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HOT TOPIC for Mar 14 2002: Humor and Play in BDSM

1 GloriaBrame   2021-03-14 17:30

Omega just offered this terrific topic for discussion! Enjoy :-)


Humor and play in the BDSM context

There is often a misconception that BDSM is such a serious business that no laughter (except at the expense of a sub) is allowed. While that's obviously false that we don't have our laughs outside of BDSM activities, what about IN them? Besides for the obvious reason of humiliation of one's sub, what forms of humor (if any) are incorporated in your play? If you don't like laughing (with, not at) your partners, maybe you can chime in with why you don't.

I've yet to crack a joke while in a "scene", but I can see how it might help when a sub get's overwhelmed and needs a little levity to help her climb out of her panic. Likewise, when a Dom(me) makes a huge (but not dangerous) blunder and gets flustered, a well-placed smart-ass comment from the sub could help get things "swinging" again.



2 aphillips9   2021-03-15 08:54


That is a GREAT topic!

I think the key thing to remember is, we do this because we enjoy it, because in some way, somewhere, it is FUN.

Way back when I was jailbait, the first Dom I scened with, used to play his Firesign Theatre records during these complex bondage and torture scenes we used to do.

I didn't think it odd at all. Possibly cause we didn't know too many other kinky people and there was no internet community at the time. No one to "set a standard" about BDSM and humor.

Theres lots of times I play and I'm dead serious. Its deep intense play and giggling does not feel right.

And there are lots of times I have a good time. I laugh, interact with my partner in a humorous fashion. I love topping someone, having them at a disadvantage and letting them know it - in a funny way.

When I bottom for my SO, the banter is usually hot and heavy. I think the expression Smart Assed Masochist (SAM) suits pretty well in my case. Thing is, he has the single tail in hand, so especially smart remarks on my part usually get acknowledged by some action from him.

On a more serious note, yeah, injecting some humor has definitely defused some of my worst fumbles. Works both ways tho, a really skilled Top knows when to respond with humor or with the end or slowing of a scene.

Still, Omega - based on what I've read, you are just really beginning to explore this and I have to tell you - I'm REALLY impressed by the things you say. You are obviously very perceptive and caring and I'm enjoying reading about this unfold for you.


3 -Craig-   2021-03-15 11:28

Humor is one of life's greatest gifts. It's so easy to laugh when you're having fun, and that's the whole point of sm.

Like you, Omega, I don't go out of my way to crack jokes in a scene. But inevitibly things happen that just demand a chuckle. Things that are truly funny just happen on their own. For instance, a couple of years ago my ex-wife and I were in the middle of this very serious, intense scene and without warning I let rip with this huge, booming, rumbling fart. We just looked at each other and burst out laughing. How could we not? It was priceless.

She didn't even have to make that well-placed smart-ass comment afterwards ... the look in her eyes (along with her stifled snickering) were more than enough.


4 trisha   2021-03-15 17:35

Master says we were rarely "serious" before Her accident - and now that She's healing, She's VERY intense (to be sure!), but She smiles and laughs most of the time.
I can't help but follow, celebrating Her power with laughter and excitement and joy as She leads me ever on.

I guess that means we're not very Gothic?

5 memneth   2021-03-18 00:05

Hell I have done one demo already for a group in Asheville NC and am scheduled to do it twice more, entitled the "Lighter Side of BDSM". I made the cd to go with it, and its all about laughing, having not so serious moments just because its fun. And Craig? I own a wireless remote fart machine that works from 50 feet away, through walls. Its amazing what you find at truck stops.

Justin Medlin

6 Keeper's Slave   2021-03-18 07:11

We have a lot of humor mixed with our scenes. There is a good reason for it though. Since I was a little girl I have always been at the mercy of my giggles. I can not count the many times i got into trouble for my uncontrollable giggle. Sometimes it seems that a giggle gets a hold of me and I am simply powerless to stop myself.

Never is that more true than when I am embarrassed about something. You know that oh my God someone saw that feeling. Well when I get that I lose it and laugh so hard I cry. As you can imagine that happens often in certain scenes Here is a good example of what I mean.

Speaking of farts!
Keeper and I were in this really intense scene very serious Like.

So I was on my hands and knees and well playing you know where and I was like trying to warn him that I was getting a lot of air up there, but not wanting to ruin the scene.So......

He commands me to get up and stand. When I do I get what I call a pussy fart. That's when all the air that has been pumped up there comes rushing out.It was so anti-thesis to this really serious scene that I begin laughing and no matter how I try to stop the laughter just keeps coming.

He's still trying to keep the scene. So he is like stop that. But I can't help it. I really try but the more I try the harder I find I am laughing.

I look into his eyes and see this look that says stop this I am gonna laugh and blow the scene.For some reason that makes me laugh all the more. I am looking in his eyes begging him to understand that something really has got my funny bone. He has this tight rein on his emotions and finally he gets this if you can't beat it join it look. He too blurts out laughing.

So now we have this joke about the most deadly fart (to a scene anyway) is a Pussy Fart! LOL

7 -Craig-   2021-03-18 16:34


You and I really do need to hook up for a couple of drinks at some point. :)


8 majikbrat   2021-03-18 18:36

ok ok i give, i gotta join this thread. i swore i wouldn't and have been trying to ignore it but then keeper's slave admitted to "pussy farts" so i figured what the hell.

the other morning R and i were playing. with his crop. which i hate (scares the tar out of me) and i love (makes me really really wet). i was trying really hard to hold form. failing. but trying. so he layed the crop down. looked at me and said, "oh btw, you have permission to cum anytime you like, as long as i am hitting you." i sort of nodded. at this point, he starts doing everything but hitting me. shoves his GIANT dildo up me, big ole heavy thing, clamps my nipples, starts using a vibe on me etc.. this goes on for awhile. Suddenly i scream, "QUICK HIT ME", he grabs the crop and smacks me HARD with the flat of it, on my clit. i jump about a foot off the bed, shoot the dildo three feet, and cum hard all over myself. He is concerned cuz i lost it so bad. Leans over me, really close to my face, with this really really concerned look. i bust a gut, cracking up, laughing so hard i was crying. it took us a good half hour to be able to look at each other without crying.

Blessed Be
laugh and love


9 memneth   2021-03-18 20:40

couple of beers and some of that poon tang stuff (I don't speak French) with the french fries and gravey and cheese on them. Eh?

Justin Medlin
Who Still Has
Some Loonies
And Toonies

10 nastykate   2021-03-18 22:46

I wasn't going to post anything here either simply because with me being the submissive most of the funny shit involves my pride being damaged at some point - i.e. laughing at myself or him laughing at me

but pussy farts, accidental poppie spots from losing control - all the way to the hook in ceiling falling out and the swing giving in and my ass slamming to the floor - usually takes the kink out of it and we enter the realm of humor - which what would life be without it yanno.

11 -Craig-   2021-03-20 11:19


You mean Poutine ... French fries with gravy and cheese curds ... utterly gross ... kind of like someone sneezed on your fries.


12 memneth   2021-03-20 17:11

Yeah thats the stuff Craig, but you should have seen the Burger King employees that day in Winnipeg when I told them to give me a large order of poon tang. With my Southern accent it sent them over the top.

Justin Medlin
Poon Tang Consumer

13 majikbrat   2021-03-21 09:38

lol i live in a place that actually serves the stuff. nasty. it is EXACTLY like someone sneezed on your fries.

dat brat
not into slimey stuff
on her fries

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