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BDSM Organizations By Geographic Location

Contact Information by Location
US and International Groups
with branches in multiple cities
Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories Midwest, Upper Midwest and Plains States New York, New England, and Washington Corridor
Pacific Northwest and Northern California The South and Florida Southern California, Texas and the Southwest  

Australia and New Zealand Austria Canada (by Province) Denmark
Finland France Germany Iceland
Israel Italy The Netherlands Norway
Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom  


  • National (U.S.) and International Groups
  • Southeast-BDSM mailing list
    Sign up to get on their list.
  • Chrysalis
    International BDSM "Munch" list, searchable by region.
  • Southern Decadence
    New Orleans event.
  • GMSMA: Gay Male SM Activists
  • South Florida Munch
    With a nifty munch FAQ for all.
  • K-WEB: Kinky Women Expanding Boundaries
    SM women on the Web.
    Leather/levi club for men in Memphis, TN.
  • Leather Retreat
  • Unofficial Atlanta Resouces List
  • LeatherSpace
    International database of leather community events.
  • Southern California, Texas and the Southwest
  • National Leather Association International
  • BDSM Texas
  • People Exchanging Power (PEP)
    Pansexual SM group (locations throughout the U.S.).
  • Houston Eros
    Texas BDSM group.

  • Scene USA
    Locate BDSM happenings in your area.
  • Group With No Name (GWNN)
    Austin, TX group.
  • Alaska,
    Hawaii and US Territories
  • Las Vegas Dungeon
    Public play club.
  • D/S Information
    Includes info on BDSM/fetish events in Hawaii.
  • LeatherFest
    San Diego event.
  • Midwest,
    Upper Midwest and Plains States
  • S.A.S/M
    San Antonio (TX) Munch group.
  • Dayton BDSM Support Group
  • Shibari
    Las Vegas bondage/BDSM group.
  • Dedicated & Safe
    Chicago-based group.
  • SAAFE: Southern Alberta Association for Fetish/Fantasy Education/Exploration
    Pansexual BDSM group.
  • FLEX: Female Leather Exchange
    For women in the Lincoln/Omaha area.
  • Canada - British Columbia
  • Oberons Levi/Leather Club
    Milwaukee, WI leather bar and club.
  • Vancouver BDSM Page
    Good general information for the Pacific Northwest.
  • Ohio Leatherfest
  • Canada - Ontario
  • Ohio S.M.A.R.T.
    Cleveland's biggest SM/fetish group.
  • Golden Chains Society
    Toronto, Canada, munch and education group.
  • The Paradox Group
    Ohio Valley BDSM friendship group.
  • Safer SM Education Project
    Toronto seminars for both novice and experienced players.
  • PEER Group
    Cincinnati, OH BDSM organization.
      Sagacity Group (Victoria, BC)
    Sagacity is a place where folks that enjoy BDSM, alternative lifestyles, kink, and fetish gather to talk, laugh, socialize, share, learn, and play. At Sagacity, we welcome each and every individual and rejoice in sharing our experiences and friendships.
  • Toledo Power and Trust of Ohio
    Toledo Power and Trust is a pansexual BDSM group with a focus on recreation and the education of consenting adults who are interested in gaining knowledge of techniques and promoting safe, sane and consensual interaction with other consenting adults.
  • Xcorrigia
    Pansexual SM club in Toronto.
  • Canada - Misc
  • New York, New England, and Washington Corridor
  • The Dominant/submissive Society of Manitoba
    Winnipeg-based bdsm support group
  • Baltimore Advocates for Alternative Sexual Expression (BAASE)
    Info on bdsm in general, a calendar section, munches, workshops, parties, IRC and an online newsletter.
  • Baltimore AT EASE
    Baltimore AT EASE is a grassroots advocacy group dedicated to promoting the tolerance of sexual minorities and education about alternative sexual expression.
  • Steeltown Society
    Local bdsm group in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Behind the Scenes
    Group in South New Jersey. For info, write
  • Dominant Submissive Support Group
    Toronto-based bdsm support group.
  • The Black Rose
    Washington, D.C. pansexual support and educational group.
  • BDSM Windsor
    Windsor-based bdsm support group.
  • Boston Dungeon Society
  • BDSM London
    London-based bdsm support group
  • Centaur MC
    Gay leather group in Washington.
  • BDSM Ottawa
    Ottawa-based bdsm support group
  • CT BDSM Email
    CT BDSM Website
    New Haven BDSM Munch. Email
  • Prairie Caller BDSM
    Winnipeg-based bdsm support group.
  • DC Pride
    Pride event Washington
    Calgary-based bdsm support group.
  • Conversio Virium
    Columbia University's student BDSM group (New York City).
  • CUFS Maine
    Coastal United Fetish Society (CUFS), in central Maine, serving all of New England. For newsletter and monthly munch information, email
  • DomSubFriends
    A friendly pansexual BDSM society with demos, lectures, parties, and e-magazine serving NY, NJ, Ct, etc.
  • Australia And New Zealand
  • Fetish Warehouse NY
    New York City's busiest SM club for pervs of every stripe, run by our friend Lenny. Tell him Gloria sent you.
  • BDSM New Zealand
    Home page of the #nzbdsm newsletter and mailing list
  • Knot for Everyone
    Central New Jersey friendship club.

  • Austria
  • Laura Goodwin and United Leatherfolk of Connecticut
    Site for founder of Hartford BDSM group.

  • Zart & Hart
  • Lolita's Incomplete & Biased NYC SM Resource List

  • Wo finde ich was in ™sterreich
  • Lolita's Incomplete & Biased DC SM Resource List

  • Libertine Innsbruck
  • LSM: Lesbian Sex Mafia
    NYC's oldest SM club for women.
  • TransGender in Osterreich
  • For men who love men.
  • Denmark
  • Men of Discipline
    Gay leather society in Washington.
  • SMil Dansk
  • The Mission
    Educational, social, and play group for PA/NJ region.
  • France
  • NY Renegades Welcome Page
    Gay leather club.
  • Domina.Fr
  • The Phoenix Society
    Baltimore area.
  • Finland
  • Pittsburgh Eagle Leather Bar
    Gay male meet and greet market.
  • Bizarre Club
    Bizarre Club is in Jyväskylä
  • Pittsburgh Leather Archives for newcomers (PLAN)
    Provides links and articles about the D/s community and available resources
    in the Pittsburgh, PA area. It acts as an educational forum and gateway
    organization for newcomers to the D/s lifestyle in the local Pittsburgh
  • Ryske
    Rsyke in Tampere


  • The Rochester Kink Society
  • SMFR
    SMFR in Helsinki (capital of Finland)
  • Rose and Thorn
    Northern Vermont BDSM social group
  • Turun Baletti
    Turun Baletti in Turku
  • Snickeeee's Bdsm info site
    Resources for kinky Philadelphians.
  • Germany
  • NYC's oldest BDSM organization.
    Til Eulenspiegel Society (TES)
  • Datenschlag
    German-language BDSM resource
  • Educational and social group in Philadelphia. Info:
  • Hauptseite--Homepage von BDSM
    German IRC channel.
  • Pacific Northwest and Northern California
  • Lifeguard
    Women's support group for IRC safety.
    NCBDSM is a Northern California BDSM organization that focuses on education and information for the local community. References, event Listings, Munches and regional group listings as well as national and international listings for bdsm groups.
  • Daddy's
    Leather bar on Castro Street.
  • Daddy Don's Page
    Current happenings in the San Francisco scene.
  • Iceland
  • Essemian Sanctuary of the Darkside Goddess
    The SM Church (Northern California).
  • BDSM Islandi
  • Evangelical Perv Association
    Oregon State U's officially sanctioned on-campus BDSM group.
  • Israel
  • Men of All Colors Together - San Francisco Bay Area
  • Sharav
  • The Modesto Discussion Group
  • Italy
  • PDX Leather Resource Directory
    Info on Portland Scene.
  • BDSM Italia: SMACK!
    Great Italian/English site.
  • Red Dora's Bearded Lady Cafe
    Dyke cafe/cabaret in San Francisco, all welcome. Performance art for queers, punks, freaks, genderplayers, radical women.
  • Gabbia
    BDSM personal ads, in Italian and English.
  • Seattle SM and Bondage Resources
  • #GaySMitalia
  • Society of Janus
    Pansexual SM group in San Francisco.
  • The Netherlands
  • Triskeli
    Pacific NW BDSM Social Group. Excellent resources for the region.
  • Club Doma

  • The Wet Spot
    "Seattle's Sex-Positive Community Center"
  • Women's Welcoming Committee
    Seattle-based group for all women into BDSM.
  • VSSM

  • Women in Leather - Sacramento
    A women-only group interested in BDSM as practiced between women. We focus on education, mentoring, support, socializing and a chance for like minded women to meet one another. Women of all experience levels are welcome.
  • BDSM-World
    Cool site, with links to events in Holland.
  • The South and Florida
  • LthrCop's Gay Kinky & SM Agenda of the Netherlands
  • Adults Seeking Kink In North Eastern North Carolina, (ASKNENC)
    Is an d/s bdsm lifestyle group based in Elizabeth City, NC., that sponsors munches, educational chats and monthly socials.

  • Massad
    Rotterdam SM magazine and toy shop.
  • South Alabama Bondage & Leather Enthusiasts (SABLE)
    Mobile, Alabama group.
  • Pleasure Seekers' Guide to the Netherlands
    Rollenspel & SM
  • Dark Shadow
    Raleigh-Durham group, and on-line zine.
  • Sweden
    BDSM friendship group in Richmond, VA.
  • Club Sunrise
  • Fireside Society
    BDSM swinger group, for single women and heterosexual couples only, in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.
  • Kinkyfreaks om kinkysex
    Swedish SM group which hosts orgies.
  • Gulf Coast BDSM
  • Switzerland
  • Impact
    Midsouth BDSM organization.
  • TorThur
  • Kinky People of Georgia
    Atlanta-area private play group.
  • Lack & Leder

  • Leather University
    Fort Lauderdale SM educational group.

  • U T O P I A

  • Le Petit Chateau
    New Orleans dungeon club.
  • Little Rock Lupercalia
    Arkansas BDSM group.
  • Louisville Munch Bunch
    Kentucky social group.

  • United Kingdom
  • Memphis Power Exchange   DommeText
    UK Fetish and BDSM site. SMS (mobile phone text messaging), BDSM Recorded Stories with free snippets and free galleries.
  • Memphis LINKS
    contact email is:
    BDSM Educational group in the Midsouth with members from three states.
  • The Desyre Foundation
    Pansexual UK-based BDSM/fetish membership organization which sponsors parties. Cool party pix in their gallery.
  • National Leather Association: Austin, TX chapter
    Austin's premiere BDSM educational organization for all sexes and orientations.
  • Fetish Net--UK
    Free, content-rich site for UK fetish/bdsm communities.

  • NOLAFetish
    Guide to kink in New Orleans, plus links to affiliate sites.
  • Home of UK BDSM

  • P.A.L.S. Panhandle Alternative Lifestyles Society
    Pensicola group. For info, write:
  • Informed Consent
    Huge resource for UK BDSM.
  • The Red Chair.
    Central Alabama friendship group.

  • Kinky Kent
    A place where BDSM/SM people can meet up via email, online chat or at our regular munches in Kent (South East UK).
  • SAADE of Austin, Texas
    We are an Austin area Dominants group whose focus is education and BDSM community development
  • SM Gays
    Events calendar for this London-based group.
  • Sanctuary of a Dark Angel
    Atlanta's hot pansexual dungeon and play club.
  • Violate
    Scottish BDSM/Fetish group with clubs and events in Edinburgh and Scotland.

  • SC-LOCK (Greenville, SC.)
    LOCK is a pansexual real-time BDSM group located in Greenville, South Carolina. They offer educational discussions, shared experiences, entertaining group activities, and genuine friendship by hosting non-threatening and discrete meeting opportunities each month within the Greenville, SC.
  • Germany

  • Southern FLAME
    Munch and play party group in Mobile, Alabama Southern Flame is a nonprofit educational, support group for people who share an interest in BDSM, D/s or fetish lifestyles. Southern Flame is a pansexual group open to adults of all sexual orientations. We support confidentiality and discretion

  • andersARTIG

  • Three Rivers Munch
    Adult pansexual meet & greet to meet like minded people. Friendly atmosphere where your are part of something new in Pittsburgh's BDSM comunity
  • Nacthwaertz SM Forum

  • Whips & Chains of Arkansas
    ABDSM Discussion group that meets monthly on the 2nd Saturday in Northwest Arkansas, established in January 1999
  • Schlagwerk--Hamburg

  • smARTi.e.s.-- Hamburg

  • SMart Rehin Ruhr

  • SM- Gesprachskreises Tuebingen

  • Smigo-- Munchen

  • SMiLE-- Leipzig

  • Projekt Pets & Owners



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