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  • Alt.Torture FAQ
    Information on the infamous UseNet newsgroup.
    The FAQs are fine but a lot of links don't work.
  • The Rack: Traveling Interactive Bondage Showcase
    Interesting concept: traveling perverts who perform at events, inviting audience to participate in SM. Some good photos--too bad so many are missing.
  • BDSM Hardcore
    Membership site for extreme SM. AVIs, VidCaps. Free tour.
  • RAWhips
    Cool resource for whips, with free info on types, toy care, plus BD/SM links.
  • Bondage Sex Slaves
    80 Free pictures of female sex slaves in hard bondage and BDSM
    Margot Chevalier's fascinating promo for "Red Feline on a Cross," a hardcore SM video for heavy pain-lovers.
  • Monthly BDSM Pics and Stories
    As the name says, monthly offering of BDSM pictures and stories
  • Sanguinalia
    Bloodplay site--cutting, piercing, vampirism and more.
    Lots of banners, but the 50 free pix are cool.
  • Sir Clisto's Tome
    A wonderfully detailed, harrowing look at Medieval torture!
  • Bob & Raven's SM Site
    Great resource on a wide variety of pain play, including play piercing, flogging, branding, breast play, cutting, and more.
  • Slap-A-Celeb
    Perhaps one of the silliest sites on the Web but something any frustrated sadist can enjoy.
  • Bullwhips FAQ
    The FAQs on bullwhips.
  • SM DeVot
    Dutch video vendor specializing in hardcore pain, needles.
  • Medieval Sourcebook: Angelo Clareno on Torture
    Harrowing historical text on Inquisition techniques.
  • Stocks and Pillories
    Everything you'd want to know about them.
  • Cock and Ball Torture
    Awww...that must really hurt. Cool pix.
  • Sweet Pain
    Pay membership site but they have a tour that is really worth taking. Excellent samples.
  • Cock and Ball Torture Forum
    Some of us like to do it...and some of us like to talk about it.
  • TENS
    Medical site with information on TENS units
  • Curious Punishments of Bygone Days
    Excerpts from old book.
    Ducking stools, stocks, more.
  • TeriGrey's 'NecroBabes'
    Unique, original site devoted to the torture of females. Check out his attic for cool old detective magazine covers.
  • Si Davey's Australian Stock Whips
    Planning to live in the Outback? He crafts collectible kangaroo hide whips and snake whips.
  • Torture and Death Penalty Instruments
    Nice pix of some scary shit. Thank goodness they don't belong to "sadists given to murky practices." Can we spell DENIAL?
  • House of Rawhide
    What an exciting name for this Texas cowboy's shop. Check out the skilled implements by "the Whip Man."
  • The Torture Catapult
    Amazing medieval torture device.
  • Inquisition
    Espagnol. Non-Spanish speakers can still enjoy the pix of three important Medieval devices: the Judas cradle, the Iron Maiden, and the Guillotine.
  • Torture Dungeon
    An excellent compilation of links to historical and other torture sites. Beware of some dead links.
  • Katharsis:
    Extreme Male Victim Fantasy Site
    Although the site is basically one big ad for their publications, if you are into REAL hardcore torment/edgeplay they offer so much free stuff, you won't regret your visit.
  • Torture Museum
    From medieval torture devices to BDSM techniques. As billed, a real museum on the topic. SM sex pix require AVS.
  • The Museum of the Guillotine
    Available in English, Francais, Deutsche, Svensk.
  • Tout savoir sur les fouets
    French resource on whips. En francais.
  • Matt's Whip Page
    Personal page on whips with great free info for the serious whip connoisseur.
  • The Whipping Scenes in Movies Database
    This site now requires membership. Fee is cheap, though.
  • Mischa's Piercing Site
    Personal page with pix of play-piercing,
    probing, cbt.
  • Whips by David Morgan
    Catalogue for one of the world's premiere whipmakers.
  • Mistress Kitten's CBT Photographic Memories
    Now here is a fun-loving dominatrix.

  • Under the Lash: A Pictorial History of Flogging
    Personal and historical art galleries. Of special
    interest to gay men.



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