Miss Venus Brame, a poodle with flair

Venus Speaks

Life has been getting better and better since I first joined the Brame pack in November of 2000. The first time Mommy saw me, I was a bony stinky pitiful little wreck locked up in doggie-jail (also known as the Dreaded Unmentionable Dog Pound). I was weak and my little ruby eyes were filled with sorrow and tears but as soon as I saw Mommy walk through the kennels, I knew she was the Mommy for me. After all, we BOTH have curly hair! So I yipped and wiggled my tail until she noticed me (she claims she smelled me before she saw me, because I had been living on garbage and roadkill! YUM!). The minute she picked me up, I knew it was my one shot at convincing her that I deserved a better class of food and a softer place to sleep, so I licked her nose. Mommy was so impressed, she took me outside to meet Daddy. Realizing this nose-licking thing was working, I licked his nose too. It worked on him too! By the time they introduced me to brother, I knew I was onto a sure thing so I tried to lick his nose too. Unfortunately, brother didn't go for the kissy-facey approach (or maybe he was wise to my incredibly manipulative poodle tricks even then!). Even though he rejected my kiss, he seemed to like me well enough, so the pack decided to take me home. YAY! I was terribly sick the first few weeks (I had kennel cough and eye and ear infections and I smelled like dead rats) but that didn't stop me from claiming my permanent cozy place on Mommy's pillow.

After a few months of TLC and lots of excellent food (thanks, Daddy! your cooking rocks!), lots of trips to the nice Doggie Doctor, I was finally strong enough for an official grooming. Here are some before and after pix of me taken in November 2000 and February 2001.

I'm such a happy poodle!

Mommy says there will be new photos coming soon, so you can see how healthy and happy I am in 2002. Stay tuned--there could be a nose-lick in it for you.

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