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  • Apple Red Asses
    Illustrated catalogue for vendor of spanking vidoes.
  • Castle Handyman
    One of the BEST on the Web.
  • Bad Tushy
    Images of Spanking, Paddling, Belting, Cat Fights, Domestic Spanking
  • European Spanker Magazine
    Commercial site for spanking,fetish, SM. Ok, but hard to escape the frames. Yuck.
  • Bernie's Spanking Pages
    Spanking super-site!
  • DC Spankers (DCS)
    Forum for DC Spanking, a private social organization in the DC metro area, devoted to consensual adult spanking play
  • Eva Adams
    Unique! Spanking images can be viewed in 3D with red/green filters.
  • FriendshipSpankings
    If you are trying to find someone for friendship only, not marriage or a sexual relationship, then this club is designed to help you in that endeavor. The emphasis is on Males spanking Females and Females spanking Males. No BDSM please. Feel free to post pictures. And most of all...let's have fun and meet new friends who share our passion for spanking.
  • Crimson Moon
    Crimson Moon is the Chicago spanking social club founded in 1993. This private social club is open to men and women who agree with our basic philosophy of safe, sane, consensual spanking play. Crimson Moon, Ltd. is also a full service business marketing spanking toys, accessories, and couples oriented spanking videos.
  • Mike from London's Spanking Stories
    Great archives of English schoolgirl discipline.
  • The Disciplinarian
    This site is about Spanking - not bondage - not punishment beatings but SPANKING.
  • Moonglow
    UK-based membership club for male dominant spanking couples
  • Ms. Margaret Davis, Governess
    Content-rich, literate site.
  • Nu-West/Leda
    Illustrated catalogue for spanking video house.
  • Eilean Beithe
    Scottish discipine of "lassies."
  • Paddles
    Australian spanking magazine. See how they do it down under.
  • Gay Spanking and Kinky Personal Ads
  • Project NoSpank
    Group working against the physical punishment of children.
  • Inn of Sins
    Membership site run by two femdoms; some nice pix.
  • Fetish Net UK
    free spanking and caning site, for men and women. Lots of pix!
  • Jimka's M/M Spanking Archives
    Super spanking resource for gay men.
  • Raven Hill Studios Spanking Site
  • Lesbian Spanking Pics
  • Red Bottom
  • Lorac's Spanking Site
    All-free, content-filled site.
  • Red Cheeks Dungeon
    Swedish spank master.
  • M/M Spanking Site
    AVS site, some free pix on home page.
  • Red HOT Spankings
    "Watch the meanest, nastiest, most demeaning and politicallyincorrect bare ass spankings you can imagine, instantly on your PC! "
    Pay site with lots of free images

  • Male/Male Spanking Ring
    Webring homepage for men into spanking men.
  • Red Hot Video
    Intense spanking videos with a cruel sense
    of humor. Some previews.
  • Old Tom Archive
    Lots of free caning and spanking stories and MORE.
  • Russian Spanking/Bondage Page
    AVS site, in English and Russian. Free (male and female) thumbnails.
  • OTK UK
    For (het) men who like to give or receive spankings. Entrance to Birch Hill Academy.
  • Santa Barbara Paddle Company -TPG Video
    All male.
  • Shadow Rose
    Spanking magazine publisher. Freebies!

  • Sassy Bottoms
    Nice illustrations!
  • Spanking Cards
    Cute cards for romantic spankers.
  • The St. Claire School for Girls
    Dr. Kim grows stranger with every passing year. I love this place.

  • Spanking Digest
    Membership site with fab free area.
  • ShadowLane
    Eve Howard's classy site for spanking romanticists.

  • The Spanking Page
    Membership site, chock full of FREE goodies for naughty boys and girls, and those who spank them.
  • Southeast Corporal Punishment Club

  • Spanking Ring
    Over 100 links to Spanking Community sites.
  • The Spanking Resources Guide
    Another superb resource from Mistress Blanca and Peter.

  • Spanking University
    Terrific collection of spanking links.
  • The Spanking Times
    Asite for enthusiasts of Spanking Stories
  • Stories by Naughty Girl
    As the title says...
  • Summer Daniels
    Site by a grown-up little girl adopted by her "Daddy".
  • Strictop's Gay Spanking
    AVS site. Hot free pix on home page.
  • 13 moons & Tartsies Spanking Resource
    Membership site.
  • Templ
    Personal page of male dom, paddling.
  • Ultimate Spanking Archive
    Membership site with EXCELLENT freebies!
  • World Corporal Punishment Research
    If references to spanking in the news intrigues you, Colin Farrell's site is the place to go!
  • The Woodshed Wanders Home Page
    Cool, sincere, free male/male spanking site.
  • Academy Incorporated
    Muir Academy, Maids, and Pony Play programs.
  • Wulfram's Home Page
    Includes pictures of spankings and some cool links.
  • Bare Ass Spanking
    Hot Daddy Bear in search of naughty boys. Cute animation!



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