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Leather Lifestyle
& Total Power Exchange

This page includes a wide range of power relationships and leather lifestyles.

NOTE: Caveat surfer! When you visit these sites, expect controversial opinions and ideas. Do NOT expect to agree with everything you read. If you are a novice, do not take anything anyone says as the gospel on SM. You will find that almost each site has its own philosophy about "what it is that we do."

  • Alt.Sex.Org/BDSM
    A good general (gay/lesbian/pansexual) resource for serious players.
  • Born Slaves
    SlaveMaster's fascinating site for hardcore slaves.
    Written from a male gay perspective, but welcoming to women.
  • Butchmann's SM Academy
    Excellent resource for information on master/slave relationships.
    Gay male perspective but for the pansexual communities.
    Also runs real-time academy for serious players.
  • Christian BDSM
    How much more lifestyle can you get? Message boards,
    personals, and info for all Christian BDSMers. Praise the Lord!
  • The Darkrose BDSM Sanctuary
    Personal pages of Master Panther and his two lifestyle
    femsubs, Wild Rose and Magenta. Hot personal pix.
  • The Dog Pound
    Another site for lifestyle canine-players. Hot opening graphic.
    Gay male oriented but has EXCELLENT advice on how to find
    (and figure out if he IS) a Master! Applicable to ALL!!
  • Enslaved
    Slave Paige's hardcore SM pages.
  • International Mr. Leather
    One of the biggest leather lifestyle conferences.
    Gay/lesbian founded, with growing heterosexual participation.
  • Ms Edmonton Leather
    Ms Edmonton Leather is open to any person regardless of sexual orientation, race, religious or spiritual beliefs or political affiliation. The site includes information about the Ms Edmonton Leather contest as well as a gathering of resources such as individual articles and sites pertaining to ‘Leather lifestyles’
  • LeatherViews
    Jack Rinella's homepage for leather lifestylers.
    Pansexual personals board.
  • LeatherWeb
    A "global leather village" for all in the lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle BDSM Webring
    Linking lifestylers throughout the Net.
  • LIFESTYLE Master Plan Shopping Recreation
    Shit! I got so excited when this popped up in the search engine!
  • Men of Discipline
    Alternative gay male fraternity for serious leathermen.
  • Paradox
    An ezine for lifestyle D&Sers.; Pay site.
  • Sir Magic's Monologue Index Page
    Essays and stories by Sir Magic, primarily for new dominants and submissives.
  • Service with a smile
    Website with articles, lists of books, websites, and other information for servants and service oriented submsisives.
  • Spiritual D/s
    A site for exploration of the spiritual and
    emotional aspects of lifestyle power exchange.



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