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Merchants are sorted by their main sales focus. This is not an absolute sorting, many merchants may be in one category but sell things from other categories. This sorting is just to enable quicker access to the merchants based on what you're looking for.


BDSM Website Design Jewlery/Accessories

Kinky Clothing (other)

Corsets Miscellaneous
Crossdressing Medical
Dungeon Furniture/Equipment Paddles & Canes

Toys To Swing

Footwear Toys (Misc)
Pony Play  

Paddles & Canes

  • Hanson Percussion Instruments
    Very striking toys.
  • Canes For Pain
    Canes by WhypDancer
  • Exotic Paddles
    Finely crafted quality paddles available in a variety of shapes and exotic wood selections. A fine addition to anyone's toy box.
      Wicked Touch
    P addles from exotic hardwoods as well as hand-
    forged steel dungeonware and steel-handled floggers. They also carry a selection of adult toys in silicone, acrylic, and Pyrex glass.


    Toys To Swing
    Also check out Toys (Misc) & Pony Play

  • DeTails
    Specializing in floggers.
  • MHW-Real Whips
    Serious, professional whips by Australian cowboy.
  • Floggers by KBear
    Leather and rubber implements for those who play hard.
  • Montague Custom Leathercraft
    Specializing in floggers and cats.
  • Happy Tails
    Floggers, flails and...kangaroo tails??
  • RAWhips
    Maker of high quality singletails- signal whips, bullwhips, snakewhips,
    quirts, floggers and cats. Whip information and resources.
  • Heartwood Whips
    Toys by reknowned whipmaker.
  • Sax Leather
    Sax Leather, an icon of the Australian fetish community, manufactures and sells the finest in adult fetish gear, wear and toys. They also feature free monthly galleries from well known fetish photographers around the world.
  • Master Tomm's handmade Floggers and Custom Bondage Furniture
    The title says it all. Nice pix!
  • Snake Pit Leather Works
    Specializing in high quality one-of-a-kind hand-crafted floggers and cats with 100% kangaroo braided handles, and in kangaroo whips which we have made to order by an Australian whipmaker with over 30 years experience.


    Toys (Misc)

  • 3 Sexclamations Sex Shop
    8,000 sex toys, video & DVD titles, condoms, leather, BDSM
    gear, bodywear & latex.
  • Lasting Leather
    Restraints, floggers and other toys.
  • Blackthorn Mall
    Adult toy-store offering original soft bondagewear and restraints at low prices.
  • Leather Bob's Home Page
    Washington, D.C. leather crafter.
  • Blue Marlin Adult Supermarket
    Australian adult toy store.
  • Leather By Danny
    Cuffs, collars, harnesses, and cool dungeon toys.
  • Come As you Are
    Toronto area fetish leather store.
  • The Leather Harvest
    By and for leatherpeople.
  • Condoms, Etc.
    Adult toy store with merchandise of all types, from whips and strap-ons to water pipes.
  • Leather Impressions
    Affordable, quality hand made floggers, cuffs and collars as well as a line of commercial decorations and leather scented candles.


  • Dark Fire Gallery
    Boutique by/for SMers.
  • Leather Masters
    Leather Masters - Serving the community since 1989. Two Locations one in San Jose, Ca. and in Allentown, Pa. and an ONLINE catalogue. Specializing in Electrical Toys, Bondage Equipment and Leather Clothing.
  • Dungeonware
    Connecticut-based SM vendor.
  • LyfeStyle MetalCraft
    Custom-crafted fetters, irons, and other designs.
  • Enjoy Your Toy
    Offering custom floggers, BDSM related items, adult novelties and clothing.
  • Eros Boutique
    Kinky accessories and toys for fetishists
    and rubberists, some unusual items!
  • MC's Lethal Leather
    Quality leather and bondage gear.
  • Erotic Lover
    Sex toys for women.
  • Mr. S Leathers & Fetters
    One of the oldest and better than ever! The ultimate SM toy shop.
  • The Frugal Domme
    How-to info, product reviews, and reasonably priced equipment of all kinds for budget-minded D&Sers.;

  • Primitive Leather
    Full line of handcrafted gear including cock rings, ball stretchers, collars, chest and body harness, wrist bands, arm bands, gauntlets, chastity devices, blindfolds, hoods, floggers and more.
  • Gay-Mart
    Think of it as a queer K-Mart....

  • Satan's Workshop
    Isn't Satan an acronym for Santa? BDSM merchandise with a Gothic/Renaissance flair.
  • Gear Up
    Leather gear, toys and garments for leathermen.

  • Scarlet Venus
    Misc toys and tips
  • The Hide House Leather Shop
    Cool on-line catalog of leather toys and
    erotica for men and women.
  • Sub-Shop
    A BDSM variety boutique owned and operated by a femsub for other femsubs. Lot of free content.
  • JT Toys / Stockroom
    Whips, toys, all types of gear.

  • The Toy Bag
    "Erotic toys in exotic woods."
  • Toy With Us: The Ultimate Sex Toy Shopping Experience
    Since 1994 the largest, most user-friendly, and most popular Sex Toy and Adult Product Site on the web.



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