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Kinky Links Index > D&S; EROTICA

    A genealogy of sex crime cases in which consent was at issue. Begins with cases of pedophilia but moves on to SM trials. Recommended browsing for the concerned American.
  • Absolute Power: feminine captivity and sexual slavery
    Erotica from a master's point of view.
  • Akasha's Web
    Hot smut for hot sluts.
  • Amity's Home Page
    Femdom's kinky fiction, with pix of male subs.
  • Art of Desire
    Pay site with some free content, very nicely laid out erotic photo galleries and pay content
  • Aurora
    Erotic superheroine adventures by Sharon Best.
  • Jenna Naked
    She describes this as "erotic comedy". She tries to keep the tone of her fiction as light and "clean" as possible, no matter what humiliations her subjects are compelled to endure.
  • Darla and Ming
    Excellent assortment of literate amateur (het) erotica about spanking and D&S.;
  • Erotic Vox
    BDSM fiction by Voxana and others.
    Accepts erotica submissions from readers.
  • Morgie
    Femdom's fiction for submissive men and women.
  • ~My Haven~
    Erotica author, Jude Mason's personal site where she shares everything from D/s to voyuerism, and everything in between.
  • Angela Preston's X-Stories
    High-quality smut, some with rough sex and SM themes.
  • Silkswan's Secret Life
    Erotic fiction collection by femsub.
  • SM Stories
    Italian/English membership club, freebie pix
  • The Top XXX Cliches of
    A fun read!
  • Vanna Vechian's Erotic Fiction
    Woman-oriented erotica
  • Victoria Claire
    Softcore stories with a kinky edge. Good links!

    Kinky Links Index >Top > D&S; Related Songs and Music

  • Black Metal
    Extreme subterranea music.
  • CYBERTZARA's Master/Slave Relationship
    Music by sadomasochists for sadomasochists.
  • Fetish Music
  • The Masochism Tango
    Lyrics to the great Tom Lehrer's classic song.
  • Pocket Universe
    Canadian Musicians Pocket Universe recently released a new original composition Scene Music CD this link takes you to the Pocket Universe site where you can listen to clips and read reviews on the CD.



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