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Powerful Bodies: Wrestlers, Foxy Boxers, Amazons, Giantesses, Body-Builders

  • Altered: RATIOS
    Giantess fans will love these free pix! Very cool.
  • Giantess RamPage
    Very cool pix.

  • Afrikan Adventure
    Features beautiful female wrestler Afrika from Los Angeles, in mixed wrestling videos photo galleries and session information.
  • Gladiators World Alliance
    Cool resource for fans of gay wrestling.

  • Amazon Arena BBS
    Excellent links and info for Amazon fans!
  • Greeneyes
    Joan Wise videos on ALL aspects of female combat and muscular domination.
  • Amazon Fantasy World
    Tasteful site featuring Amazon pro's and merchandise.
  • Lady Sports On-Line
    Magazine about female fighting, lots of freebies.
  • Amazonia: Women Warriors in Ancient History
    The elusive Amazons of yore.
  • MaleMuscle.Com
    Photo galleries by Lori Victoria Braun devoted to sheer perfection in the muscular male physique.
  • Amazons International: Links
    Classy links for Amazon lovers.
  • Mitch's Gay Wrestling Page
    European links and information. In English and German.
  • Amazon Women Wrestlers
    Free amateur site by sincere Amazon fan.
  • Hawk Morgan's Wrestling Page
    Pix of amateur (male) high school and collegiate bouts.
  • Bad Apple Productions
    Vendor of topless female fighting videos.
  • Montenegro Video
    Video vendor for lovers of female combat,
    giantesses, smothering, trampling and more. Freebies.
  • Boone's Cartoons
    Click "Grown-Up's Stuff" for his Amazon femmes.
  • Raslingal Mistress of the Ring
    very commercial site, but a few hot free pix of Ms. Brandy in the ring.
  • Boyfight Welcome Page
    Gay wrestling and fighting.
  • Real Catfights
    Commercial site with lots of freebies.
  • Choke's TakeDown Wrestling
    Free membership group for (male) wrestling contacts world- wide.
  • ScissorQueens Message Board
    Free message board for fans of female scissor holds.
  • Cruella
    Femdom membership club: giantesses, prison guards, and many other fantasies.
  • Southern Hellcats
    Pro women wrestlers' commercial site.
  • Dawn's Muscle Erotica
    Lots of pix and info for fans of strong women.
  • Steel Kittens
    Female wrestling and fighting videos, with pix.
  • Doing It
    Guide to f/f wrestling, plus contact info.
  • Techno-Amazonia
    Homepage of a 6'6" woman.
  • Dream Country
    For giantess fans--fantasy pix and stories.
  • Trample.Com
    Clever commercial site, specializing in face-sitting and trampling, saves the fabulous freebies for last.
  • FemaleMuscle.Com
    Lori Victoria Braun's content-rich multi-media site for all those who love muscular women.
  • Wrestling for Gay Guys
    Book about gay wrestling. Free excerpts.
  • Mixed Wrestling Domination
    The site contains video clips of mixed
    wrestling domination in Italy.



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