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  • BONDAGE FILES: The following two tawdry tidbits come from the San Francisco Examiner's files of news items which never made it into print. Both involve arrests of kinky people.
    First: The system isn't all she beats.... Great-Grandmother Dominatrix
    Second: There's something fishy about this.... Master Troy

  • The Cyrano Server
    Has your amour fou gone toxic? Or are you too shy to write that billet doux to Mistress (or Master)?
    This free email service writes your love-letters or bittersweet farewells and sends them anonymously.
  • Filk: The Modern Sadomasochist
    Are you "the Very Model of a Modern SadoMasochist?"
    For Gilbert and Sullivan fans.
  • Filk: The Sadomasochist Song
    "I'm a sadomasochist and I'm OK!"
    For Monty Python fans.
  • The Secret Mustard Society
    is an adult site offering a completely original, insanely creative and utterly hilarious look inside the world of BDSM.
  • Piercing Mildred
    Virtual piercing...when you really need to stick it to someone.
  • The Sheath File
    Condom euphemisms to stretch the imagination.
  • SirenSinger
    Something is seriously wrong with this woman!
    She's almost as strange as we are. Prepare to be amused.



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