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Ageplay and Infantilism

  • AB Kingdom
    En francais! Pipi, caca, et plus.

  • Footed PJ's
    For the cuddly set with a pj fetish.

  • Adult Baby Versand
    German site, featuring AB products. (Translation available.)
  • GirlTalk
    Sweet UK site for all adult "little girls"

  • Adult Thumbsuckers
    Not an AB site, but support/discussion for thumbsuckers.
  • Incontinence Resource Center

    A serious approach to a wet subject.

  • Angel Fluff
    Incontinence products for adults & youth.
  • ILoveMyDaddyButICantBelieveHe
    This is for those who are involved in (or aspire to be) a "Daddy/Little girl" relationship. It's fordiscussion about thoughts and experiences, doubts and fears and of course, Daddies
  • Aunt Susan's
    Femdom punishment nursery for naughty adult babies! Videos,
    audio, pix, stories, artwork, and His New Mommy magazine
  • Jumpin' Jammerz
    One-piece footies for adults.
  • L'Association Baby Cocooning
    En francais, pour les bebephiles.
  • Little Jenny's Infantilism Home Page
    Good resource, expanded and free.
  • Baby Eric's Nursery
    Awww...he plays a lullabye!
  • LL Medico
    AB-aware supplier of incontinence products.
  • Baby Gum
    On-line catalogue from Kunzmann. English/Deutsch.
  • Loving Comfort
    Diapers galore for adults & youth.
  • BabyRing
    WebRing for ABs, with scores of links.
  • Mommy's Darling
    For sissy boys
  • BabyJohn's Homepage
    French/English site. Lots of great free info, including personals.
  • Mommy's House
    A rather curious little site indeed.
  • BBIF Info Page
    Good basic resource with FAQs.
      MommEE's Nursery
    A nice little nursery for adult babies and diaper lovers. Mommee's Nursery offers Live chat, message boards, AB/DL forums and much
  • Baby Matt's
    An AB/DL site for babies over 18! Pics, Links, Stories, Forums, and a whole lot more.
  • NappyTime by Knickernet
    Friendly UK vendor site run by and for ABs.
  • Understanding Infantilism in Bittergrey's Den
    An excellent resource site featuring support for Christian ABs.
  • NK Products
    Diapers and Adult Baby newsletter.
  • DADDY Magazine
    M/M magazine with on-line personals.
  • Nurseryish
    Focuses mostly on infantilism and FemDomme topics, but we also include a great deal of content on spanking, BDSM, medical and cross-dressing. Relationships involving fetish play are our primary interest, and we post all original articles, stories and media on these topics.
  • Daily Diaper
    500 free images, plus personal ads, message boards and more, all for the baby in you! (requires free login to view content)
  • PPBear Babykins Products
    Friendly, upbeat supplier of incontinence wear.
  • Dark Nursery
    AB/DL Age Play site with a Victorian Gothic theme and BDSM elements.
  • Sticky Kitty - One Chic's Adventures in Ageplay
    An ageplay resource including the personal diary of a new "little girl", links, clothing, writings, fictional stories, games and more.
  • DiaperGirl's Home Page
    By a woman in diapers for other women who like to wet.
  • SwissDiap's Homepage
    Excellent homepage, lots of info, by Swiss AB.
  • Diaper Pail Friends
    One of the oldest and still one of the best!
  • UK Adult Nappy Wearers
    Excellent resource for all English-speaking ABs!
  • Echo Productions
    Products for adults who enjoy behaving like young girls.

  • WhaP! Magazine
    Mean mommies with a great sense of humor.
  • Fetware.Com
    Catalogue of AB wear.

  • Women in Diapers
    A nice big little girl looking for others.
  • Footed PJ's
    For the cuddly set with a pj fetish.
  • GirlTalk
    Sweet UK site for all adult "little girls"

  • Fetware.Com
    Catalogue of AB wear.





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