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Two things you should know about the Kink Links Catalogue:
1. We are pansexual. Het, gay, bi together.
2. We arrange URLs in categories. Sometimes we goof and sometimes a site's content overlaps into two areas (for example, a site with an emphasis on bondage may also have some spanking information and vice-versa). To be sure you find everything you're looking for, PLEASE check all categories which interest you.

  • Ageplay & Infantilism
    Say Wahhhh! Diapers and Adult Babies.
  • General BDSM/Fetish Information
  • BDSM/Fetish Online Communities
    Find friends, clubs, and resources fast!
  • Kinky Commerce Guide BDSM/Fetish Merchants
    A comprehensive guide to kinky businesses on line
  • BDSM Organizations By Geographic Location
  • Leather Lifestyle & Total Power Exchange
    For those interested in leather/SM and total power exchange.
  • Body Modification & Body Art
    Tattoos, piercing, scarification.
    Wrestling and fighting (gay and straight),
    body-builders, giantesses, and Amazons.
  • Bondage & Restraints
    From metal restraints to Oriental ropework.
  • Safe Sex
    Includes SM safety information and condom shops.
  • D&S Erotica, Songs & Music
    Links to Erotica, smutty stories and music to moisten by.
  • Spanking
    OTK, paddling, caning, and discipline.
  • D&S Magazines & Non-Fiction
    Fetish, leather, and BDSM magazines, plus non-fiction reading for literate pervs.
  • Submissives, Switches, BDSM Couples
    & Leather Families

    Home pages of submissives, switches, BDSM families, and couples.
  • Enemies Of Human Rights
    Keep an eye on the people who hate us.
  • Torture, Torment, Pain & Whips
    For those who like hardcore SM.
  • Erotica Images & Photography & Performance Art
    Everything visual, from the sublime to the sleazy: including artists, filmmakers, smut sites, and video vendors.
  • Transgenderism/Crossdressing
    She-males, butches, sissies, drag queens and genderbenders.
  • Female Dominants & ProDommes
    Femdoms, sadists, and prodommes.

    Enemas, golden showers, scat, fisting and everything WET.

    The most diverse and comprehensive
    assortment of fetish links on the Net.
  • Weird Humor
    Humorous excursions for twisted minds.
  • Freespeech & Anti-Censorship
    Click here for ACLU, EFF, and other concerned groups who are working to keep the Net censorship-free!





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