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General BDSM/Fetish Information

Speaking the Kinky Lingo
Gloria's comprehensive glossary
of BDSM/fetish slang

  • Albany Stocks and Bonds
    A pansexual bdsm club dedicated to providing members with information, education and a friendly environment to explore their interests and fantasies as related to BDSM.

      Leather and Roses
    The site is a large resource site containing
    numerous articles covering a wide variety of bdsm related topics. The site also houses a large link section, humor, stories, poetry, prose, book store, video store, music store and two bdsm related mailing lists.
  • Alternate Resources Search Engine
    Search engine for kinky clubs, lodgings,
    newsgroups, more, worldwide.
  • Leather Navigator
    Excellent resource for leathermen and bears.

  • Ambrosio's BDSM Site
    BDSM Informational resources and resources for the Texas BDSM scene.
  • Lesbian Mailing Lists
    A must for women who love women!

  • Anastassja
    Italian BDSM/fetish website -banner-free. Resources like Vizionario (the italian version of a Gloria Brame's Glossary of Scene Slang) and Deviant's Dictionary- news and information,events, art, culture, literature, poetry, photo gallery, music (the italian version of the Adrian Hunter Bondage Juke-Box), community (irc chat, mailing list, forum), humour, links and other.
  • Links for Political Activists
    Helpful resource for the politically inclined.

  • Aubrey's Playroom
    A 60 minute Internet talk show featuring conversation for the Leather, Fetish, BDSM, and Alternative Sexuality Communities.
  • My Dungeon of Links
  • bianca's Smut Shack
  • Naughty Linx
    Links to ton of adult-only sites.
  • BDSM Find
    Features highlights from Usenet, an extensive linkdirectory, and free webmaster tools for BDSM websites, including the KinkPoll and personal forums
  • Night Sites
    Make your own free adult homepage.
  • carmb's dungeon
    articles, smutty stories, and links to BDSM information
  • Queernet: Mailing Lists
    Great collection of mailing lists for g/l/b/tg and SM/fetish people.
  • Christian BDSM
    Exploring the Christian/BDSM world
  • Queer Resources Directory

    Everything queer.

  • Deaf Queer Web Ring
  • Radical Psychology Network

  • Deviant's Dictionary (EU)
    Deviant's Dictionary (US)
    Definitions of kinky terms of every type.
  • Rainbow Icon Archive
    Grab the leather pride flag and other cool images. Text also available in German.

  • Dream and Fantasy Explorer
    Consultation and counseling for couples or singles about fantasies
    Updated version of the old Alt.Sex.Bondage FAQ

  • DungeonKey's Playspace
    Cool and unusual links for gay men.
  • Scarlet Venus
    a variety of how-tos and tips and tricks to get you going.
  • The Eagles Nest
    Covers basic safety and training information as well as a chat room, message board, add a link and more
  • Submission
    Submission is a BDSM community resource website. The site supports #submission on EFNet, since 1995 and has grown over the years with contributions from many sources from within the Alternative Lifestyle community. Lifestyle essays, original erotica, erotic photo galleries, discussions, beginning lifestyle section and more.
  • Eroscan
    Excellent links for consenting adults.
  • subNATION
    Advice and info on submission and safe play.

  • The Family Violence Prevention Fund

  • Unrestrained Resources

  • GAYBC: Web Radio
    Live programming on all aspects of gay life.

  • Wandering Spirits - English Version
    Wandering Spirits - Dutch Version
    The site contains a large amount of information aimed at beginners in BDSM but a visual encyclopedia too. It has tips on alternative (i.e. cheap) shopping for SM, the dairy of a submissive, artwork and plenty of other things too.
  • Hanky Code
    Before you flag, get your colors right!

  • International Lesbian and Gay Association

  • DILDOES get their own little

  • Kink Aware Professionals (KAP)
    Information on doctors and others with kink-positive attitudes.
  • Choosing a Dildo
    Great advice from the nice folks at Good Vibrations.
  • The Kinky Links
    Compendium of BDSM links, with prodomme listings.



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