Personal Advice

Please respect my busy schedule. I do not have time to offer free advice except on the MESSAGE BOARDS.

If you want to schedule a counseling appointment, contact me at or read my COUNSELING FAQ.

Official Biz

All professional and business-related email should go to This includes inquiries about donations to events/groups, assistance with BDSM projects and anything else related to SM activism and education.

Special note on appearances: I am on indefinite hiatus from official public appearances. I will NOT be doing any travel to BDSM events in 2002 or 2003, except for my own personal pleasure. 2004 is the very earliest I will consider traveling again. After 16 years, I need a break from the event scene. Your understanding is appreciated.

Permissions to Reprint or Distribute My Work
Send all requests to reprint my work to You MUST include the following: specify the title(s) of article(s) you want to republish; which group (if any) you represent; the URL where this will be placed; names/contact info for 2 other Scene people who will vouch for you. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you wish to use materials in a newsletter, on a mailing list, or at presentation to a BDSM or other group, again, contact me at Again, you must tell me exactly what you wish to use and the full name of the group (and any URL's or voice contact information so I can verify it is a legitimate group.


If you cannot provide the above details, you must pay a "permissions fee" for the use of my materials. I ONLY make my stuff available for free to legitimate activists, educators and site administrators for the purposes of helping other BDSMers for free. If you charge a fee of any kind for people to access or see my stuff (whether it's an AVS site or a presentation where you personally profit from the event), you will have to pay me according to a professional fee schedule. Put another way: if you are going to profit financially from my work, be prepared to compensate me for providing said work. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Other Questions

Suggestions on site content, reports of bugs, fan letters and queries about my writing should go to:

Getting Listed in the Kinky Links Catalogue
All link requests must be directed to To find out whether your site qualifies for listing, read The Links FAQ

Email I Won't Read or Answer
Inquiries about advertising will be deleted. SPAM will be deleted. Requests for me to dominate you out of the kindness of my heart will be deleted. Requests that I set you up with a playmate will be deleted. If your hormones did the typing, your email will be deleted.

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