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Mr. William D. BrameWelcome to my store, folks. If this is your first time, you might want to check out my FAQ to learn more about me and my products. We feature a fast, easy and secure shopping cart to speed up your purchases!  All of the products we offer are designed and hand-crafted by me, engineered in my home studio, and come with my personal guarantee of quality and performance. Just click one of the round icons to start exploring the unique and original merchandise in my shop, and have fun!


Will's designs stress function as much as form. Wide and heavy clamps don't fit all body types. Will's are thin and flexible so they pinch even the thickest or tiniest fold of skin and stay on when tugged or slippery. Simple and lightweight, they are also incredibly easy to adjust, making them suitable for nervous newbies and hardcore pain players alike. YOU control the level of sensation.  Will has conducted years of nipple clamp research and experimentation to bring you the best nipple clamp designs at an affordable price.  Not just nipples either!  Pussy clamps, cock clamps, clamp zippers, weighted clamp designs, Will's sadistic inventions are unique and guaranteed to please.

All his clamps come with textured rubber tips.  The pebbly texture of the new tips makes them more effective than ever!  

Also, as an option, write Will and tell him that you'd like your clamps with EASY-ON sliders!  These slick rubber sliders make fastening the nipple clamps a breeze and the springiness of the slider gives the clamp even more flexibility and comfort.  (Masochists alert! Our standard metal sliders deliver a more painful experience.)

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Check out our beautiful heart-bell collar, the evil ERT, two kinds of dragon clamps and more unique toys. You won't see toys like this at such reasonable prices anywhere else. And remember: Will engineers and hand-crafts each piece in his workshop, based on his own designs and techniques.


Some of our most popular Tek-no gear include: Lock and key nipple clamps, and the WEIGHTED BUTTERFLY genitalia clamp.  Our stylish black Stealth clamps can be further enhanced with clip-on weights that complement the entire Stealth collection to utter fetishistic perfection.  


With the ERT, wdbrame.com expanded to include a variety of what we consider to be devilishly evil striking implements.  or take a look at the Sinker and its big brother, the Super-Sinker (now available in both Tek-no and Stealth). These devices offer you cock control in affordable style, suitable for novice and pain-pig alike.  The Weighted Butterfly can handle any labia that need discipline.  And just to show it's not ALL about pain, please look at our new Heart-bell Collar and check back often to find more unique toys!

Pain Collections

We've always believed that the more pain the merrier. The Pain Collections showcase carefully selected clamp sets to satisfy your hunger for pain--and to show that we care - we offer a 10% discount off our regular prices on these multi-toy collections. Choose from Tekno Kit, Stealth Kit, Tekno Quarto, Stealth Quarto, Stealth Flash and the ultimate clamp kit, our special Pain Slut Suite. Shop the Pain Collections now.

Attention All W.D. Brame Shoppers

Compare us with other toy vendors and you'll see that our prices are incredibly low for the quality you get. Unlike most clamp-sellers, we do not buy ready-made clamps. Will cuts, shapes, bends, and processes each and every clamp by hand.

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We guarantee that you will be satisfied - and if you are not, we guarantee we will go the extra mile until you are. We love our customers - and we're happy to report that they love us back. We also guarantee discreet, honorable and SPEEDY service. FAST turn-around on credit card payments, discreet mailing envelopes (no one will guess what's inside). As long-time lifestylers we understand the importance of privacy. We ABSOLUTELY NEVER reveal names or addresses to ANYONE.

Jane's Guide says,
"Words really can't do justice to these creations!"

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