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Body Modification & Body Art

  • The Almost Complete Piercing
    Links List
  • New York Tattoo

  • AMBIENT Body Art
  • Piercing FAQ
    The rec.arts.bodyart FAQ.

  • Association of Professional Piercers
    A MUST for serious piercers.
  • Primal Urge
  • Barbarella Piercing Studio
    Located in Sweden.
  • Quality Tattooz
  • Body Art Supply
    Specializing in (temporary) henna tattoes. Exotic designs.
  • Scamp Tattoo (Fan Site)
  • Body Basics
    Cool bodymod site, lots of unusual links.

  • Andrea Seri's Home Page
    Tuscany, Italy-based tattooist with interesting collection of art.

  • Body Play Magazine
    A must-see for the serious modifier from Fakir, mystic and founder of the Modern Primitives movement.

  • Sins4Skins: for "Kweer Bodies"

  • BME: Body Modification Ezine

  • Tat2Duck
  • BME Extreme (extreme modifications!)
  • TattooBooks from Proteus Press
  • Bobby D's Personal Expressions Tattoo and Body Piercing
    Cool site for this Florida studio.

  • TATTOOCAN Professional Tattoo Supplies

  • Celestial Studios
  • Tattoo Heaven
    Tattoo studio with pix.

  • The Church of Body Modification
  • The Tattoo You Deserve
    Thinking of getting a tattoo?

  • Contortion Photo Library
    Bizarre! Cool collection of contortionist links.

  • Tattoos by Tara: Pigeon Forge, TN

  • EXTREMUS Body Arts and Body Piercing
    Kansas City studio.

  • Tattoos.Com

  • 5th Avenue Studio: Body Jewelry and Piercing Supplies

  • United Tattoo Supply

  • Flesh Canvas Tattooing and Body Piercing
    Good links.

  • Urban Primitive Design Studio
    Highly recommended. Check out Raven's "Penis Page" for delicious images of pierced male genitalia.

  • Modified Minds    



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