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BDSM Couples & Leather Families

  • A Slaves Love
    Monthly e-zine, lifestyle articles and information,email discussion group, aromatherapy, poetry, Shae's personal musings, body moficiation information and articles,and erotic stories
  • Obsidian Abyss
    Personal page by IRC regular. Formerly "Utopienne's Lair."

  • Alexia and Ryan
    SM couple seeking bi woman interested in
    physical and emotional pain and torment.
  • On the Edge
    Gay leatherman's hot home page with great gay links.
  • Alastair Alexander
    UK politician/body-piercer with nothing to hide!
  • The Pleasure Palace
    B and belle's content-rich BDSM site.
  • angel's Twisted Journey
    angel and Master Jesse were married for 10 years before entering into a 24/7 TPE sadist Master/slave relationship together. angel's candidly honest journal describes daily issues and challenges as well as hot scene reviews as their twisted journey continues.
  • A Radical Faerie's Home Page
    Excellent personal page, lots of faerie resources.
  • aria^s Homepage
    Femsub's BDSM resources.

  • Rick's BDSM Page
    Great personal page, with lots of free content and pix.
    Formerly "Dark Side of BDSM."
  • The Boston Leather Family

    Gay leather.

  • Rowdy's Angel
    Writings of a submissive woman about her life as a slave, including her thoughts on spirituality.
  • Caitlin's Home Page

  • Donnie Russo
    Hardcore gay porn hunk's audaciously commercial site. Only freebie is cool collage of hot men on home page. Inside, he sells his used briefs, shoes, socks--even his used rubbers.
    The man has no shame. Even better, he has a huge dick.
  • Carol's Home Page
    Femsub's personal page.

  • SAM's Den
    Lesbian bottom's personal page. Under construction. Some interesting info on wolves.
  • caryl's BDSM Page
    Fantastic resources (including SoCal munch group) for ALL subs and doms. You go girl! Tons of links, information, etc.
  • ScutPage

    Homepage of a Vegan SM Bear Punk. He's not your average bear.

  • Chinablue
    IRC regular's friendly homepage. New URL.
  • Sex Slaves of Hickory Switch
    Atlanta-based group of fun-seeking perverts, with special interest in ponygirl/boy play.
  • Dark Desires
    Sir William & ~treasure~'s pages - A MaleDom/femsub's perspective on this life, Safety info, Icq lists, and more
    The Forbidden Garden is ~treasure~'s personal pages
    Warning -(nice) but heavy graphics use, slow load time

  • shimmerings - life, DS and everything
    journal and erotic stories (and occasional pictures!) of a feminist yet deeply submissive woman. A very real peek inside as she explores life within the framework of a 24/7 M/s relationship.

  • eagle baby
    Femsub's site.
  • Sir Whisper and Injeta
    Exploration of BDSM.
  • Foxe's Haven
    Subfem's content-packed pages. Another great
    resource, with lots of cool reading for all.
  • Siren's Soft Fluffy Dungeon
    Friendly BDSM resource and personal page with free, original BDSM graphics for webmasters and mistresses.
  • Frites
    Unadorned personal page offering clear advice
    on BDSM etiquette and UseNet's soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm.
  • ^Sparrow's Nest
    Personal webpage containing the random thoughts of a submissive woman.
  • Fateful's BDSM Homepage
    Personal page, with some links, some lovely bondage pix (of women), and a few BDSM poems.

  • SteelSkys Classy Ladies BDSM Website
    Collection of writings, BDSM info, links, and a directory of toy shops.
  • Enslaved
    Owned, utterly slutty femslave's hardcore SM pages.

  • Stephen's BDSM Page
    Good, eclectic collection of BDSM news, views, poetry, prose, and more.
  • Devin Hathaway's Home Page
    Queer fem's personal page with lots of interesting links.

    Poetry, erotica and BDSM-related articles, as well as an ever-growing links and information section.
  • Journeys of male submission and female dominance
    The site has been active since thelate-90s and contains about 75 original stories, poems, and essays on the submissive lifestyle

  • Submissive's Cooperative
    The Submissive's Cooperative has been established to be a community building educational resource for submissive women who know they must have full time, real life, permanent relationships with dominant partners in order to be happy and fulfilled.
  • Lady Amethyst Wynter
    (Mostly) submissive woman's charming personal pages.
    Includes copy of her contract with her Master.
  • Submissive Loving
    Advice and thoughts for submissives and dominants along with bdsm book reviews, bdsm scene music ideas, free D/s postcards, and D/s forum.
  • Lessons Learned - Lisa's journal

    Frank's Follies

    A BDSM couple's journals about life

  • Submissive Natalie
    A BDSM site by a real life loving submissive. submissive natalie who works at the Dominion, in Los Angeles. site includes writings and bdsm - fetish photo galleries.

  • The Lord and His little one
    The Realm of Myself and My little one. Join the Freedom of Sexual Diversity Campaign, Art Gallery, E-cards, Novelty Store, Forum, & add your site to the Directory and get listed in the NEW BDSM WorldWide Search Engine.
  • Submissive Sought
    Danish personal ad for submissive girls only.

  • A Master and His slave; Living the lifestyle
    The daily life of a true Master and His slave in a 24/7 BDSM relationship. Daily Journals of Master and slave, writings, rules and account of their life as they live it.

  • Suzanne's SM homepage
    Contributor to "Fetish Street."

  • Mistress Monica's and Meister Steve's Domain
    Dominant couple and their extended family.
  • Switch Spanky's
  • The Ministry Of Correction
    Highly original. The Ministry of Correction rules...
    or would, if it could. Bring your sense of humor.
  • Parallel Universe
    Personal site of slave angel - contains writings about his journey into loving enslavement, resource links, recommended reading and more
  • moonvine
    Moonvine's beautifully designed site for
    BBW's, their lovers and their friends.
  • Homepage of Patty the Pooch
    lifestyle femsub and masochist
  • Monika's Cravings
    Lesbian submissive's interesting personal page.
  • Poetrician's Erotic Works
    Malesub's page dedicated to the fine erotic arts of teasing and denial. Cool, original content.
  • Dany Nieves
    Highly recommended! His photographic arts site features "Bears in Bondageland" and "Tootsie," a tale of dainty feet. Original, lovely, funny, strange.
  • Tammad Rimilia's World
    Homepage of a "Kinky Barbarian." Look for his list of fetish links. Offers free photo shoots.

  • Wandering Spirits
    cassandra & Frodo's site (In both Dutch and English) contains her diary, poetry, art, Frodo's alternative shopping, and fiction



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