The Sinker--$11.95

Is that uppity penis causing problems again? Tired of trying to smack it down? Then just SINK IT!

This unique toy is the soul of simplicity and of cruelty. A thin strand of sturdy bead chain loops through a connector and is weighted by a heavy sinker to keep your man DOWN. The sinker is custom rubber-coated to add fetish interest. Finished off with a split ring -- attach your leash, tug it or add more weight!  Whether he's your slave, your sub, or your slut, he'll be under your thumb when you tie the Sinker on.

This unique toy is a breeze to use, making it perfect for all levels of expertise. Just slide the loop over the head of the cock and adjust the chain so it fits snugly under the glans. Once properly adjusted, it will NOT come off until you remove it! And, unless he's built like a horse (in which case you are very lucky!), this will also fit around the testicles. You can even wear it at the base of the shaft and use it as a weighted cock ring. However it is by far most effective--and most stringent--when used as demonstrated below. But far be it for us to tell you how to play! In fact, nervous newbies may find it easier to take when secured at the base of the cock.  

At this price, how can you go wrong?  Not enough?  Check out the Super-Sinker!  For experienced CBT enthusiasts!



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