The Pros and Cons of Marriage

Getting married is a big decision that both partners shall agree with. There is a lot of preparation and a lot of settlement to do. Acquaintances are waiting when will be the wedding day but behind this excitement, the couple are too pressured. Some say that wedding is like heaven but seeing other’s marriage failures, oh no, is it true? People who are not yet in marriage status are very eager to marry. They feel lonely whenever they witness others getting married.

On the other hand, those who are already in the marriage status envy individuals who are still single. Why this contrast? What are the pros and cons of marriage? Family is basically known as the foundation of a society. And you can freely and legally build one after marriage. Husband and wife are not just partners physically and socially but also financially and mentally. Whenever there are hardships, it is not only the man or the woman who will deal with it but together, they will overcome.

Lives of married people are generally happy but in some instances, there are cons as they go along with their lives. Even though they are bound as one flesh by the law, they are different in personalities and lifestyles. Even twins are different then how much more to two people who are not related by blood. Because of the differences, husbands and wives are in conflict and misunderstanding. The way they spend money, their culture and much more are different. Marriage is perhaps a moment of decision.