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HOT TOPIC for Feb 12 2002: surgical alterations

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1 sylvia_milder   2021-02-12 09:03

Let me first explain my situation.
I am a serious submissive, originally male but (that a bit of a long story) since > 12 years female and having served the last 6 years a a female houseslave, in the service of a Mistress. I have been very fortunate to find a Mistress who has been willing to spend a lot of time on my feminization and training as a maid, not in the more traditional,common way of being 'dressed up and put to work' but re-raised in a feminine way over a period of a year and subsequently educated and trained in the skills of a cook, maid and servant. I now have the capabilities to cook and serve all meals, fully clean house, serve as a personal assistant and secretary to my Mistress. My sexual duties are limited and the preference of my Mistress doesn't allow me to 'act as a male'.......
Since a couple of years I have been allowed an extended hormon treatment, have made myself the subject of some cosmetic surgery,have an acceptable breast development.

The dilemma I am facing is the following:
My current Mistress is taking retirement in the south of France and is no longer in a position to accomodate me. She has found me an other Mistress in an other country who would be willing to take over her ownership of me but has the condition that I am willing to, after an intial orientation period, sign a TPE (Total Power Exchange) and agree to further feminization, serious surgical alterations etc.. I am very excited about the idea, would love to enter into this role but am, at the same time scared. I have been trying to 'locate' other submissives, in comparable positions, willing to exchange experiences and maybe, if they are able to, provide me their experiences 'beyond the point on which I am now'.
Is total feminization adding an element/an extra dimension for a submissive...I think so! Is the risk of a TPE worth the added opportunity of a 'better' submissive situation.
I have not more than a couple of weeks to make up my mind.......any help you can provide.

2 GloriaBrame   2021-02-12 10:15


Welcome aboard.

Are you saying that you are ready to have your Mistress hand you over to a stranger in a foreign country?

May I ask how well you knew your current Mistress before you began serving her?



3 sylvia_milder   2021-02-12 10:35

Dear Gloria,
 My first years as a submissive, originally in a male role but gradually growing into a (much) more female role and appearance was with my sister in law, my wife's sister. She was the one who feminized me with my full consent of course. My current Mistress was a friend of her and she had been involved, 'on the sideline' with the occasional help and advise. It wasn't untill 2 years into my serving my sister in law that they agreed that I would be better of serving Her.
You could say that I knew my current Mistress well before entering into her service, but an occasional contact and involvement is different than a 24/7 service, as I realized in the course of the first year.
 As the decissions I had, I wanted to take were of a decisive nature (abandoning a 'normal' life, full dedication to a role as a servant, a potential gender change - at least in appearance) I had a lot of help and support from her. I felt that she understood me and my driving desires aswell as the reasons why - the events in my earlier life. The true 'bonding' (if that is the word, came during my year of re-raising, in which she helped me in 'growing up' as a girl from the age of about 11/12 years old, and going through all the phases that she considered to be essential for a girl to have lived through. It was both enjoyable and enlightning and learned me much about 'female life'.
The reason that I trust my Mistress is (in addition to other things) that period and the care she took of me. I am enclined to believe that she knows what I want, what I am getting into and knows the (potential) new Mistress for a long time. At the same time she knows that my life 'needs to be lived' by somebody that is willing and able to, because I am not able to fully decide on what I want or need to do.
The steps I may have to take/will be taken for me are of a decisive nature, reason for my insecurity to creep in.
Love Sylvia


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