Lately everyone seems to want a banner. So--voila! Banners! More than you could ever use, too.

There are two types of banners on this page: commercial-looking banners for people who want to link to us; and fetish banners reserved for use by people listed in our KINK LINKS CATALOGUE. Since an embarrassing number of you feel it's an honor to be here, we thought it was the least we could do to create some nifty looking art to let your readers know that we are honored to have you.

If you're not sure whether you're listed, Check the Links Catalogue or Visit our Search Engine and search for your site's name.

The banners on this page are for public distribution. My ego won't get bent out of shape if you shrink, recolorize, or otherwise modify them to coordinate with your site design. There is only one rule: DO NOT REMOVE THE DIFFERENT LOVING NAME! Makes sense, no? These graphics are all original and are copyright © 1997 Gloria G. Brame. Don't make your Robodominatrix mad.

If you use a banner to link to us, please send your surfers to the Different Loving home page:



We grant open permission for links to us. Feel free to grab the banner(s) of your choice.


These banners are reserved for people who are listed in our Kink Links Catalogue. The art in these banners was commissioned by Gloria Brame who holds all rights. You may use as many of the banners as you like to jazz up your pages, but you must keep our name on it.

You are not required to link the image back to our site, but if you do, please don't forget to use our home page address:



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