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Topics of the Week

Each week the collective readership of gloria-brame interactive weighs in on a selected issue.  Topics range all over the map, including the connections between SM and body size, the relevance of SSC, consent versus abuse, mindfucks, limits, personal ads and more.

Guest Speakers

Catherine Gross, Molly Devon, Master Jim and slave marsha, Barbara Nitke, and Cleo Dubois and Fakir Musafar have been featured guest speakers on gloria-brame.com's message boards.

Poll Results

The membership at gloria-brame.com weighs in on a number of issues!  See how the masses voted on such topics as how to pick your partner, their secret sex lives and more! 

Submissive Discussions

From June 2001-October 2001,  "For Submissives Only" hosted a number of discussions where participation was strictly limited. 

Discussions by Dominants

From June 2001-October 2001 again.  Only Dominants!


Not the definitive kinky joke archive, just a selection of funny stuff posted by message board readers.  

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Just added to this catch-all section: a thread about the child porn sting on Yahoo.  This section also contains a short discussion on love, and a longer discussion on a woman's discovery of whether she's really submissive including some lovely original poetry.

Erotic Shorts

Original shorts submitted by our board membership.

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