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Kinky Links Index > D&S Magazines

  • Bon-Vue Enterprises
    Bill Majors' site. Membership required.
  • Brush Creek Media
    Publishers of Bear, Foreskin, and other magazines. (Gay male.)
  • Cuir Underground
    Women-run, San Francisco-based web-based newspaper.
  • DADDY Magazine
    For Daddy/boy relationships.
  • Desire Magazine
    They claim to be coming back in May. But of which year?
    Gay male with info on DRUMMER magazine and more.
  • EroticaTender! On-Line Magazine
    Dead link? If you have a new address for them, please let me know!
    the online magazine of dark erotic places, fetish photography and femme fatales
  • Hardkink Ezine
  • Holy Titclamps
    Queer Zine.
  • Leather Online
    Slakker's BDSM magazine.
  • Le Fer Rouge
    German/English BDSM/fetish magazine.
  • Nerve Magazine
    Literate smut." Wonderfully high-quality content, including
    fascinating essays on sex and gender.
  • O
    The famous fetish magazine.

  • Paramour

  • parterre box: the queer opera zine
    Divas of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your braids.

  • Jack Rinella's Home Page
    Respected gay columnist and author.

  • Secret
    Belgium's beautiful fetish magazine is now on-line.

  • Shades Beyond Gray
    Friendly pansexual erotic journal for "freaks, geeks and queers."

  • Skin Two
    The famous fetish magazine.

  • Slave
    A online ezine featuring fetish photographers, gothic and dark artists, net performers and kinkly inclined advice and commentary.
  • S&M News
    Carter Stevens' publication.

  • Sexualis!
    Three hardcore BDSM magazines.

  • SM Board and CheckMate Magazine
    Homepage for leatherman BBS and gay male SM "how to" magazine.

    Kinky Links Index > D&S Non-Fiction

  • "" by Richard Kadrey
    Article published in HOTWIRED about the infamous newsgroup.
  • Circumcision Issues Page
    The first cut is the deepest.
  • Indecency on the Internet
    Legal discussion.
  • Spanner Home Page
    Infamous gay SM arrest and trial in the UK.
  • What is a CHUDWA?
    Who wants to know? You do! MUST reading for fem-subs in search of mates on the Net.
  • Why America Online Sucks
    Organization opposed to censorship on AOL.



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