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How to Navigate the Link Catalogue (aka..Links Navigation for Dummies)

The pages of the catalogue will look different depending on whether you view them with Internet Explorer or Netscape. This is because it uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and some of the properties are not supported by Netscape. However, the pages are still completely viewable in all browsers (even Lynx). This navigation explanation assumes you are viewing the catalogue in Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

The pages are set up with Gloria Brame's logo at the top, a navigation box to return to the main portion of the Kinky Link catalogue, as well as some links in a box below to her main page, Will Brame's site (her husband and a wonderful BDSM toymaker) and her Well-Read Head Bookstore. (Just as shown above on this page)

Next come the links. They are sectioned off into numerous categories. The category title is in capital letters and a bright blue font. The links are the category title. A brief description of the category is below each header, in a smaller grey font. Each category is also highlighted by a bullet point () to make it easier to distinguish one category from the next.

Some categories have sub categories, but they are all laid out in the same fashion as outlined above. In some cases there are sub-sub categories, but again, the layout is the same. All links are in the bright blue capitalized font.

If you find you have any trouble with the links catalogue, or the instructions above, please email me at and I will do my best to clarify the process for you.



Don't get excited: all we mean is that to get your site listed, YOU MUST READ THIS FAQ.


First and foremost, you site must be BY adults FOR adults, and must depict consensual sex between adults.

Next, the site must contain some free SM/fetish content. This includes (but isn't limited to) topics such as bondage, spanking, crossdressing, roleplay, fetishes, watersports, D&S;, power exchange, erotic combat, leather, corsets, body modification, and anything else that's kinky.

The content may be personal diaries, events listings, club information, erotica, graphics, photos, BDSM advice, chat rooms, personal ad areas, links lists or other material that enlightens or entertains. Commercial sites are accepted as long as they offer some good free content. On-line catalogues with sexy photos of fashions, equipment, videos, and other merchandise are welcome. Similarly, pro dommes are welcome here but must offer more than a blatant text advertisement for their charms. At least give us some salacious pictures or stories to read.

While I don't disqualify submissions based on site design, I do dislike sites which rely on multiple popups (ads or otherwise). I don't have any problem with you trying to make an extra buck via ads, but some sites just use them excessively, and I don't want to send my users into that mess.

Many people are now signing up with age verification services both to help block out kids and to make a little money to cover their web development costs. I have no problem with that. However, if I can't get past your firewall, you're automatically disqualified. Sorry, but I can't take your word for it that your contents are great if you won't take the risk of putting free previews on your site or at least give me a temporary password.

Finally, to reiterate, if you depict acts which involve minors, animals, or anyone else who cannot give informed consent to sex, or if you yourself are underage, you are automatically disqualified. Teen sites, please do NOT bother to contact me: you'll scare away our Adult Babies.


Sorry, no. We only run text links. Put another way: too many kinky people, not enough bandwidth.

If you wish, however, to fly a banner for your link back to us, well, thank you very much! I offer an assortment of Different Loving Link Banners which are yours for the grabbing.

New icons and banners will be coming when the catalogue moves to its new home.


Thanks, but no. I hate being forced to view banners on other sites and won't put them here. If you would like to support this site, please buy some toys from my husband, Will or check out my newest book, Come Hither.


Sorry, no. One site=one link is the rule. There are simply too many people who have created highly diversified sites. If I linked to individual pages, the catalogue would swell to several times its size. Just make sure visitors can find everything you offer by providing prominent, easy-to-understand links on your main page.

TO EVERY RULE, ITS EXCEPTION: I will, on rare (and sometimes whimsical) occasions, put up more than one link to a site, but only if I am convinced that people might not otherwise find some superlative, free SM/leather/fetish Community resource you are offering. If your pages are amply cross-linked so people can easily navigate from one of your projects to another, please decide on one URL for your site and submit that one.


A: No. This isn't a links exchange; it's a hand-selected listing, and the only thing I care about is that your site offers something of value to the SM/fetish scenes. Of course, I appreciate a link back, but it is NOT a requirement for getting your site listed here. Also, don't bother trying to bribe me with a link back. Link here because you too believe it offers something of value to the community. Thanks.


A: Send Eagle the Link Princess, an email with your URL and the name of your site. PLEASE include a BRIEF description of your content AND tell her which links category best suits your site. (If you can't remember the categories, look at them now). DO NOT INCLUDE ATTACHMENTS/PICTURES!

If your site would go under the Merchants section then please also include WHICH subsection of the merchant section you would like to be included in.

Eagle will view your site and information. If it meets the above criteria, it will get added to the appropriate category. She'll even try to drop you a note after she has checked it out.

HOWEVER: please don't expect an immediate reply. NOTE: The links get updated as soon as possible, but sometimes delays do happen. If you can't be patient, please don't apply. If you can be patient: THANK YOU.

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