Things in the publishing biz seldom go as planned.
Sometimes they go even better.

Chapter Six:
SEX: Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Is oral sex sex? Do you have to put it in to get something out of it?
Is the Kingdom Cum all it's cracked up to be? These and other vital questions are raised in this essay on the sticky subject of sex

Chapter Seven:
How A Nice Jewish Girl Like Me Became an Unrepentant Pervert

Or "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Whip"

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Gloria Glickstein Brame
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