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BDSM/Fetish Online Communities

Personal ads, membership groups, IRC channels, special interest groups
(spiritual, ethnic, racial, Deaf, etc.), and other virtual communities by and for kinky people.
  • AAA Swingers Hotline
    Free personal ads for ALL flavors.

  • 4 Freedoms Tantra Sacred Loving
  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Interfaith Working Group
  • AltSex: Alternative Sexuality
  • Iron Rose
    The well-known IRC channel's excellent homepage
  •*Master List
    List of of UseNet SM boards.
  • The Jewish Power Exchange (JPEX)
    A private mailing list for Jewish BDSMers.

    The Jewish Power Exchange Webpage
    The webpage for the group

  • #Amazon
    IRC undernet channel on female domination using the Amazon archetype.
    (BDSM only, not wrestling/giantesses.)
  • Jodi Gold
    A counseling, dating and referral service for open-minded adults.
  • Baltimore Leather Association of the Deaf
  • Leatherchurch
    Mailing list for SM spirituality.
  • BDSM/Alternative Lifestyle Personals
  • Lesbian Daddies & bois Online
  • BDSM Christians (UK-based)
  • Liberated Christians: Poly Resource Center
    In Phoenix, AZ
  • BDSM Employment
    Job listings and employment opportunities.
  • Lifestyle Online
    BDSM-friendly BBS for swingers and polyamorists.

  • Beauty's World
    Free live-chat area.
  • Long Island Ravens MC
    Gay leather club.
  • Black Women for Submission
    Site for people of color! BDSM from a black woman's point of view.
    Support for Orthodox Jews
  • Burghermunch
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania munch/workshop group.
  • OutPersonal
    Free g/l personal ads.
    Canton-Akron Regional Power Exchange
  • The Paradox Group
    Ohio Valley BDSM group.
  • Christians & BDSM
    Slowly growing site with resourses for christians about BDSM
  • The Power Exchange
    Interactive, online membership club.
  • Christian BDSM
    For those serious about their faith and their sexuality.
  • RealmStone
    A private membership, BDSM, Dominance/submission, Fetish Community. Some freebies on visitors tour.
  • DomSubFriends Society
    Big BDSM support group for open minded people in NY/NJ/New England and other East Coast areas.
    Southern Alabama Bondage & Leather Enthusiasts
  • - BDSM for Adults is committed to creating a sense of "family" within our community. We provide a place for community members to post their essays, scenes, opinions and original works of poety and fiction. Also home to the EFnet Channel #Slavesex.
  • SAK
    Sacramento BDSM group. Pansexual. All welcome!
  • Dungeon of Mists
    BDSM resources and chat channels.
    Virtual BDSM community, with discussion boards.
  • Dungeonrealm
    Also has a channel on IRC.
  • #slavery Homepage
    IRC channel on the Undernet.
  • EbonyBDSM
    Private Atlanta group for adults over age 21.
  • Snickeeee's BDSM Resource
  • Erotic Power Exchange
  • The SPICE Webring
    Composed of kinky personal pages and supporting
    cultural diversity within BDSM.

  • The Exiles
    Woman to Woman SM, for women in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California
  • Submissive's Cooperative
    The Submissive's Cooperative has been established to be a community building educational resource for submissive women who know they must have full time, real life, permanent relationships with dominant partners in order to be happy and fulfilled.
  • The Fantasy Chateau
    Online BDSM membership group, offering chat and parties.
  • Thorn Garden Network
    Free web site hosting for those of the lifestyle, a locally served Discussion Board, an IRC server with full IRC services, a readers contribution section, and other functions including a links page.
  • Fetish Alliance
    Social, philanthropic and educational organization for Southeast US. All kinky people welcome!
  • The Rose Garden
    BDSM information center for the tri-state area of California, Nevada, and Arizona
  • Fetish cafe
    A Free BDSM forum board. Open to everyone, membership is required to get in.
  • Rose-N-Thorn Guild
    Coalition of Midwest fetish groups.
  • Fetish Contacts
    A free fetish contact and personal ads site
  • #VERY-xtreme_humiliation & #BDSM^Explorer
    The D/s resource site bought to you by the bondage chat channels of the same names.
  • FetBot
    High quality resource guide.
  • White Mountains D/s: BDSM group for northern New Hampshire, with munches in West Lebanon (3rd Sunday each month), North Woodstock (1st Saturday each month) and North Conway (last Saturday each month). For information, please use:

  • Serious Mistresses
    A professional mistress listing site, updated almost daily
  • WebPersonals
    International free personal ads board;
    gay, lesbian, and kinky areas.

  • forum for submissives
    Anonymous (free) discussion board for submissives.
  • Women's Dungeon on QNet
    Cool leatherdyke channel. Very nicely-designed.
  • XTS Chat
    A small themed chat site, we have a new BDSM Dungeon and would love to welcome people interested or involved in the lifestyle to the room to chat with others.



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