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Fetishes FAQs, Links & Miscelleny

  • All Fetish Club
  • THE Fetish Spider
    Very large index of topically sorted genuine fetish sites.

  • British Fetish Centre
    Commercial site, including "Club Fetish."
    A few free pix.
  • Fetish Street (The Netherlands)
    Go Dutch on your kink.
  • Fetish Club
    Commercial site, good freebies
    for many fetishes.
    Information on BDSM publications.
  • Fetish.Com
  • Golden Gate
    German language.
    "Der exklusive Fetisch- und SM-Server."
    BDSM/fetish sites, selected and reviewed
  • Kinky Medical
    Kinky Medical carries needles, spinal needles, TENS, replacement TENS pads,saline inflation, catheters, scalpels, cautery branding, J-lube, pinwheels, Vetrap and many other items.
  • Fetish Express
    Requires Adult Watch but hosts some hard-to-find fetishes: facesitting, golden and brown showers, femdommes, panties, stockings, high heels, wrestling, crushing, trampling and riding.
    Reopened! Membership site for fur, nails,
    and tickling fans. Video trading.
  • Fetish Lights EZine
    Dutch site.
  • Red Light District Cafe
    Links, info, more on unusual fetishes.
  • The Fetish Network
  • Stahlwolf SM Fetish Project
    SM/Fetish performance and fine art works
    Site devoted to "Orientalism" as a D&S; scenario, featuring classic works of art. Also hosts large list of links to BDSM in the UK.

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    Amputees, Disabilities,
    Medical & Health Fetishes

  • ASCOT World
    For amputees and their friends.
  • MedicalToys
    Is there a doctor in the house? Great resource for medical fetishists.
  • Castration: No Valid Reasons?
    A discussion of California's pending chemical castration laws.

  • Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
    Kind of makes you wonder what they teach people in the military.

  • Devotee Links
    Excellent free links resource for devotees of braces, amputees, wheelchairs and many other medical fetishes.
  • Wannabe's Page
    Personal site by fetishist "wannabe" disabled.

  • Legbrace Devotee and Wannabe Page
    For braces and medical fetishists.

    Fetish Links Index >

    Animal Training:
    Puppy, Dog, Pony, Girl/Boy Training

  • DogHouse (for pet trainers)
  • Rover's page: male/male dogtraining

  • The Doghouse
    Huge UK site for dog-training and animal play. Pansexual and multi-lingual! Highly recommended.
  • Rubber Ponygirl Page
    Free ponygirl and rubber erotica.


  • Equus Eroticus
    Information about a ponygirl print magazine.

  • Stampede
    San Francisco-based animal roleplay society.

  • The Other Pony Club

  • Water Hole Custom Leather: pony boy page
    Specializing in gear for ponyboys AND girls. Good resource for all.
  • Paul's Pony Girls
    Just heard from a reader that this formerly non-commercial site has become pay-only. Browsers beware.

  • UK PonyPlay Society
    Promoting safe, sane and consensual, Human Equine, adult PonyPlay in the UK.
  • PonyGirlUK - The Ranch
    PonyGirlUK's Internet hideyhole.

    Fetish Links Index >

    Big People & Bears

  • BBW/FW Ring
    Good links and info for Fat Admirers.
  • Big Date
    Personal ads for BBW's and well-hung men (gay, bi and straight). $20 membership allows you to see nude pix uploaded by amateurs.
  • BBW SeXyKiTTn
    Adult Check site: free pix of big gal in kinky poses on front page.
  • CHUBNET -- The Wide Spot on the Web
    Big gay men.

  • The Bears' Lair

  • FAT!SO? On-line
    Magazine for Fat Admirers.




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