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Wet Sex: Golden Showers, Pissplay, Watersports, Urethral Play, Enemas, Scat & Fisting

  • Aami's Golden Showers
    Hot free pix, but to get to the mother-lode
    follow her instructions.
  • HydroMadam
    Prodomme specializing in enemas.
    AVS required to get to her "naughty boy" gallery.
  • Art History for Pissers
    Free classical art depicting pissing.

  • The Jetstream Archive
    Paysite with free erotica about females pissing.
  • Bettster's Extreme Fetish
    All-female pissing, punishment, medical fetishes.
    AVS pix site, with some great hardcore freebies.
  • Joy's Puddles
    Amateur (membership) site, with good free content:
    stories, pix, message board and live-chat
  • BowelMovement.Com
    Membership site with lots of freebies.
  • Golden Showers Paradise
    Photos, Movies, Stories, Links, Articles, Chat Room, Message Board. It is a free site for adults, by adults.
  • The Butt Page
    One of the more delightfully disgusting sites on the Net, including X-rays of "rectal foreign bodies."
  • Lara's Toilets
    AVS site, some free samples.
  • Constipation
    To every thing, purge, purge, purge.
  • The Lylazone
    A unique site by the unique Lyla.
  • Irene P. Dailey's WS Appreciation Site
    Personal page with 60 free pix.
  • The Naughty Nurse's Erotic Enema Clinic
    AVS. Lots of explicit stuff on enemas, including hot pix.
  • Derrieres!
    Commercial site, with freebies of exposed female bottoms.
  • Patches
    One of the first and still one of the best for pee.
  • Enemarotica
    Video company with free pix and enema stories.
  • Rachel's Restroom
    Golden showers site. Female friendly, with a special "ladies' entrance," featuring hot pix of men.
  • The Enema as an Erotic Art
    Reviews, excerpts, pix, more on this cult book.

  • The Rainbow Sofa
    Gay commercial site, with scat and brown sports. Some free content.
  • Enema Sex

    All-female pix on this AVS site; explicit freebies.

  • RedRight's Fisting Homepage
    Fisting and scat for gay men. Excellent links
  • Enemas

    No BDSM content: this is an order form for an instructional medical video on giving safe enemas.

  • Sprinkles Golden Showers
    A piss-lover's non-commercial site, offering
    free stories, pix, live-chat, personals, more!
  • Erotic Enema
    100% free enema and medical fetish pix.

  • Thomas' Water Resources Page
    For golden showers and pee fans.
  • Exploring Coprophilia
    Article on scat.

  • Beth Tyler's Enema Page
    Tyler Labs' membership club, with freebies.
  • Female Ejaculation
    Like the wetness of women? Informative free site.

    List of links to various watersports sites.
  • Femanic
    Video vendor of lesbian and solo
    wet sports, including pissing, spitting,
    and messy food play.

    Pay site with explicit freebies.
  • Fister's Dungeon
    Cool page by European pro leather top.

  • WeirdSht.Com
    Pay site with good free samples of WS, scat, more.
    Commercial site featuring female fisting
    (anal and vaginal). Explicit free pix.

  • Wet and Sleazy Piss Sex
    Gay male personal page. Some nice images.
  • Free Pee
    With a name like that, how could we resist?
    Too many banners but the pix are good.

  • Fozzie's Den
    Adorable gay man's humorous personal site, with pages and images devoted to urethral/piss play.

  • Hot Enema Equipment
    Kinky vendor with friendly site, selling all the toys you could want for enema play.




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